Fatal attraction 25 FEB 2013

Fatal attraction. The world’s churches have taken their power from the world, and that power can be taken as easily as it was given. Meanwhile, Big Brother has a church just for your tastes; have it your way. They appeal to modern consumers by being driven by fads, trends and winds of the latest new doctrine. Modern worldly churches are fashioned like the world…all style—no substance, which is great for marketing to overstressed consumers of Tylenol and Lysol, who are disconnected in this modern world from…other people, their past, places, and even reality, not to mention Christ’s teachings. Entertaining church programs are bouncy like a coke ad. Should the attendee feel like sharing Christ, the modern solution is to slap on a fish bumper sticker. The real Holy Spirit is not impressed. It convicts the hearts of many people who then ask me questions, such as, “How do I decompartmentalize my life?” “How should I deal with….?” My answers are not shiny new gadgets. My answers mean accepting that our culture took some wrong turns as the Elite guided it. Things have not always been this way, and the old way may be better. Vehicles in 1790 brought people together in community and seldom hurt anyone. Vehicles in 1970 killed more people than a nine year war in Vietnam, and enabled communities and families to split apart. Having foresight, the Amish voted to keep their communities and to reject owning modern vehicles. 75% of the obituaries in 1790 spoke of the dead’s character and contribution to the community, and rarely about what the dead’s job was. In 1970 it was the reverse. If you are seeking the genuine way of Christ in a modern church, chances are you are being sold an image, and a fake one at that. It’s a colorful enchanted magical unreality with pomp and glitter, a warm fuzzy message, where shallow personalities terrified of commitments visit while keeping all their options open and without having to extend any loyalty. If anything disturbed their comfort, attendance would drop. So the churches keep looking for love in all the wrong places. It’s a fatal attraction for sure. Meanwhile the Body of Christ is being led by Christ to function as a body, to prepare her wedding garments, and to stock up on oil.


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