I just learned about how Max International is able to take RiboCeine and attach the important antioxidant Glutathione so that it is absorbed into the body. This is a significant breakthrough. I can’t even begin to describe all the positive things that Glutathione does on the cellular level…it provides higher levels of ATP energy packets, gives you more & better mitochondria…strengthens the body esp. the heart and immune system…I think everyone who wants to live a long & healthy life should listen to these two doctors who specialize in this area, and how they went from being typical est. doctors to becoming advocates of the Glutathione. As I can’t do the subject justice, here is the link and you can listen to the info for yourself. Sheila Zilinsky called Max International’s Cellgivity product to my attention. I will definitely be trying it out. I would be negligent if I didn’t do this for my body.


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