My previous posts on this subject have been well received. Because England is a mother country of worldwide witchcraft & has played a key role for the Illuminati, insights into what is going on there could be worthwhile in understanding among other things: world events & t.b. mind-control programs. There is, for instance, the Wrekin Trust of Hereford, Eng. which is devoted to uniting science with mysticism. Another group devoted to the same thing is the Epiphany Philosophers at Cambridge Univ.

MAITREYA…CRÈME’S MESSIAH, 5TH BUDDHA, KRISHNA & INMAN MAHDI ALL IN ONE. Guess what, Maitreya is still around! And according to Benjamin Crème, an approx. 80 yr. old Scotsman who bills himself as John the Baptist, Maitreya has been living in the Asian part of London, England since July 1977. According to Crème, Maitreya fulfills the return of everyone who the major religions are waiting for incl. the 5th Buddha, the Hindus’ Krishna & the Moslem’s Inman Mahdi, oh and yes, our Jesus Christ. Earlier this month (10/7), Maitreya the “World Teacher” said, “When men see Me for the first time and know Me for what I am, they will find themselves changing inwardly. Many will for a time return to the joy of childhood and find the world a better home thereby. Many will feel strengthened in their desire to serve & to place themselves in the forefront of change. These are the ones on whom I shall call for the task of replenishment of man’s spirit & joy….Believe if you can, My friends, that I am eagerly awaiting the day of My open return.” This false Christ is associated with Illuminata Alice Bailey’s Arcane School & Theosophical Society, & her predictions of a coming Christ. Bailey’s booklet “Reappearance of the Christ” was available at 866 UN Plaza in NYC. As of Oct. 2014, Crème & his Share International organization claim that Maitreya has given 146 TV interviews. Crème is not the only Britisher assoc. w/ the U.N., Sri Chinmoy has his British ctr. at Ealing, London & was the first director of the UN Meditation group & conducted regular meditations for the UN staff at the U.N. church ctr. in NYC.

THE 7TH OF THE 7TH. The seventh son of the seventh son or the seventh daughter of the seventh daughter have for many centuries been believed in Irish, Scottish & French esoteric beliefs to have special powers of healing and prophecy. Such was their esteem that in 1682, the Scottish Privy Council had a bill to declare any 7th son or 7th daughter free of any taxes or “public burdens”. There are two Irishmen, Danny Gallagher & Finbarr Nolen, who are the 7th of the 7th and who practice healing in Ireland. In France, this 7th son was called “Marcou” and was branded w/ the Illum. fleur-de-lis symbol. Patients needing healing would touch the fleur-de-lis. All this is in contrast with Romania, where it was believed the destiny of the 7th son was to become a vampire. Where Celtic beliefs are incorporated into the t.b.m.c., it is quite probable that the 7th son of the 7th son may be incorporated into the alter system. Speaking of Celtic magic, Doris Collins (c. 1918-2003), who was friends w/ Illum. mmber. Peter Sellers, was head of a couple of British spiritualist groups.

SPIRITUALIST ASSOC. OF GREAT BRITAIN. This London group is the HQ for the British Spiritualist movement. Doris Collins was a resident psychic for them. She has healed prominent British politicians & demonstrated her mediumship gifts at the Royal Albert Hall (same place C.T. Russell would go when he was in England). She was also president in 1958 of the Woodford National Spiritualist Church in Essex (So. Woodford, London). Spiritualist churches have a lyceum (which is the Greek word for place of conversion). These churches have mediums & shamans, & give workshops with spirits on trances, hypnotism, meditation, numerology & astrology. Wiccans also voluntarily seek to be possessed by spirits, for instance the Goddess spirit in the Drawing Down the Moon ceremony. The Spiritualist National Union SNU of the U.K., which is made up of circles, administers the Arthur Findley College at Stansted, Essex, England. They have a Museum of Spiritualism at the college. The international umbrella group for all spiritists was founded in Belgium in 1923 and is known as the Inter. Spiritualist Federation ISF. This Belgium umbrella group holds congresses every 2 yrs.

DIRECTORY. In the past, Marien Green in London was annually putting out a Q Directory beginning in 1977. Om 1984 this was released as The Quest List of Esoteric Sources. In 1987, an updated Quest List came out giving the names of 40 British suppliers of occult items and the titles to about 100 British esoteric magazines. It would be worthwhile to comment on some British esoteric journals…Magonia is a journal coming out of New Malden, Surrey, England. Magonia (not to be confused with the flower w/ a similar name) was a mysterious land spoken about in medieval France where creatures connected to human destiny lived. They had magical high tech. In medieval France, these Magonians travelled in airships. Other occult journals incl. The New Celtic Review out of London, and Human Potential Resources out of Lincoln, Eng. Another one is The Unknown, a monthly magazine that has discussed ley lines, alchemy & other subjects. It comes out of Brentwood, Essex, Eng.

BOOKSTORE. A famous occult bookstore founded in 1894 is Watkins Book Shop at Charing Cross Rd., London. Its founder, John M. Watkins, was a friend of HPB & other leading occultists. The Book Shop was a mtg. place for such famous occultists as: A.E. Waite, W.B. Yeats, & Aleister Crowley. His son carried on the book store after John died, and then in 1984 it combined w/ NYC’s famous occult book store Weiser Bookshop. In Apr. ’84, the merger made Donald Weiser, Henry Suzuki & Valerie Christ the directors of Watkins.

HALLOWEEN. Recently, the Bran Stoker Society, founded in ’80 by Leslie Shepard in Ireland has been celebrating Dracula…as it is near Halloween. This Dublin, Ireland group promotes vampires & Dracula (& encourages the Dracula Society—another group which is located in London).

SUMMARY. This has been another survey of occult activity in the British Isles, providing pieces that may be helpful to those who minister to those in the occult or have been subjected to t.b.m.c.


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