Exposing M16 31 OCT 2015

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EXPOSING M16, THE CATHOLIC PARTICIPATION IN T.B.M.C. & WHAT IS GOING ON IN SCHOOLS.I am pleased to provide a link to the M3P player site that offers the entire 2 hr. interview I had with Christine Hart Friday (30 OCT ’15) morning. (Since Christine J. Hart is in London, her 11 a.m. London time show was 3 a.m. Friday morning for me in Portland, OR!) I think many of my fb friends-followers will want to listen to this show. Here is a preview: Christine Hart (author of In For the Kill) discusses how she went into the commercial arm of MI6 at 19 yrs. of age. She then unwittingly spied for them on the IRA. I discuss how spies are made. We discuss her experience with Michael Aquino and the nun, who was one of her handlers. The nun got instructions from the Vatican and was (if I heard correctly) a Sister of St. Paul. We ended the show speaking about what is going on in the public schools. Her son who was attending public school in the U.K. was given the compulsory assignment to read some of Darren Shan’s occult vampire series of books (published by HarperCollins), which include: Tunnel of Blood, King Demon, Ocean of Death, and Lord of the Shadows, & others. They basically teach that you should give your life to Satan, where you can get special powers. Satan is sexy, but all these other things are boring. According to the books, you can be reborn as an agent of darkness & experience adventure. Blood drinking is heavily promoted in the books. Her son said that most of the class were enthusiastic about the material. His class also went on a field trip where they experience lots of blood and the smell of blood. When Christine protested what was being taught, school officials tried to make her out to be the odd crazy one. In response, I discussed how here in Portland they had replaced Christmas programs with a program that celebrated the return of Lucifer. By the way, I got cut off after making initial contact so it took me about 14 minutes to regain contact at the beginning of the show. For those who follow my works you will not want to miss this show.Direct MP3 Download


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