“EVERYTHING IS ILLUMINATED”: NY Times’ title for today’s (10/26/14) NY Times’ 9 page article on how Bill Gates via his foundation plans to remake the way history is taught in our public schools. What an interesting title “Everything is Illuminated”, because the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation is an Illuminati foundation. I thought you would want to know how the Illum. wants to redesign the high school history curriculum.

The NY Times article was rather revealing…I quote pg. 34, “Gates, who operates a bit like an unofficial head of state…” O.K. an unelected head of state! And pg. 32, “…the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation had donated hundreds of millions of dollars to educational initiatives…like the Common Core Standards Initiative, which the foundation was instrumental in pushing through.” Ahh “INSTRUMENTAL!!”, the truth comes out, and we thought it was our elected governors via the National Governors Association…. That’s the impression Wikipedia gives. The Gates Foundation spent over $200 million to advocate for Common Core, incl. donating money to Illuminati think tanks & policy planning groups to help Common Core get adopted. The World Order’s corrupt NEA also received money to promote Common Core. Yet, I’ve heard 62% of the parents today dislike Common Core. There are a number of states that adopted it & have then dumped it, these incl. Indiana, Missouri, NC, SC, & Okla. There is no doubt that Common Core lines up with the Illum.’s education parameters for America…there is tracking & data mining to track the child during his entire school years, it is designed to marginalize parents from their child’s education, and it is a one-size-fits all socialistic national school program. The reading selections are trashy & morally repugnant too. Reading the Wikipedia article gives some clues on the lack of reality to Common Core’s claims of being a superior way to teach & learn. Wikipedia quotes a spokesman for ExxonMobil praising Common Core. What bearing does the opinion of a spokesman for an Illuminati oil company have to do how good Common Core really is? The proponents of Common Core, in order to promote it, said it was “evidence based”, which when one examined what they were saying meant simply that the World’s paid experts said it was good. Their body of opinions was the “evidence” that made Common Core “evidence based”. There was no testing to validate its claimed advantages.

So now Bill Gates has personally sunk $10 million into the Big History Project, and he is personally on the road promoting it to high school teachers. The origin of the new method for teaching history involved an Australia-based professor David Christian who was born in Brooklyn, NY (in ’46) & educated at Oxford. It was originally designed for a college class he taught, but has been redesigned for high school. The concept of Big History is to take history (as taught in school) away from its anchors in historical documents and base it on personal experience (i.e. make it empirical). Ouch! Bill Gates has been supporting David Christian to get the Big History method of teaching history adopted in American & Australian high schools. They began the project in 2011 with 5 high schools adopting it. Bill Gates has assembled a team, mostly centered in Seattle, to quietly promote the new curriculum. This fall the course will be offered free to 1,200 schools where it will be taught to 15,000 students. They hope thousands of additional individual schools will get on board w/ the curriculum in 2015. The University of California system of universities is now accepting the Big History high school classes as a replacement for the traditional World History class.

FINAL THOUGHTS. I can’t help feeling like the World is simply marching the masses off in the direction they want, “drums keep sounding a rhythm to the brain…and the beat goes on, and the beat goes on.” As Time Magazine said, “Everything is Illuminated.”


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