Yes, she is the Illum. hierarchy’s selection for our next president, & unless something unpredictable happens she will fulfill (from her perspective) her “divine destiny”. Some Americans may want to get a passport, find a “house-for-sale” sign, & run for the airport before they end up in a re-education camp. The approach of this post is to view her secret Illuminati life in relation to her selection as our next Commander-in-Chief.

“THE GREATEST SINNER MAKES THE GREATEST SAINT”, wrote an Illum. Grande Master. This statement shows a touch of the Illuminati’s gnostic belief that your good deeds need to balance your bad deeds. He also mentioned that individuals get dreams of the destiny they are to fulfill, & that a person should voluntarily dedicate his/her life to the great plan. Hillary has worked hard to fulfill the destiny assigned her, & now the hierarchy want her to be Amer.’s president. As a powerful member of the hierarchy (Grande Dame) she is committed to their Great Plan. She has a world-class staff, she has created a widespread network of support by doing things such as giving millions of dollars in political donations to political friends. Her power base is formidable. She has the Will to power, & has travelled & met all kinds of people in pursuit of her presidential goal, and was co-president with Bill. She will cont. the merging process with the rest of the world, the coming openly global govt. Remember, it has long been a goal given to Americans in govt. to do things to merge w/ Russia & China. Sweeping changes are coming; & by the way, Hillary really doesn’t like criticism or disagreement!

HER CONTROLLING PERSONALITY REFLECTS ILLUM. VALUES & TRAUMA. She was emotionally blocked as a child, and this is illustrated by classmates calling her “Sister Frigidaire”. The trauma she endured at the hands of her Illuminati masters not only shattered her mind & made her dissociative, but also cold-blooded, compassionless, and combative. She is totally amoral, and as a politician her actions & records totally reflect this. Simply put, the end justifies the means. She spouts words, meaningless words like her popular phrase “new politics of meaning”. This is in line with the mind-control manipulation that parts of her mind are skilled in. Basically programming magick is getting the victim to do what you want by saying whatever works. Her secret life in the Illum. incl. programming children as well as ongoing mind-control guidance to Illuminati slaves. One of her trauma-based Illum. total m.c. programming jobs was to place in the program trees. She also assists in invoking demons, as well as praying to Satan for wisdom & guidance. As one of my books brought out, her own Grande Dame alters live in the mind in a structure called the 7th realm of hell. That structure is protected by demons as well as lethal Delta alters. Interestingly, her small donors are called “Hill’s Angels”, and those that give large sums she calls “Hill Raisers”. She sexually used some m.c. slaves I’ve met, like Cathy O’Brien. When she was reneging on what she owed the ghostwriter of her book It Takes a Village, her ghostwriter Feinmin retaliated by disclosing Hillary’s White House séances where she communicated with Eleanor Roosevelt’s spirit. The spirit controlling her is written about in 1 JN 4:3, & 2:18.

GROOMED FROM CHILDHOOD. Both Hillary & Bill were part of a small pool of children selected & groomed by the Illum. to become president; glimpses of that incl. JFK meeting Bill when Bill was young, & Life magazine profiling Hillary in the ‘60’s when she was a teenager. As teenagers, they were both already thinking of future political careers. They met at Yale. Even before they married, Bill knew she was presidential material. Their marriage is a political marriage of convenience, they assist each other. Hillary has standard Illum. hierarchy views of marriage & family life—destroy them! She has referred to them as equal to slavery. As a savvy politician she is all over the place as to what her public persona says. For a while, as an undergrad, she was an intern w/ Rep. Congressman Gerald Ford & was part of the Rockefeller wing of the Republican Party.

RITUALS. As a teenager she did the Illum.’s secret Cabalistic Tree of Life rituals, each of the ten rooms has a separate ceremony. The pathworking rituals are done by deep Satanic alters (parts of the mind). At 19 she did her 1,000 points of light ceremony in the Mother of Darkness castle that I exposed in 1991. It is the Chateau des Amerois near Muno, Belgium; from what I’m told they discontinued using it as their HQ due to the attention it had gained. At 19, as a new Mother of Darkness, she did a death, burial, & resurrection ceremony and was sealed. She has this parallel ritual life. When she grew up, her family’s cover religion was Methodist. The front of her mind knows she is part of the Illuminati, & this can be seen when Bill & her surprised staff in the White House with occult Christmas tree decorations.

Perhaps my favorite Hillary story, is what she told New Zealanders to make them like her. She said she’d been named after Sir Edmund Hillary, the famous Mt. Everest climber who I personally met when I lived in Nepal as a child. The problem is that she was born in 1947, long before he ever climbed Mt. Everest. I’d like to ask the hierarchy, don’t you have a second choice for president? As a friend of mine used to say, do what you will, because you will anyway!


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