HOME SWEET HOME. Your body is the house of your spirit, soul, and mind, and as all houses, they come in different sizes and are built differently. The Word of God calls it a temple. But unlike a house that a realtor sells, you can’t move, you have to make your house work for you. During my lifetime, during a period of relative prosperity in America, when Americans had the resources easily available for insuring their houses were built up into elegant strong enduring temples, the misinformation age fed by the elite’s corporations, misled people into ruining their health. Our temples have been treated like outhouses. Keeping you weak and sick helps empower and enrich the elite. (The average person hasn’t figured this out, but most of my fb friends realize this.)

By and large, the things we mislabel “food” and stuff into our mouths are much of the problem and contribute to our enslavement. An American will drink a glass of O.J. along with his slice of toasted wheat bread with margarine and think he is eating a healthy breakfast, never realizing that fruit juices are basically sugar water causing an insulin spike insuring the body turns it to fat, the refined bread ruins the body’s natural calibration system to keep you in optimal trim shape so it fails to prevent you from getting fat, and the margarine could be called poison.

What do allergies, mental problems, heart attacks, and arthritis have in common? They are all related to and most likely caused by inflammation; some of which is undetected low-grade inflammation that wears the body and brain down year after year. That inflammation is in turn a result of what we eat. The medical profession’s comprehension of nutrition borders on primitive at best. On my to-read-list is Jack Challem’s book The Inflammation Syndrome, which I understand is the best out there. If we can lick inflammation, we are defeating one of the largest underlying causes of disease.

There is so much that could be said about how to eat healthy, these comments are certainly but a small drop. But something needs to be said even if it is but a drop, so that people can realize they can have their lives again. The answers are there already for all those who suffer, buried under all the worthless info and misinfo we are buried in.


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