This is an analysis of what is happening, in order to predict 4 things that Americans can expect to face in the future. (You will have to read my other articles for some good news!) I believe that knowing what will hit us, will help us deal with them.

A HORRENDOUS ATTACK, SO HORRENDOUS THAT THE ALTERNATIVE MEDIA LIKE MYSELF WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO REPORT. There are a number of signs that indicate that the PTSNB will cause a terrible “terrorist” attack on America. 9-11 worked beautifully for the terrorists that run America. But the PTSNB need something better to motivate Americans in the direction they want to take us. Thanks to the Internet many people are waking up. There are still individuals who are waking up to the 9-11 false flag and their string of subsequent false flags that happen with regularity every month or two. The awakening process continues. The string of shootings these last 2 decades was predicted to me by members of the Illuminati who were trying to escape that organization. Some even accurately predicted a war on terror would be created. (For instance, John Todd and others talked about how the Arabs would become “terrorists”.) They thought things would culminate by the year 2000, but that date obviously was changed & the manufactured terrorist campaign continues. I noticed on 10/1/15, that the Roseburg Umpqua Community College shooting was followed within 4 hours by the President calling for more gun control. Knowing how the President’s day is scheduled in detail, I find it eye raising that he was able to give a well prepared speech so quickly. I had the opportunity to listen to part of it. I have been convinced that these shootings are planned events…well, as I just said, people in the Illuminati had been told in meetings in the ‘80’s that they would occur…so obviously someone is planning them.

As I said in a previous article, there is a purpose to the confusing info that we get concerning these bizarre false flag shootings. How can anyone be sure of what to remember? The details are constantly changing, making it hard to focus in the haze of contradictory reports on what really happened. For instance, in our recent Umpqua C.C. shooting, the shooter was at first identified as 20, then later as 26. At first I heard he had been neutralized (shot) by police in a gun battle. Then 3 days later the news reported he had committed suicide. It reminded me of both Sandy Hook & our nearby Clackamas Town Ctr. shooting. In both, the details changed while being reported. At Sandy Hook, all the elements of the story constantly changed: the identity of the attacker, his weapons, his means of attack, the wounds that victims received, etc. And “facts” that were given were goofy. The event had all kinds of strange things about it, incl. the actors that were involved in the staged event, who showed up later as victims in other false flag events. As I pointed out about the Boston Marathon bombing, that guy in a wheelchair who they claimed had lost a leg was so patently bogus, that he alone exposes the whole thing as a manufactured terrorist event. Still many rational people are not able to accept the facts of this and other manufactured events. To do so, means distrusting those who run things! Have our presidents ever lied to us??? O.K., Wake up America!!!

USE OF OUR PRIVATE PERSONAL INFO… SOMEONE, THE CHINESE OR SOME CRIMINAL/TERRORIST GROUP IS GOING TO USE OUR PRIVATE INFO. I think our private info is being stolen (perhaps even allowed to be stolen…) so that someone can use it against us. This may be used to justify even stiffer controls on our lives. In 2013, Snowden revealed the details of what I have been warning about for 30 years—all our important information is being recorded by the U.S. govt. [& supplied to the Illuminati’s Beast computers]. But this is not all, there have been repeated security breaches where your various I.D. numbers (s.s.#, passport #, driver’s license #, home address #, bank act. #), your history incl. financial history, your social relationships, your health details, your personality details, yes all these things were obtained by hackers. Recently, it looks like the hackers were Chinese, and they stole over 22 million personal records from the U.S. govt. Last year, a hacker got 5.4 million health records from the govt. In 2011, it was LulzSec that hacked personal records that the CIA held. And besides hacking govt. records, corporate records have been even more vulnerable. The list of companies who had their personal records of people stolen is long including: Anthem Health Insurance (2nd largest health insurance lost up to 80 million personal records stolen), Common Health Services (4.5 million personal records in 209 hospitals in 29 states), Home Depot (53 million personal records stolen), Michaels, Sony, & Target. Whoever is stealing these—perhaps the Chinese govt. or whoever, may well sell these to the criminally minded who can wreak havoc on this nation. I expect these large breeches in security will be used to harm Americans. This may be as bad a scenario as the major false flag event of the previous section above.

DIMENISHING ACCESS TO REAL CURES AND ALTERNATIVE MEDICENE. The recent murders of 12 doctors who were in the know about GCMAF and the destruction of our immune system is proof that the campaign to restrict our knowledge of real cures and the real facts about our health continues full blast. The Illuminati’s sponsorship of dangerous counterproductive medical practices (and the agendas of their companies like Monsanto) will continue. In order to keep us weak & unhealthy… vulnerable to their control & their agenda of genocide to reduce our population numbers will insure that their widespread campaign to prevent us from being healthy will continue full force. You can expect that false helpers will pop up proclaiming false alternative cures and giving bogus warnings. Healthy foods will be warned about, and fake cures will be heralded. The responsible person will need to do some astute weeding out of erroneous health info. Pay attention friends.

DESTRUCTION OF AMERICA. Anyone watching trends, will note that those in power—like Obama– have been working to destroy America. Our work ethic, our morals, our health, our unity, etc. have been destroyed. While giving lip service to those things which are important, the decision makers who control things like advertising, education, Hollywood, the mass media etc. have been on a long term campaign to reduce us to a dumbed down animal level. Only by looking at history can one notice how big the changes have been. Look at the education requirements & tests in the late 1800’s compared to today. Look at the movies and the way they have changed. (For instance, look at some Shirley Temple movies, and you will realize that such movies with prayer, morals and clean fun would never come out of Hollywood today!)

In one of my college classes I said that it is an assumption that diversity is a good thing. Sometimes it isn’t. The teacher immediately corrected me…”Diversity is always, 100% of the time the best thing!” Well, tell that to Mexicans who want to live with other Mexicans, Vietnamese who want to live with other Vietnamese, the Wealthy elite who want to live around other wealthy elite in rich neighborhoods, etc., etc. People like to be around like-minded similar people. They always have. But that is politically incorrect. City designers are being told that they need to mix everyone together. Yet, what rich neighborhood wants hobos living next to them?… “Well, dear there goes the neighborhood and our property values!” Socialism is now P.C. The goal is to socialize America and reduce us all to the same level. This is what Stalin did to Russia, and what the controllers want for America…more socialism. “All animals are equal.” (Read “Animal Farm” comrade.) It is being directly taught us in college, and except for a few old dinosaurs like myself, it has become the politically correct way to think. Communism was rejected when the USSR fell in 1990, and now is being dumped down the throats of Americans, who are being dumbed down to accept it. Don’t remember the failed socialism of the Nazis & Communists! America needs to be destroyed so we can fit into the New World Order. America is well on her way down. And when I listen to people on the street talk, I hear them say they want Hillary for president so that they can get her socialist programs. My dear readers, I realize many of you do not want Hillary as our next president. This is because you are awake! But there are plenty of people who have been brainwashed to think socialism is a great thing! I listen to them talk! They think diversity & socialism & homosexuality and a nation free from all those witch burning Christians is the way to utopia. I hear it in college too. America’s decision makers will continue to destroy us as they destroyed Russia with the Russian revolution.

So there you have my 4 predictions: a great terrorist act to socially engineer America, some kind of horrible use of our stolen personal private information to justify more govt. controls, more controls & censorship of real health alternatives to the big pharma controlled medical system, and more anti-Christian socialism and more destruction of America to reduce us to the level of the third world. I would not blame you, my friend, if you feel like listening to some uplifting music after reading this!

FINAL COMMENT. YHWH God’s plan is bigger than the Illum.’s plan. “For I know the thoughts that I think towards you, says the Lord, thoughts of peace & not of evil, to give you a future & a hope….pray to Me, and I will listen to you.” JER 29:11, 12b


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