Several of the elite have noted that organized religion plays a role in their control. This post explains HOW the Illuminati regulate on a regular basis the World Order’s religious system (i.e. the “truth” that they use for the masses).

The first Emperor Napoleon, whose brother Joseph was the Grand Master of the Grand Orient Masonic Lodges of France, stated: “Religion is excellent stuff for keeping the common people quiet. Religion is what keeps the poor from murdering the rich.” Many centuries before him Seneca (a Roman) said something similar. Organized religion is one of the six main systems of control of the Illuminati. My Be Wise As Serpents book (1991) exposed their control of this system, which comes thru Freemasonry. Coordination of a system with many subparts, requires a single source of orders. On the other hand, the vast system has many regulatory features that keep it regulated, & the area boards of the Illuminati (ten in the U.S.) also coordinate the smooth coordination of the various religious groups. Like a plane has many controlling features, so does religion, but this post is focusing on Illuminati orders from the top of the hierarchy.

The United Grand Lodge of England (the mother lodge of Freemasonry in London) is the instrument which passes Illuminati hierarchy orders to the specific leaders of various religions, for instance, to the Muslim Inman, to the official chief Rabbi of Jerusalem, to the Pope/Black Pope, & to Protestant leadership. This post will look closer at this dynamic. I found it interesting that Dan Brown, author of propaganda novels that “managed” (promoted in a positive way) the Illuminati’s reputation said of Freemasonry’s influence, “I’ve nothing but admiration for an organization that essentially brings people of different religions together, which is what they do.” (And they do, by being the instrument by which orders from Illum. kingpins are transmitted to religious leaders.) Alice Bailey (Illum. mmber) wrote in her Externalization of the Hierarchy that “The Masonic Movement…lies hid the wielding of the forces…of…the unfoldment of the divine aspects in man.” (p. 511) She explains that Freemasonry is the universal religion (p. 513), which, by the way, is why it can get by sending messages to the heads of all these various religions. Further, she explains that a war is secretly being waged in the various religions by the hierarchy to destroy “conservative elements”(p. 453). Her husband (also into Freemasonry) explained that Freemasonry requires it members (when ordered to) to work toward the hierarchy’s plan.

A brief look at the UGLE. In my Be Wise As Serpents book I showed the United Grand Lodge’s logo (on their coat of arms & seals) has two demonic fallen angels on it. I pointed this out to refute the disinfo that Freemasonry began as a Christian org., & to show how early on it had an occult agenda. The UGLE dates back to 1717 (although their own writings claim all kinds of ancient origins). They raised over a million pounds sterling to construct the HQ building that houses the Grand Temple at Great Queen St. between Covent Garden & Holborn in London. I phrased it this way, because the building also houses over 23 other temples, & has the visibly masonic twin towers by the entrance. Inside are unusual things like 1 ¼ ton bronze doors.

One of the recipients of Illuminati orders is the official Chief Rabbi David Lau. He caught my attention recently this Feb. when he hosted the 3rd Annual Reconciliation Mission by Anabaptists (35 Amish & Mennonites) to the Jews. David Lau got his Israeli Jerusalem state rabbinate in June, ’13 & was inaugurated on Aug., 14, ‘13 at Israel’s official presidential house. Lau’s father, Israel Meir Lau, was the Chief Rabbi from ’93-’03. David has showed his power by rejecting the authority of respected leading North American rabbis of the RCA Orthodox. He has run a show every Friday called “Ask the Rabbi”. A masonic spin-off founded in 1886, was the Grand Order of Israel to help Jews settle in England. It’s Grand Master at their bicentennial was Derek Collins. Jerusalem has its masonic Lodges, and Israel’s Grand Lodge, a dau. to the UGLE, has its HQ in Tel Aviv.

My Feb. 1, ’93 newsletter came out with a list of Vatican officials who were Freemasons & their initiation dates, membership numbers, new masonic lodge names, etc. Later I separated this list out, added a few more until it the list exposed about 200 Catholic Vatican officials who were Freemasons. In my Be Wise As Serpents book I had exposed how Catholic & Masonic fraternities had been holding joint meetings for years. I have also tried to get people to realize that the Jesuits, who the Pope banned, and who were kicked out of every Catholic country at one time or other, were saved from extinction by the head of Freemasonry, who gave them asylum. I mention all this to try to open people’s minds to reality. Here are a few of the Catholic Vatican Freemasons I exposed: Pope John XXIII, Pope John Paul II, Pope VI, Cardinal Sebastiano Baggio, Cardinal Augustin Bea, Cardinal Giovanni Benelli, Cardinal Franco Biffi, Cardinal (Secretariat of State of Vatican) Agostino Cacciavilan, Cardinal Agostino Casaroli. My list goes on & includes Monsignors, a Patriarch to the Holy See, Archbishops, Generals of the Jesuits, other Jesuits, etc. The Catholic Church does not run the world; they take orders. Still they do play a major role in the World Order. They also serve as a major distraction, a diversion to use a military term, to keep people from seeing the real mother of secret societies, the Illuminati.

The Islamic world has been manipulated by secret societies for many years, for instance the Order of Khoja, Sufism, & the Ahmaddiya movement. MI-6 has done lots of work with Moslems. King Hussein of Jordan, Pres. Assad, Quaddafi are examples of Freemasons who have led Islamic nations. Bani Sadr of Iran is an example of a Moslem leader participating in the elite’s Club of Rome. You can believe that the elite have control over key people in the Islamic groups. And when Saddam Hussein tried desperately to avoid war, the Western press painted the opposite picture of him. That is yet another way that the Islamic world is controlled.

Finally, we will take a look at Christendom. Major Christian leaders like Billy Graham, Robert Schuller, & Norman Vincent Peale are 33rd degree Freemasons. In my Be Wise As Serpents book, I showed how many denominations were created by Freemasons, and then run by Freemasons. Not only that but Christian higher education & parachurch organizations are also subject to control by Freemasons, for example: The American Bible Society’s Pres., V.Pres., & 1st Secr. were Freemasons, the L.A. branch of Jews for Jesus had a Masonic director, & the Inst. of Practical Theology’s dir. was a Freemason. A few examples of Freemasons running Christian higher education have been the past presidents of Baylor Univ., Baker University’s president, & key people at Brown University. Oftentimes, the trustees & professors of Christian higher education have been Freemasons. Christendom was organized into umbrella groups: the Federal Council of Churches of Christ, the National Council of Churches, and the World Council of Churches. The leadership of these groups has been totally tainted & top heavy with high level Freemasons. I spent an entire chapter in the Be Wise As Serpents book on this. A few examples of this are G. Bromley Oxram (Pres. WCC, Pres. FCCC), William C. Martin (Pres. NCC), Ivan Lee Holt (Pres. FCCC), & Henry St. George Tucker (Pres. FCCC). All of these Freemasons are committed according to Masonic leaders to helping the Plan to bring in the New World Order if they are asked to do something. You can now see why the United Grand Lodge of England can be a conduit of instructions to these people!

The Biblical wording for Christendom is Babylon the Great. Actually the Bible’s Babylon the Great is a secret religious-political structure (cf. REV 17:1,2 & 18:2,23, et al). Babylon is a symbol for the Satanic World Order as they are organized under the Satanic hierarchy. (cf. 1 JN 2:15-17). While it is beyond the scope of this post to give details, when we examine the symbols, the religious acts, the origins of specific religious thoughts & methods, and the genealogies of the elite, we see why the term Babylon the Great fits. The EU (European Union) pictured themselves as rebuilding the Tower of Babel and even use the biblical imagery of a lady riding a beast! Even the term “Big Brother” comes from Babylon. The Illuminati (the hidden hand) and Freemasonry (its glove) are both the continuation of the mystery religions. When we go to Biblical prophecy they are called Babylon/Babylon the Great. What we have learned is that the gnostic continuation of the Mystery Religions (the Illum.) uses the United Grand Lodge of England to distribute orders to the various leaders of the world’s religious organizations.


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