When one goes on the Internet one reads “SCAM ALERT—L.A. MARZULLI.” This article continues to build upon a number of my other posts on subjects such as red-haired giant remains in NV & UT caves, about the Book of Enoch, about the elongated cone-headed “humans” from Peru’s Atacama Desert, about the manipulation of archeological remains and so forth. L.A. Marzulli is a good example of someone who has been researching the ancient giants (Nephilim). Marzulli has been on explorations in Peru. He has spoken on various shows like Freeman Fly’s & Tim Alberino’s, & has written 3 interesting colorfully-pictured books on the Nephilim (which I have not had the opportunity to read). Tim Alberino, who recently videotaped me on his show, has also done quite a few shows on the Genesis 6 Giants. I have not seen either man say anything about how Pharaoh Akhenaten’s daughter had an elongated skull…still it is unlikely that I could contribute much more to what Marzulli and Alberino have to share on the subject of giant Nephilim. What I can do in this post is show you that Biblically Marzulli is not a scam. Marzulli uses GEN 6 as a major Biblical reference for the existence of Giant Nephilim. Is he correct in his use?

WHY MARZULLI IS CALLED A SCAM. The website that attacks Marzulli says the site is Christian, and that Marzulli contradicts the Bible. It claims, “He also believes demons interbred with human women…which is UNBIBLICAL.” [Marzulli says “fallen angels”—not demons, by the way.] Further it states: “These Nephilim/giants were just humans who were bigger (within human variation at the time) than some others. Today, stand next to each other a 6 foot 2 inch blond Swede next to a 4 foot pygmy – both are humans yet are different sizes within human variation. As for the idea of demons and humans breeding–uhm, the angels are unable to do that. ‘For in the resurrection they neither marry, nor are given in marriage, but are as the angels of God in heaven.’ Matthew 22:30” [end of quote attacking Mazulli].

But the attacker is not rightly dividing the Word of God. MT 22:30 is a quote from Christ; the verse does not say that angels do not have the capacity to have sex—it only states that they do not engage in sexual relations in heaven!! Note also…the fallen angels are not in heaven & not under God’s direct authority. Several verses appear to show on close inspection & comparison with other verses that fallen angels do have sexuality (the controversial GEN 6:2-3, Jude 6-7, 1 COR 11:10, & 1 PTR 3:18-20). The people of Sodom wanted to sodomize the good angels that visited Lot.

TRADITIONAL INTERPRETATIONS OF GEN 6:2-4. Two centuries before Christ, we have on record how the Jews were interpreting GEN 6:2-4. Several Septuagint translations of the Hebrew text used for these verses “angels of God” for “bene Elohim” (“sons of God”). The widely accepted book 1 ENOCH calls the angels “sons of heaven” (1 EN 6-11). Other respected Jewish books prior to Christ also held that the “sons of God” in Genesis 6 were fallen angels, incl. Jubilees 4:15, the Testament of Reuben 5:5,2, 2 Baruch 56:12-16, 2 ENOCH 18:4 and the Genesis Apocryphon (1 Qap Gen 2:1). The rabbis during this time taught that Genesis 6 referred to fallen angels. Josephus & Philo held this view.

THE ORIGINAL CHRISTIAN VIEW. The New Testament book JUDE quoted 1 ENOCH and it speaks (for instance, 1 EN 21; & 54:3-6) about fallen angels being punished in chains…which is referred in several NT verses. It’s well established that the early apostolic church accepted 1 ENOCH which validates the fallen angels had sex with women view. It is also known that the New Testament writers, apostolic church and early church fathers believed that GEN 6 referred to fallen angels having sex with women. Among the early church fathers who supported the fallen-angels-had-sex-with-women view are: Ambrose, Clement of Alexandria, Cyprian, Irenaeus, Justin Martyr, Lactantius & Tertullian. From the third century onward, the tide turned against this interpretation, and later rabbis and ministers began to hold the view that the Nephilim were merely men, and the “sons of God” were merely men. However, the NT states that it was after Pentecost and after the sealing of the believers with the Holy Spirit, that people could now be called “sons of God” (ACTS 2,8,10), so it seems more unBiblical to call unregenerate men in ancient times who had no sealing of the Spirit “sons of God”. There are plenty of Biblical reasons to believe that “sons of God” at GEN 6:2 & 4 refers to angels. The Heb. term obviously does in the book of JOB several times (JOB 1:6, 2:1, 38:7). And the Nephilim are called “mighty” and “the mighty ones” is an expression also obviously used to denote angels at PS 29:1 & PS 89:7.

MODERN JEWISH & CHRISTIAN VIEWS. In the 19th & 20th century, there have been several viewpts about GEN 6:2-4. When one examines the commentaries, they vary w/ 4 different basic views. A Jewish Hebrew linguist in his commentary on these verses states “[verse] 4. Nephilim. The only obvious meaning of this Hebrew term is ‘fallen ones’—perhaps, those who have come down from the realm of the gods;…in Numbers the Nephilim are thought of as giants who are offspring of miscegenation between gods and women—again touches on common ground with Greek and other mythologies. Come to bed with. The Hebrew idiom…refers to the whole act of intercourse, not merely to penetration.”(Alter, Robert. Genesis Translation & Commentary, p. 27) A Christian pastor in his commentary writes on GEN 6:4, “There is no doubt that the sin of that day was the breaking through of fallen angels from another realm into this world of flesh, a thing that God prohibited and for which, being such terrible sin, God wiped out the human race.” (Drew, Pastor Edwin. Studies in the Book of Genesis.) A Waldensian Seminary professor in Rome writes, “What does Nephilim (v. 4) mean?…why is the passage so unclear?…A satisfactory answer to these questions has yet been given and will hardly be given for some time to come, and so the scholar is left with an unsolved crux.” (“Sons of God, Heroes & Nephilim; Remarks on Genesis 6:1-4” article by J.A. Soggin, in Text, Temples & Traditions, w/ a long list of editors.) The point here is that the verses are controversial. Franz Delitzch, Kurtz, and August Dillmann are a few of the commentators who believe the “sons of God” (bene Elohim) were angels.

MY POINT: L.A. Marzulli is not unscriptural for believing that the “sons of God” were fallen angels. The original position of the rabbis & early Christian fathers was identical to his view, and even after it became the minority view in Judaism & Christianity, there are still many who cont. to hold to it for good linguistic reasons & other good reasons.

OTHER REASONS. Many other Bible verses refer to the giants. They sometimes give their heights in cubits. Now the Hebrews used 3 different cubits: the common (18″), the royal (20″) & the long (22″), but no matter which cubit system you want to use…these giants in the OT were not only violent & strong but they were way too tall for normal tall men. You see, when a man gets over 8’ tall, physics take over. It takes a large bone mass to support the muscles to offset the effects of gravity—because the effects of gravity rise geometrically w/ height. Modern men over 8’ can barely move, and have little stamina or mobility—nothing like a Goliath who wore an enormous amount of armor. Obviously, the Nephilim were superhuman. These were not normal people. When the genetics (DNA) of a tooth from an elongated skull was genetically analyzed, the report said that it was a different species of humanoid than humans. In Babylonian, Egyptian, Phoenician, Greek & Roman writings, they all describe giant superheroes who were created from the sexual union of gods & mortal women. Eusebius (an early Christian who believed angels mated w/ women) wrote in Praep.evang., ix., 418 that when the Tower of Babel, which was built by giants, was destroyed, the giants scattered throughout the earth. The elongated skulls are controversial also. Many claim that they were merely the result of cradleboarding…and Marzulli and others admit that many skulls show cradleboarding, but not all. He believes the cradleboarding was by humans trying to imitate the large skulled giant humanoids. A fetus was found in a mummified pregnant woman in Peru which had an elongated skull…thus proving not all of the elongated skulls came from cradleboarding. There is no doubt that the Smithsonian and other institutions are covering up the discovery of the bones of giants…WHY?

FINAL THOUGHTS. There is incontrovertible proof that giants and elongated skulled humanoids lived on this planet. It is a serious question why the PTSNB feel that all this needs to be covered up today. After all, the pagan myths that they love to push on us, all speak about giants being created from the offspring of gods & women. Victims of Illum. mind-control in touch with what is being done in underground bases claim that hybrids are being created…hybrids that match what the Bible calls Nephilim. (Their reports are interesting, but I don’t know any 3-D validation of their testimony.) My primary purpose with this post was to vindicate L.A. Marzulli. His position on GEN 6:1-4 may be controversial…and today it may be a minority viewpt. But it is not unscriptural. His interpretation does not make him a scam. Indeed, some of what his detractor said was unscriptural. “Sons of God” was not a term applied to people until after Pentecost and the Holy Spirit was given in a fresh way to those who accepted Christ & were sealed by the Spirit.


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