The majority of Christians don’t live in the West anymore. Europe was one of the first mission fields & now is one of the newest. Christianity in the Old World is decayed. At first thought, I wanted to do a post on Western Europe’s spirituality, but the topic is too big. Even narrowing it down to 3 important countries: England, Germany & Belgium is too vast of a subject. So I picked the nation which sports the capital of the EU, Belgium. Brussels is also HQ for the European Ecumenical Commission on Church & Society. It is also the center of the Illuminati, although a distance of 300 miles beyond Belgium would include many other important covens, sites and businesses. The whole area is dark. It seems to me that if the heart of darkness accepted the light of Christ, it would have great leverage. In the U.K. & Germany, they have openly embraced witchcraft & paganism…in Belgium it is still nominally Catholic, although many of these nominal Catholics have never seen a Bible, and some claim to not even know who the person Jesus Christ is. One said he thought he’d heard his name before. In 2005, there were 43,899 missionaries in the world from North America. In 2007, it was reported that there were a total of 134 North American missionaries in Belgium.(A) That equates to being less than a 1/3 of a percent of the N.A. missionary force being in Belgium. In about 2 months (the beginning of 2016), the population of Belgium is projected to be 11,159,884. Belgium, and by extension Europe, are strategic. Some who give their lives to Christ, kept their nominal membership in the state approved church so as not to antagonize things, and continue to pay their taxes to these state churches. Like in Germany (perhaps Belg. too) there are fellowship groups which don’t meet on Sunday so that they don’t compete with the state churches. These “fellowships” function as churches, but are tolerated by the state ministers.

NARROW IS THE WAY(B). Christ said that the Way, his Way would always be narrow and have few following it. When the Roman Emperor Constantine made Christianity a state-accepted religion, it opened things up for individuals to be nominal Christians. Prior to this, Christians had been heavily persecuted in the Roman empire…even going into the catacombs. One recent documentary claims to prove Christianity was created by the Romans. Supposedly, according to this recent silly documentary (which probably convinced its share of viewers) Rome created Christianity to pacify the Jews. Besides ignoring 2 centuries of history, it goes against common sense that the Romans would create what they were persecuting. The pacifist teachings of Christ also were a threat to Rome, a very violent society. The teaching that Christ was both man & almighty God also threatened Rome’s paganism. They had no problem with men being deified–many men were worshipped as god, they had a problem with Christ being the God the Son.

Once Christianity had a relationship with the World’s power structure, we see nominal Christians (tares) multiplying, while the true Christians became isolated living quietly apart or underground. One can trace the history of Bible believing, Spirit following, born-again Christians in Europe through the Middle Ages…but they have always been a minority. While Europe was nominally Christian, just because everyone got an infant baptism did not make them a follower of Christ. Europe under the Roman Catholic church did pass laws based on the Bible. Today, the govt. of Belgium pays the salaries of the clergy in Belgium. The Christian-based laws of western Europe (Belgium included) began changing with the 1960’s cultural/sexual revolution. Bible standards for laws on obscenity, abortion, divorce, contraceptives and sex education were tossed aside. The Roman Catholic church tried hard to stop the legalization of divorce & abortion in Italy. To show how weak they are in Italy, they were not able to stop the legalization. Many Italians have only contempt for the Catholic church. Across the Belgium border in France, the govt.’s Public Service Channel broadcasts the Catholic church’s shows.

The Reformation (approx. from 1517-1648) was an attempt to reform Christianity. At the time, the Catholic church only permitted the Bible in Latin, and the common people could not read Latin, which all the upper class could read. The Reformation was helped by the relatively new invention of the printing press, and the brave work of translators to give the common man Bible translations in their common languages. (By the way, Tyndale, the brave man who gave us an English translation, was killed for his Bible work near Brussels Belg. on 6 OCT 1536.) But Martin Luther, the catalyst of the great Reformation, adopted the “territorial principle”. This principle held that the majority belief became the official religion (denomination) and minorities were free to move away! Local rulers often were leaders of their official church. The peaceful, Spirit-led, Bible-believing Anabaptists were sentenced to death by an agreement between the Catholics & Lutherans at the Diet of Speyer. This was one of the results of the Territorial principle. Consequently, many true believers found in central Europe, incl. what is now Belgium, were tortured and burned (or drowned). And that happened while the state church, the Roman Catholic church, synchronistically allowed paganism to be mixed with Catholic worship. The Bonfires of St. John’s Eve (June 24) practiced in Belgium goes back to ancient Babylon. In Belgium, there are annual tree cuttings, where the pieces are distributed for good luck for the coming year. This is a Druid custom. Another Druid ceremony, is the tree burning on a hill at Grammont, Belgium. When the Spanish conquered Belgium for the Hapsburgs, the Spanish Inquisition wiped out all the Protestants.

CATHOLIC STRONGHOLD. The city of Mechelen (in Fr. Malines) is the seat of the Cardinal Archbishops and recently had 700 monasteries and 3,000 convents. The Jesuits are also strong in Mechelen. Another Catholic strongpt. of note is the Catholic University at Louvain, Belg. which trains many of the men who gain secular power.

Belgium (Belgian) Illuminati members are often assoc. with the Catholic church, which is the primary denomination. And many of the few protestant ministers in Belgium don’t believe the Bible is the inspired Word of God. According to studies, there are Belgian youth who want to believe in God but find the spiritually dead churches are not relevant to their lives. The study I saw actually showed a high % were in this category, but I am skeptical that all who said they were sincere at getting answers, really were. It is ironic that the former Belgium Congo, which has about the same % of people who claim on surveys to be Christian, probably offers a person a better chance to actually hear the gospel of Christ! People need to realize the 3rd world countries are not the ones in need of missionaries. Western Europe (Belgium included) needs missionaries from the 3rd world.

THE ENLIGHTENMENT. After the Reformation came the Enlightenment. This was the period of the birth of the Bavarian Illuminati. Deism & atheism became popular with the European aristocracy. Jean Meslier wrote his classic for atheists called “Testament” in French. Note that many of Belgium’s citizens speak French as their first language. These are called Walloons. Most of the others speak a Dutch dialect and are called Flemish. During this period the Illuminati gained strength, and the number of Christian books published & housed in libraries relative to all books declined. A number of historians have pin-pointed this time period–when the Illuminati was active in the second half of the 18th century as the point when Europe began a twin process of secularization & dechristianization.

TWO WORLD WARS MAKE PEOPLE CYNICAL. The spiritual damage that two world wars did to Europe, esp. Belgium (which was invaded during both), Germany and the U.K., seems to be in general not realized or perhaps ignored. When people in Belgium (& Ger.) recovered, their goal was to be wealthy and comfortable. Belgium at one time had the highest beer consumption per person in the world. Now they are only 18th with Germany and Austria up at the top.

HINTS OF THE ILLUMINATI. The book “Holy Blood, Holy Grail” reveals the hidden beliefs that the Magdalen was Jesus’ wife and was secretly worshipped throughout history as the Black Virgin. This also connects to Isis worship, the Knights Templars and Illuminati beliefs. Whatever the actual historical events in Christ’s life, the reality is that many Catholics pray to the Black Virgin, and the Illuminati’s leader, who is from Belgium, believes he is descended from Christ & Mary Magdalen. (I wrote quite a bit about this “holy” bloodline in Bloodlines of the Illuminati.) Annually, around 40,000 assemble for the Adoration of the Black Virgin Festival at Halle, Belgium. (Reportedly, Poland’s Black Virgin draws 5 million pilgrims annually.) Another Belgian festival (on the 1st Monday after May 2) is the Sacred Blood Procession of Bruges, Bel. which is related to the Knights Templars & paganism. The Knights Templars relate to the Illuminati holy bloodline (which they guarded) and to Masonic rituals.

May the Holy Spirit embolden & enable people of God to share the light of Christ to this dark area of the world.

REFERENCES: (A) Mission Handbook, 2007-2009, pg. 395 (B) MT 7:14


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