This post is about electronic harassment and what it is all about. My two large books on mind-control (Formula in ’95 & Deeper Insights in ’97) had chapters about implants & other electronic methods of mind control; the subject had puzzled me from the start of trying to help its victims.

What was misleading was that the electronic harassment was called mind-control by its victims…sometimes the way something is framed can mislead us from seeing the obvious. Here are some items that I identified early on:
Some of the victims had been dissenters, trouble makers for the establishment, like anti-war leaders. The victims were typically people who had little support systems and could be isolated fairly easily from the general population. The electronic signals to the victims piggybacked off of other communication antennas & the entire communication network, and its reach was almost ubiquitous…although going underground or wearing things on the head could mute the signals. It was obvious that the process and technology was in the test/trial phase. Computers using A.I. were being developed to handle the victim electronically until those moments when the A.I. was having control issues, & then electronic control would be handed off to a human handler. The victims were being harassed more than being controlled. They were usually able to resist doing abnormal things that the handlers would suggest, so it left me wondering why the handlers would continue doing things that did not successfully control the person, but rather agitated the poor victim until sometimes the person felt suicidal. Some of the things put in their heads seemed senseless as if they were being mocked or played with. And lately, they have been using nano materials.

Here is what makes sense, in other words, what this is all about….it is developing an alternative to prisons for dissenters. In the USSR, if you were a dissenter you were taken to the Gulag prison system, but some “dissenters” like Alexandr Solzhenitsyn became world famous heroes. Prior to prison, Solzhenitsyn was not a protestor, merely a truther who could accurately see what was going on. Some truthers, when they went to prison converted regular inmates into opposing the system. Solzhenitsyn received the same sentence length as I did, 8 yrs., fortunately my prisons were not as harsh. His book The Gulag Archipelago is a classic exposing the history of the Gulag prison sentence. So you can see why the World Order would be interested in creating an alternative where the person is in an electronic prison. They can go wherever they want (but never be free)…so the state does not carry the onus of persecuting dissenters. They are driven crazy, so they can be discredited. Their locations are constantly monitored, like an electronic bracelet. The benefits as it is being developed are this: large intelligent computers can monitor countless numbers of victims at almost no cost compared to the costs of prison guards & brick & mortar prisons. The dissenter can be driven insane so that they are eliminated from causing trouble & discredited. Further, the dissenter has been transformed from a hero standing up to a ruthless tyrannical govt. into a whiny crazy nut case who makes no sense.

Victims in recent years have been identifying things that take down the nano objects in them, and also materials that block signals from reaching their body suits of implants. I welcome the personal anecdotes & things that helped victims. Post them on the thread to this article or send them to me via my email which is [email protected] . By the way, I believe I have fixed my email problem. May God bless & protect all the poor people that are being harassed & stalked with electronics.

Today, I will be on Austin Thomas’s radio show from 3 to 6 p.m. PST today, and Erin Dakins’ show from 8-9 p.m. PST. Perhaps I will get to mention some of these things. Be blessed today my friend.


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