Words can be constructs to portray reality or they can be manipulations to deceive; this post is a discussion of the use of words to deceive as well as convey truth. This post will discuss the words of politicians & preachers, words from the Kingdom of Life & the Illuminati’s Kingdom of Death.

Hegel, whose philosophy is used by the Illuminati, substituted “relative” for “absolute” truth & opened the door to wide-ranging despair. He replaced the concept of cause & effect, with the dialectic process of thesis-antithesis which gives us the relative truth of synthesis. While most college freshmen no longer belief absolute truth even exists, they do believe in relative truth…what is true for you may not be true for me. They also will listen to science experts as prophets of truth. Science is based on perceptions & tests. If a spider, an ant, a bee, a dog, a girl, & a man described a room full of objects, you know their perceptions would be vastly different. Quantum physics has proven that the tester influences the test results. But even before Quantum physics there was lots of evidence that the majority of science tests were coming up with false conclusions, due to a whole spectrum of reasons—altered test results, moving the “goalposts” of the test, conclusions based on irrelevant data, etc. etc. (I have discussed this in detail in previous posts.) Science also uses word manipulation. The elite’s seed companies discovered that “Genetically Mod.” was an unpopular term worldwide, so it’s been replaced w/ “bio-tech”.

Where do we go for truth, or should we even look for it? Would we ask a blind man in a dark cave whether a flashlight were useful to see? For those who realize that seeking truth is a moral/spiritual quest, we realize that truth is connected to other virtues like faith; therefore, to think that the spiritually blind understand truth is to seek truth from those who don’t know it. The Word of God implies that man’s reason was perverted by the Fall, & the pride & arrogance of rebellious mankind distort the abilities of fallen man to see reality. God’s Word says, “the World by wisdom knew not God”1 COR 1:21.

A lover of truth will soon realize that the World’s media & politicians love to manipulate language (or to put it bluntly, deceive & even lie). Due to mass communication they can now globally lay the lies on thick. The U.S. govt. has had an Office of Strategic Influence located in the Pentagon who were working at creating false news stories for foreign media. In an act of deception, Rumsfield pretended the U.S. govt. was too “unskillful” to use propaganda & manipulate words, “…the United States is notably unskillful in our communication…we need to do a better job…” Notice the U.S. called their illegal invasion of Panama “Operation Just Cause”. An unwanted U.S. military presence in a complex situation in Somalia, which presence the Somalians hated, was called “Operation Restore Hope”. Now terrorism is defined as an act done to intimidate and cause fear & terror in an opponent. Our 2 nuclear bombs dropped on large civilian populations (Hiroshima & Nagasaki) were dropped precisely to terrorize the population & govt. of Japan. When I hear our politicians justify all their aggressive acts as “fighting terror”, I wonder to myself, “Are they fighting themselves?” Our “surgical strike” (the words evoke a precise curing of a disease) in ’86 on Tripoli caused 100 civilian “collateral damage” dead, wiped out the French embassy, & killed Quadaffi’s 3 yr. old dau.

The concept of “Anti-social behavior” was used to arrest & throw Christians to the lions by the Romans. It was also used to guillotine people during the French Revolution. Amer. think we have it bad, the U.K. passed a law a number of years ago that allowed people to be given court orders (called Asbos) for “anti-social behavior”, which was left a vague undefined term…well eventually they gave “anti-social behavior” the following vague definition: “behavior that causes distress to another person of another household”… & if the court Asbo order is not obeyed the person may get a 5 yr. prison sentence. An aggressive begger who refused to pay attention to his Asbo got 4 yrs. Two brothers upset someone by saying “grass”; they were forbidden to say the word “grass” again. A woman got an asbo because her neighbors complained they had seen her thru her window in her underwear. (I say if it bothers you, quit watching!) Police can now break up teenagers in groups if they are going to upset anyone. It’s a nice vague catchall that allows the courts to demonize & criminalize anything!!

Words can also convey truth. Christ said his words were truth & would not pass away. He went so far as to say he himself was truth, and the Word says he was God’s revelation of truth to us. God’s Word presents itself as truth. It’s interesting to see how Christ’s words are still as powerful today as when he said them 2,000 years ago. Most non-fiction books rapidly become outdated. But that does not mean that there isn’t lots of skepticism today towards Christ & the Bible. Yet so much of the skepticism is off base, & I hope to succinctly address some of it. Many problems by believers & unbelievers in Amer. stem from most Americans knowing only one language & not understanding translating difficulties… all languages have gaps between each other. Most of the Bible was either in Hebrew or Greek. Paul, a Hebrew of Hebrews, wrote in Greek, but when he uses the word “soul” does he mean the Hebrew concept of soul or the Greek (which were vastly different)? The New Testament was really grounded in Hebrew thought though written in Greek. The two cultures & languages, both excellent languages, are vastly different. The Hebrew perspective of God acting in time creating history was vastly different than the Greek concept of an unchanging timeless reality where there was no historical process of God but rather random acts of fate, luck, accident & necessity. So just the words “time” & “history” had different meanings. The nuances of any presentation alter the message. We don’t even have words or concepts for the deepest realities of God. The Spirit that inspired men to write scripture had to convey truths in whatever words were available. The original Eskimos would not have had a word for hippo nor understood what it was. A Tibetan in the desert would have no word or comprehension of “anchor for the soul”. Paul teaches us that there is neither “male nor female” in the Kingdom of God, yet God is referred to as Father. Christ called God “Abba, Father”, because the type of relationship is a fatherly relationship. Every language uses pictures (for example, traffic “bottleneck”), which are not literally an accurate description. The Bible uses the expression “seated at the right hand of God”. Paul used a Greek expression “with fear & trembling” to describe how a congregation welcomed him, & he used it for how we are to work out our salvation…the expression is not literally what the words mean. A figure of speech in the O.T. says God is a man of war. This is a figure of speech not a doctrine. Israel only had one God…it was monotheistic, and numerous verses in the beginning credit God with both killing & bringing to life, both creating light & darkness, etc. (cf. Amos 3:4-6). This is similar to me saying I built a house in ’95. Upon more knowledge, you may realize others helped me build it, electricians, plumbers, etc. Likewise, progressive revelation, esp. by Christ, has shown us how evil is directly carried out by Satan & demons, who are shown to still be under the sovereignty of Almighty God.

In the ‘70’s I noticed that modern translators were frequently making the new Bibles easier to understand by taking Bible texts that had ambiguities in the original, & deciding what the verse meant. By giving us a plain meaning, they were distorting the original meaning. To lose those original ambiguities is to lose the original meaning. For example PHIL 4:5 says, “The Lord is near.” Is he near us in our troubles or is he near to his second coming?? A modern translator translated it, “The Lord is coming soon.” People beamingly tell me, I understand this modern translation much better….& I wince because I know much of the clarity is due to mistranslations.

God’s Words dramatically & authentically change men’s lives (even when they have had no Christian upbringing) for the better. Christ said to test his words & you will know they are from God. Experience w/ reality proves that the Word of God is God’s Word. Still, I know of a minister who watched a television show that made the Bible look bogus, and feeling his life work was a lie, he committed suicide. Words have power to give life or death. When Paul wrote the Corinthians, the city was known worldwide as a Sodom & Gomorrah sexually immoral port city, yet after describing some outrageous sins, Apostle Paul writes, “And such were some of you.” Wow AND SUCH WERE SOME OF YOU. We see the power of God’s words to take heathens from a perverted culture & the city with the worst reputation & change their lives. When these new converts left the pagan World, you can be assured they suffered career loses, employment difficulties, upset relatives etc. yet they recognized the truth found in Christ’s words!! My final thought is that falsehood is so prevalent in our culture that truth must be searched for like panning for gold…if you want to hit the mother lode…let the Spirit of Christ lead you into all truth. “And it is the Spirit that bears witness [to the truth], because the Spirit is truth.” 1 JN 5:6


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