God has given you a gift, why not open it! 23 FEB 2013

God has given you a gift, why not open it! When seeing his child, a father ponders its potential; even more when it is our heavenly Father who created that potential. Both fathers desire the child to be the best it can.

Now what good is a valuable instrument collecting dust on the shelf? And the undiscovered potential of a rock will stay unfulfilled till someone sees it as a gem and polishes it. Now tomorrow remains a blank page till you create your masterpiece of art, music or literature on it.
So what obviously kills potential? Someone too LAZY to polish a potential gem. Someone too FEARFUL to create that masterpiece. And someone too DISTRACTED by trivial pursuits to use the valuable instrument.

Down in that rat hole called hell lies the stinky carcasses of dead potential. If you’re in that mess, you can only look up. And looking up in the dark, the wise men saw the Star of God to guide them to their savior. They left the world of ignorance, superficialities, and appearances to find God’s ultimate potentiality, which was His ultimate gift.

Friend, the potential to find truth requires FAITH that it exists, LOVE for finding that truth, and the HOPE of JOY when it is found. Parents, if you want to inspire potential, do not grow weary in giving faith, love, hope and joy. A poor home with joy beats a joyless castle. Love inspires.

When facilitating our children’s potential, “Let us not be weary in well doing.” GAL 6:9 “WELL DOING” means work (not laziness), sacrifice (not selfishness), and perseverance (not flakiness).
One thought, Shall we not also apply all this to a new child of God?
…I didn’t do too bad with this post, at least I found a topic most of us can agree on!


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