Events are shaping up for the next American president to follow in the steps of Col. Gaddafi. This post pulls together the threads from several previous posts & offers a possible shocking scenario in America’s future.

In 1969, a young Libyan officer Muammar al-Gaddafi got lucky…his coup piggybacked on another group, the Black Boots revolutionary group, & he was able to bloodlessly overthrow the Libyan King Idris. In 1951, the average Libyan made $40/year. Income had not gone up much during the King’s reign. Libya’s GDP in ‘69 when Gaddafi took over was only $3.8 billion; and as one Libyan bragged… the Libyan way to success…in other words, he said its equivalent to America’s IBM was Inshalla (If it’s God’s will), Bukkra (Let’s do it tomorrow!), Malesh (Kay sa-rah sa-rah, who cares?, what difference does it make?). With this fatalistic, procrastinating, careless culture, Libya did not appear have a bright economic future. But due to oil production increasing, Gaddafi nationalizing the oil fields for the Libyan people, & OPEC raising their prices the next year, the oil money started pouring in. Ten years later the average per capita income in Libya was $8,170, & the GDP had multiplied by a factor of 6.4 to $24.5 billion. And Gaddafi, who poured the money back to the people, was a hero. He did such things as give free university education, & everyone got a free blue Toyota pickup. (nice!) Gaddafi was popular with the common people. He was a Bedouin, so he appeared to many Libyans to be a rags to riches success case who was one with the common man. (In spite of his basic popularity, as you in recent times witnessed, NATO overthrew Gaddafi, who was then killed.)

In America, we are also struggling financially. But on the horizon, already coming into view, are large revenues from America’s 6.8 trillion barrels of tight oil that is just beginning to be tapped into by horizontal drilling & fracking. In a recent post I mentioned “regeneration”, a newly released technology that converts 100 barrels of poor crude oil into 135 barrels of high grade, emissions-free oil. Other technologies also wait introduction. A recent Commerce Dept. ruling allows crude oil to be sold overseas (previously this was forbidden), IF it is lightly refined into “condensate”. This is significant, because this ultralight condensate will make us a lightly refined crude oil exporter. We are already exporting large amounts of inexpensive propane. In 2012, U.S. exports of propane exceeded our imports of it. The benefits from this oil boom will continue to increase and will become noticeable when the next president takes charge. Elitist Warren Buffet & his Berkshire Hathaway is investing a great deal into “tight oil”. Valero Energy’s stock has risen 161% since 2009. Some of the new fields to be developed are in southern CA, Colorado, NY, MI, and other areas. We may double our oil production.

Hillary Clinton is the Illuminati’s choice for president, and already you can see the massive effort to make her look like the winner. The media & the experts are already proclaiming that she will be the next president. Hillary is completely aware of the “tight oil” boom, and is ready to work with the oil industry, and you know how powerful oilmen and the oil companies are politically. Running the State Dept., Hillary has already helped export American fracking technology overseas. She will politically assist the oil industry if she becomes president. And after suffering economically, if Americans see cash coming in, like the Libyans, they will credit the person in power, even if it will be mostly coincidence like in Gaddafi’s case. Of course, Hillary, if in power, would like Gaddafi, do things to enhance the oil cash flow. Ronald Reagan was popular for bringing American captives home from Iran, and for the end of the cold war, although neither was due to his efforts. The public doesn’t get very analytical in these kinds of things, they tend to give credit to whoever is running the show. Should the oil boom pull America out of its economic crash, Hillary for sure would be popular. And Gaddafi used his popularity to be a dictator, and Hillary would also. As I am sure you would agree, we don’t always get our way in life, but we do get to choose how we respond to it. Keep the faith my friends, brothers & sisters.


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