How Freemasons & Occultists have created bogus traditions which they claim were ancient Egyptian wisdom. In contrast, God’s prophet Isaiah made sport of Egypt’s supposed “wise men”.(1) And the ancient Book of Wisdom used by Israel derides the Egyptian penchant to deify animals (such as cats, hippos and ibises who were thought to be gods) and to build temples to worship them & mummify them by the tens of thousands.(2) They even worshipped onions. Artifacts from ancient Egypt show us that their wise men were sorcerers. EX 7:11 also shows this. The Bible calls the religion of Egypt idolatry(3) and Egypt a “House of Bondage”.(4) The religions of Egypt were syncretic— there was no concept of absolute truth, so Egyptian mythology is a bewildering contradictory, ever-changing collection of myths & spells. The chief priest in Egypt had the title “the one-who-carries-the-ritual-book” (i.e. the scroll of spells). Egypt’s ideas overlap w/ others’: the giant Canaanite Anaks of NUM 13:22 were known in Hyksos’ Egypt as “Sheshy”. To give an example of their syncretism: Pharaoh Amenophis II used the foreign god Astarte to protect his chariot team. (See E. Chassinat. Le Temple de Deudara.) Astarte was placed on the formal lists of Egyptian gods. This post will examine the spurious claims of occultists promoting ancient Egyptian wisdom…but it won’t cover the numerous current New Age channelers who repeatedly promote ancient Egypt.

3 PROMINENT PROPONENTS OF “EGYPTIAN WISDOM”. The Freemason Charles W. Leadbeater (a prolific Theosophical writer & a child molester) wrote a lot about anc. Egypt. According to Leadbeater, there was a Christ Council of Ascended Masters who were part of the Brotherhood & Sisterhood of Light. There is actually a Brothers of Light & a Sisters of Light level in the Illuminati hierarchy, but they are not ascended masters, only people. Edgar Cayce, who is respected by the Illum. hierarchy, spoke of a Great White Brotherhood, which he said was at the top of the World’s hierarchy. He said that they were HQed at Virginia Beach, which was his hometown after 1931. He gave many readings on ancient Egypt. His readings said that Egypt was the spiritual ctr. after Lemuria & Atlantis fell. According to Cayce, anc. Egypt was a source of wisdom which is still to be revealed. He said Jesus was an initiate in the Egyptian mysteries. Cayce also said in a reading that he himself had been worshipped in a past life as the god Ra while he was an instructor in ancient Egypt. HPB claimed she met the fraternal Brotherhood of Luxor, and that her periodical “Spiritual Scientist” was sponsored by 7 Egyptian adepts. She claimed her book Isis Unveiled was given to her by these Egyptian adepts. Her asst. Henry Olcott, got letters from these adepts that were for his eyes only but later reprinted as “Letters from the Masters of Wisdom”. Her Theosophical Society’s goal was World govt. by the restoration of the ancient Mystery religions. I note that the pharaoh of Egypt would wear a ritual corselet called Qeni which was believed to embody the immortal vitality of Osiris. And his scepters were thought to show he had taken the strength of Set. He himself identified with the god of kingship Horus. So the religious myths were used to legitimize their reigns.

Rudolf Steiner, another Freemason, linked Egypt to our age in esoteric teachings given in a series of 12 lectures when he was head of the German Theosophical Society. Belgium occultist Emile Dantinne, who was the head of La Rose+Croix Universitaire & L’Ordre d’Hermès Tétramégiste, & who founded the International Federation of Secret Societies in Belgium, inspired a number of groups to claim Egypt as the source of their claimed secret knowledge. For instance, AMORC, an entry level Rosicrucian group HQed at San Jose, CA has a museum of Egyptian artifacts, and claims it keeps alive the 5,000 yr. old mystical teachings of the Egyptian priests. In 1928 Rene’-Maurice Gattlefosse’ wrote a book introducing the concept of aromatherapy. Soon it was claimed to have come from anc. Egypt. (However, we have no idea how close modern aromatherapy may or may not resemble ancient practices.) In 1930 Eunice Ingham introduced reflexology healing, which then was spuriously claimed to come from anc. Egypt. In 1984, Patrick Ziegler introduced his Reiki-like Seichim healing, and again it was claimed to come from anc. Egypt.

WHO & WHEN. Let’s wade thru some Masonic & Illuminati history involved with the Egyptian mysteries. Freemasons have explored Egypt & brought back artifacts. I’ve mentioned how Ava Alice Astor believed she was the reincarnation of an Egyptian princess & a disciple of Akhenaton. She was one of the first to enter King Tut’s tomb. Illuminati kingpin Alfred DuPont brought back a dog from Egypt he named Mummy & used as a familiar spirit to do magic. It was the ancient Illum. Medici family, which has produced at least 3 popes, whose occult library held numerous books on ancient Egypt that provided the resource in Europe to enlighten the Renaissance with ancient occult theocratic ideas. Once Freemasonry was illuminated, a series of Freemasons began intense research into Egypt, and were soon making spurious claims. (Bear in mind, hieroglyphics had not been deciphered yet.) In 1781, Freemason Antoine Court de Ge’belin claimed tarot cards came from ancient Egypt in his 8th book of his series Le monde primitive. There is no evidence of such a claim, but many then repeated his claim in their books. In 1835, after purchasing 5 papyrus rolls written in hieroglyphics for $2,400, Freemason/fndr of the LDS Mormon church Joseph Smith, Jr. said that one roll spoke about Abraham and one scroll about Joseph. He proceeded to give the world a bogus translation, that is called the Book of Abraham which is canonized as part of the Mormon holy book Pearl of Great Price. His bogus translation… which does not follow the actual meaning of the hieroglyphics at all…claims that God lives close to the star Kolob. Egyptologists have commented about his total lack of understanding about Egypt & hieroglyphics, but bear in mind people didn’t understand how to translate the hieroglyphics when Joseph Smith came out with his Book of Abraham.

MAKING UP EGYPTIAN RITUALS. Because the ancient Egyptians supposedly had all this great occult wisdom, it is no surprise that organizers of new masonic rites took advantage of this perception. You will note the names/rituals of various Masonic groups like the Daughters of the Nile & the Ancient Egyptian Order of Sciots. In 1805, at Milan, It. , 3 French Masons (Le Changeur, Clavel, & Marc Bedarride) created the masonic Rite of Mizraim based on their speculations about the Egyptian mysteries. Their rite had 90 degrees to work. (The Earl of Limerick in the U.K. was one who did these 90 degrees.) A few years later…in 1815, four more Freemasons founded the Rite of Memphis based on their ideas of the Egyptian mysteries. They supposed fictitiously that a wise Egyptian Ormus in 46 A.D. amalgamated the Egyptian mysteries w/ Christianity to create the orig. Rose-Croix. Their rituals involved Ormus. The late Masonic Grand Master/Leading Masonic Philosopher Manly P. Hall says the eye in the pyramid is Ormus (aka Ahura Mazda). The group assoc. with the Illum.’s holy bloodline have also called themselves Ormuz for 200 yrs. The Rite of Memphis began w/ 97 degrees, but condensed it to 33. This group then in 1838, est. a Grand Lodge Osiris in Brussels & the next yr. a Grand Lodge Osiris in Paris. Later, in 1875, it merged with the OTO & the Masonic Rite of Mizraim. Early in the 20th century, Mason/Satanist/co-founder of the Gnostic Catholic church/Theosophist Papus took over the leadership of OTO & Rite of Memphis & Mizraim’s as their Grand Master. An example of a member is Wisconsin Gov. Lucius Fairchild (95th degree). Aleister Crowley got the 90th Mizraim degree, the 96th Memphis degree, & the 33rd Scottish Rite degree. It was in a French lodge of the masonic Rite of Memphis & Mizraim in the early 1880’s where the Protocols of Sion were read long before they became public knowledge. The document was signed by reps of “Sion of the 33rd degree”. So the document is a Masonic document, written by someone Illuminized, for it describes how world domination will be accomplished. The document caught the public’s attention in 1905, first in Russia, & then in Germany. It was used in Russia & Germany as proof of a Jewish conspiracy.

EGYPTIAN MYSTERIES & THE SCOTTISH RITE. As a final note on Egyptian rituals in Masonic lodges, the Scottish Rite states, “Our teachings and symbols preceded our formal organization by thousands of years. They go deep into ancient ages….found in the tombs and temples of India to those of Nubia, through the Valley of the Nile in Egypt down to its Delta, as well as in what was then known as Chaldea, Assyria, Persia, Greece, Rome and even in Mexico and Yucatan.” (Clausen’s Commentaries on Moral’s & Dogma, p. 2). Clausen, head of the Scottish Rite goes on to associate the Egyptian Mysteries with the 14th, 22nd, 23rd, 25th, 26th & 31st degrees. While the Egyptian mysteries are only part of the meanings of most of these degrees, the 31st is based upon the Egyptian Book of the Dead & the Osiris-Isis-Horus legends. Clausen states that the Book of the Dead is “the earliest codification of moral tenets basic to an outstanding world religion…Moses…was a thoroughly cultured Egyptian philosopher.”(ibid, p. 196) “Abraham carried from Chaldea the traditions which…were practiced in Egypt during Joseph’s time. Moses took this orthodoxy out of Egypt and recorded it in the obscure language of the Kabalah.” (ibid, p. 211) Anyone reading the Book of the Dead will find it a bewildering mish mash of magic spells, and even strange Satanic-like rituals, where people are placed in dead animals and other weird things. It doesn’t hold a candle to the Bible morally, and certainly was not the foundation of what Moses taught. Nor did Moses teach the Kabbalah. But the Bible does say that Moses was instructed in all the “wisdom of Egypt”.(5)

THE WISDOM OF EGYPT. People in ancient times had various attitudes towards Egypt, but there is no denying that many idolized it. Diodorus Siculus, a Greek historian whose 40 vol. history of the world is lost, believed the “gods were born in Egypt”. Another Greek historian Herodotus called the Egyptians “the cleverest of all men”. The Greeks admired their buildings, their canals, their medical expertise, geometry and their sophisticated religious mythology, which they borrowed from. Philo wrote Life of Moses, which gives perhaps some hint of what “wisdom” Moses learned. Old Hebrew writings say that he learned how to write in Egypt. Philo claims that Moses’ royal education had tutors from many nations & provinces of Egypt. Philo says he learned math incl. geometry, various musical instruments and rhythm & harmony, philosophy, geography, and astrology. Perhaps the significant pt. of Philo’s claims is the international flavor of his education…which incl. Chaldean tutors. And Moses counted all his status, wealth and power as heir to the Egyptian empire to be nothing compared to a clear conscience with God. He gave it all up to live in the desert as a God-fearing man. “Behold, the fear of the Lord, that is wisdom; and to depart from evil is understanding.”(6)
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