This nation’s foundations are being destroyed & what was built on them will soon be ruble. Empires have split up & collapsed when they became corrupt…Solomon’s empire is but one example. Nicolae Ceausescu turned Romania into a dark dungeon until the people quit taking the lies & abuse; Romanians gave themselves a Christmas present on Christmas day, ’89 by executing their dictator for genocide of his own people. Can America be preserved from those who work night & day to destroy its foundations??

THE CONSTITUTION & BILL OF RIGHTS. To destroy the Constitution is to attack an important part of the foundation. Unfortunately, the head of the Justice Dept., Attorney General Eric Holder is working as fast as he can to help Obama do just that, giving him the latitude to make as many unconstitutional executive decrees and other illegal acts as the President wants. As an example of their contempt for the Constitution is how Obama & Holder have repeatedly tried to force by politics the ability of Washington, D.C. to be able to vote for the president & have Congressional reps. Whether this is a good cause or not is not the issue. It has been repeatedly solidly determined by previous attorney generals, the Office of Legal Counsel, the Supr. Ct., etc. that ONLY a Constitutional amendment will give Washington, D.C. that right and until then it is unconstitutional. But never mind the law they are legally bound to uphold. On 5/15/2013, Holder goes before a House Committee & simply lies under oath. He had lied before the same committee on 4/3/2011…and of course, after these and many other times that he has given false testimony under oath…nothing was done. When Congress has tried to confront him about allowing Obama to break the Constitution, he avoids the questions, and at one pt. said he believes Obama “is probably at the height of his constitutional power”. That was hardly the case as Obama’s exec. order under discussion conflicted with applicable federal laws…the president is obligated to follow law—not ignore them by presidential decree.

Holder ran the Justice Dept. before Obama…as Clinton was getting out of office, Holder helped Clinton pardon Marc Rich, whose former wife raised millions for the Clinton’s campaign funds in exchange for Marc’s pardon. It still shocks me that Holder would get pardons for 16 FALN terrorists in Fed. prison who at the time were proud of their 130 bombings & the hundreds of people they killed or hurt. They had no remorse for their acts, and were still hoping to do more acts of violence. As you may remember, both the House & Senate condemned the pardons. The Senate resolution said the pardon of these terrorists was “an affront to the rule of law, the victims & their families, and every American who believes that violent acts must be punished…” The pardoning was to help the Clintons politically. The repeated instances of prosecutorial abuse by Holder & his Dept. of Justice could fill a book…and the prosecutorial abuse & other misdeeds is so blatant, that numerous prosecutions have had to be dismissed. The Bistrong case is an example of this. The jury came to the conclusion the defendants had acted “in good faith and the FBI & DOJ in bad faith”. The govt.’s main witness freely admitted on the stand doing more illegal acts than all the defendants had been accused of. Even the judge was disappointed in the DOJ. Holder’s corrupt policies have trickled down the ranks as even low levels are being filled with corrupt Justice staff.

WEALTH. America was once the richest nation. The written plans of the elite state they would use the space program to waste billions of dollars and help bankrupt America. In 1958, the elite’s “Wise Men” decided the U.S. should have a space program. According to a chart by NASA in ’91 in a book size report “Aeronautics & Space Report of the President: 1989-90” (p. 162): in 1971, the U.S. spent a little less than $5 billion on space. In 1980, it had risen to $9 billion spent. In ’86, it was $21 billion, and in ’91 it was $34 billion. Did you realize we spent $34 billion on space projects in 1991??

When I examine comments by scientists, many of them feel the Apollo project saw more scientific advancement & exploration than the expensive space shuttle program. The shuttle cost projections were grossly understated and the abilities of the space shuttles overstated before the project began. This may seem unfair to criticize unless you see how many millions of dollars were allocated to study these things! They were projecting 40 shuttle flights per yr. In reality, the shuttle program, flying from 1981 to July, 2011 made 135 flights in all, for an approx. average of 5 flights per yr. The destruction of the Challenger in 1986 & the Columbia in 2003 woke people up that there were some serious things wrong with NASA. (And what they were seeing was only the tip of the iceberg.) Previously, Apollo 1 had burned up on the launch pad w/ its crew. The NASA Administrator at that time was 33 degree Freemason James Edwin Webb (also an Acacia Frat. Mmbr.). He handled the investigation into the Apollo 1 disaster and set people’s minds at ease. Another leading figure at NASA then was the son of a German nobleman Wernher von Braun (hd. of Huntsville, AL’s Marshall Space Ctr., & former SS officer). He is the best known of the 157 German rocket scientists brought over after WW 2. They formed the core of the rocket/space program and created a particular German-style of project organization. As they died & were phased out, NASA switched to the Air Force’s method of organizing a project, which was to use military industrial contractors (notorious for cost overruns). Popular NASA contractors from the start have been GE, Boeing & their McDonnell Douglas, Thiokol Chemicals, Lockheed Martin, & GM’s Hughes Aircraft. Also more recent companies incl. Orbital Sciences & Aerojet Engineering Co. GE est. a Missile & Space Vehicle Dept. w/ 400 employees in 1955. Two yrs. later, Douglas Aircraft did the same.

I’ve done previous posts exposing NASA, so there is no sense in re-inventing the wheel. I will add this…there has been lots of politics involved w/ an agency supposedly focused on space exploration. One example of this is how Reagan appointed William R. Graham to be the deputy administrator against the wishes of the administrator Beggs. Caught in a scandal, Beggs made a deal w/ the White House that he’d resign if they’d bring back James Fletcher to serve another term as administrator instead of Graham. What catches my attention is that Beggs was adamant that Graham (who got his Ph.D. from Stanford, & worked 6 yrs. for Rand Corp.) was not competent—short on experience in technology & management. It looks to me like the Pres. was simply trying to put in one of the elite’s boys.

TRUST. The Alphabet Soup agencies have created a culture of secrecy, deception and mind-control victims. We don’t even know all the agencies they’ve created…have you heard of the Defense Programs Activity Office? How about the Special Collection Service? In my Deeper Insights book, I had the privilege to expose for the first time the secret org EPIC, a World Order Amer. enforcement group working out of El Paso. The fascism that pervades Amerika has too many employees in secret agencies. The Govt. Accountability Office reported 2.4 million Americans have some level of security clearance…of which 854,000 were calculated to have a Top Secret clearance. (By the way, if you spot an orange-border on the cover sheet—it’s Top Secret.) In 1947, the Nat. Security Act provided a nice excuse—a fancy catchphrase—to cover up corruption and uncomfortable truths—just tell people than it is a national secret to protect us. Protected by the “national security” act, we may not learn if v.p. Cheney did indeed run a secret assassination bureau. (I vote that he did!) Snowden and Assange set to work to blow the lid off of some of the pervasive secrecy that covers our dark land. Perhaps there is some math formula that describes how the more dirty secrets a nation has & the more people who have those dirty secrets, the more whistleblowers speak out. It has gotten to the point, that many people just assume these secretive groups are hiding dirty secrets. Basically, where ever they go in the world, the CIA has a bad reputation. And awake people are watching these agencies & our govt. build large well-stocked underground facilities for upcoming threats…and we don’t see “a govt. of the people and for the people”, but merely an out of control secretive govt. that is lavishly spending money to out survive the rest of us!


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