“JUSTIFIED HOMICIDE”: How the Illuminati dumbed us down for destruction. Illum. kingpins often refer to the common people as “human animals” “wasting resources” & destroying this planet. We are brutes & stupid barbarians. This post exposes the socially engineered double-bind of Amer. education & how its institutional dumbing down of our schoolchildren provides an excuse for the Illum. to plan our genocide. (On a positive note, millions of children whose lives were to have been institutionally straight jacketed & destroyed have escaped by being home schooled!!) Two examples of how bad it is: what was 5th grade math in 1850 is now college level math. When I was Amish I knew 5 yr. olds with more skills & maturity than your ordinary 25 yr. olds. I lay the blame where it belongs, on the PTSNB controllers, who I know are using their success in destroying our abilities as an excuse to wipe us out.

DOUBLE-BINDED FOR DESTRUCTION. Slaves in the South were kept uneducated; it was against the law to teach an Afro-Amer. to read & write; & then their lack of education was used as proof of inferiority. Whether I taught in AZ, TX, or OR, it was always the same, my Afro-Amer. students had been taught by their modern Afro-American culture that to learn in school is to serve “the man” (i.e. slavery). I know in exacting detail how our govt run schools are institutions to teach submission to the World’s pyramidal structures of control, & yet refusing to learn & not getting an education doesn’t help. There is no premium on ignorance. Despair not, there is a way out of this double-bind.

DEHUMANIZED FOR DESTRUCTION. Historically, the Nazis, prior to their acts of genocide, had programs to reduce their targets (Untermensch—subhumans, human animals) before death. Perpetrators of these mass killings often mentally used the poor state of their victims to justify their murders, as if it were euthanasia or justified homicide. There was an incident when Albert Speer, Hitler’s man to run the economy, visited a mine, & a Russian slave had the moxy to say to his face, “We are humans.” The Russian had identified the problem in that dynamic of death. It can be (& has been) documented that Illuminati thinkers socially engineered America’s education system to: create intellectual & emotional dependency fit for socialism, teach jargon & formulas rather than critical analytical thinking, and destroy true faith & a belief in absolute truths. The education institutions they created replaced the joys of life, freedom, curiosity & godliness with controlled life, institutionalism, submission, ungodliness & competition. I have a list a page long of things to do to create a creative mind in a child; shockingly, our schools do the opposite of every item. The grim end product of America’s dumbing down is to be a harvest of dead bodies.

ROOTS. Eugenics was the majority position of science before Nazism discredited racism. But the concept has not died w/ the elite. Both the Illum. leaders & the network of non-mmbrs that help them out still believe in it. Aristotle defended slavery in Greece because he felt non-Greeks enjoyed slavery better than Greeks would. He felt foreignors had unintelligent “slave souls” unfit to rule. Sir Edward Bulwer-Lytton, profoundly influenced by Bav. Illum. mmber von Goethe, wrote of the godlike super race in Vril: The Power of the Coming Race, which depicted a matriarchal, utopian socialist state controlled by a spirit-power Vril. Bernard Shaw renamed this energy “Awe”. Our military has spent billions trying to develop this energy. Sir Bulwer-Lytton (1803-1873) was an English Lord, politician, Rosicrucian leader, and major influence in the Order of the Golden Dawn. His concept of a super race was picked up by Richard Wagner, Adolf Hitler, HPB, Annie Besant, Aleister Crowley, & Geo. Bernard Shaw, to name a few. Just two other major contributors to the coming genocide (& there are many) are Darwin (survival of the fittest), and Hegel (national racism).

INSTITUTIONALIZED. Our national curriculum & truth are at odds. For at least 12 yrs. human rights & freedom are stolen from students & doled out as privileges, “may I use the toilet teacher?” No wonder they fail to comprehend the full meaning of our Bill of Rights (giving us such things as freedom of speech & freedom of association) after compulsory attendance in prison like schools. Try correcting a teacher’s mistake, whew, I got expelled & punished more than once on that account. Children are taught to accept govt. monitoring & measuring of their entire lives once they begin school. They receive numbers. They are taught to spy & snitch, to be contributing members of tyranny. Institutionalized children display an abundance of cruelty, artificial manipulative behavior, surface bravado & aggressiveness to hide their emptiness. So each year we have a new crop of helpless people graduate from high school. These young people are indifferent to their world & their future. They are aimless. I watch them & they have little interest in adult life. In contrast, Amish children are fascinated with all aspects of the adult world. The difference between the high level of practical skills of Amish young people at 18, compared with our high school graduates is night & day. It is the distinction between someone who has honed his skill as a craftsman for years, vs. someone who has gone home from school to play video games & watch T.V. At age 5, the Amish boy may have been sharpening a knife while his counterpart watched a sci-fi sword dual on TV. Years later, the counterpart is still watching the same kind of shows while the Amish teenager is learning all the thousands of little tasks to become a whole man or woman. One has real life adventures & skills, the other has been watching screens. Our kids are being cheated by these brain destroying institutions; they are ignored, and bored, shamed, drugged, and brutalized. Europeans had some better ideas: in Germany, elementary school lasts only half a day to give the kids more real life learning, & the elite Europeans had different educational ideas for their children also.

REAL LEARNING. The ability to love, self-motivation, self-reliance & self-assessment are important in life. Self-initiated learning succeeds because the child can take control over his own learning & will learn! My Afro-Amer. students, who would not memorize the multiplication table, could memorize a long rap song. How did that Amish child learn so much? Before & after school he/she works with their parents. Their formal education ends at 8th grade, because the Amish believe in self-teaching. Once you learn how to read, you can teach yourself. While this would not work with some occupations, it contrasts with the big institutional schools that view the parents as adversaries whom they pacify & give half-lies. Amer. schools are being used to break the child’s bond w/ its family. This even has been written as a purpose by public education!!

What future are we making? The poor student is alienated from himself, the person God wants him to be, to serve an institution in what seems involuntary servitude. Many students feel lonely in the middle of a crowd. The World, w/ the help of public schools is stealing the resources for people to have sound families, & then blaming the families for failure. It’s like the contractor using shoddy materials, then blaming the architect for structural failure. But finding the correct Institutional structure, or the culprits that are ruining things, supposedly bad teachers & bad parents, IS NOT the answer to an Educational system that has been designed to dumb our kids down. It is operating exactly like it was socially engineered to function. Part of its design is to create divorce, consumerism, & to have students think about fictional & abstract things, & to be dumb. The important practical things of life are not taught. Indoctrination is a priority. Educated critical thinkers might rebel, they need sheep to slaughter.


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