So much happening so many ways, a post like this going over general events should be helpful for readers. So here is my glance at world affairs that may interest you…

BUNDY’S FOUND NOT GUILTY. Here in my area, we have had Harney Co. standoff people held in our county detention ctr. & going to court here in Portland. I am going to quote a news source, ” A jury delivered an extraordinary blow to the government in a long-running battle over the use of public lands when it acquitted all seven defendants involved in the armed occupation of a national wildlife refuge in rural southeastern Oregon. Tumult erupted in the courtroom Thursday after the verdicts were read when an attorney for group leader Ammon Bundy demanded his client be immediately released & repeatedly yelled at the judge. U.S. marshals tackled attorney Marcus Mumford to the ground, used a stun gun on him several times and arrested him.” So the jury finds them not-guilty and the govt. keeps them in jail…justice Amerika style. I have to expect by Thanksgiving they will be enjoying a good Thanksgiving day. “One of Ammon Bundy’s attorneys, Morgan Philpot, …watching Mumford get tackled by marshals [said] ‘His liberty was just assaulted by the very government that was supposed to protect it, by the very government that just prosecuted his client — unjustly as the jury found.’ ” Meanwhile it is coming out why the govt. was wanting to take the land–if you haven’t heard it involves more crimes by Hillary & the Clinton Foundation!

AN ILLUMINATI PROJECT. The Illuminati told (lied) me, that they needed people off their traditional ranches & farms because the Federal govt. needed to balance their debts. What it really was, is one more bizzaro trick of the Matrix, the ranches in NV and SE OR are sitting on top of uranium deposits. Harry Mason Reid, the dirty Sr. senator of NV (who is also the Senate Minority leader) was working on stealing the ranch land and selling the uranium to Putin for profits. He was the leading vehicle to make everything happen, but Clinton & her Clinton Foundation became the fuel. So the two of them Hillary and Harry have been working together to steal the ranch land, and make a profit off the uranium. All this has been coming out to the public. Dirty Harry has said if the democrats don’t take back the Senate majority we are in a Constitutional crisis, because the Republicans are not allowing Obama to replace Scalia, who was murdered by Clinton as leaked documents show. Speaking of Wikileaks, Assange actually managed to secretly smuggle himself out of the embassy for an interview. Most amazing if it happened like we are being told. His leaks have shown that Barack Obama was an accomplice to Hillary’s crimes. What do you do when your own President does crimes America? And Obama now realizes his Obama “Care” is going down the toilet, with or without Trump.

SPEAKING OF THE ELECTION… The state that is perhaps most morally compass-less…California…a state that Edgar Cayce predicted would fall into the ocean…is busing in illegals to vote for Clinton. Well they are certainly living up to their nutty liberal reputation. When a land does gross sins, it gets polluted like a moral sewer. Based on a recent conversation, I recently (apparently) talked a foreigner in Europe out of committing suicide. I got the distinct impression that he was focusing only on the dark side of life, and so I shared the positives of life with him. Life truly has it day & night, and we need to keep a balance. I asked if he had been to America and he said, “Yes, L.A.” Years ago, my friend a Japanese minister, when he came to America, thought the place to see was L.A. As an afterthought only because I live here, he came to Oregon. He had hated L.A. and loved Oregon. The beauty of our state is refreshing…and except for weird Portland, most of the state is quite normal, whatever that is. I feel sorry for the normal people of California who have to live around such moral debasement…and mandatory vaccinations…and now a totally fraudulent vote count in its presidential election. Even without the illegals and registered dogs and dead people voting, and all the morally confused liberals, California has Soros’ voting machines that can be rigged by computer even from his home. Clinton can count on winning California. Wikileaks just released information on Hillary’s health. She does indeed have Parkinson’s which is something that can’t be reversed.

RUSSIA & PUTIN. Obama keeps agitating Putin. Now Putin is not guilt free–he has tried to bully his neighboring countries, and with his neighbor’s memories of centuries of Russian tyranny & the previous cold war, have them scared. But the response by Obama to encircle Russia with missiles in neighboring countries like Romania & the Baltic states which can be employed offensively, has given the Russians the opinion that Obama is the aggressor in this new cold war. The head of the joint chiefs of staff has repeatedly stated that to impose a no-fly zone in Syria would mean war with Russia, but that is still the direction the Democrats want to take us. On 25 OCT, Putin gave Obama a 24-hour ultimatum to Barrack Obama & Hillary Clinton as WW3 tensions run high. In his global message, he warned that he will start shooting down US aircraft in the Middle East if the US continues to slander Russia. Meanwhile, yesterday I went to the funeral of a wonderful 90 yr. sister in Christ, whose son, who was also at the funeral, was the army officer who put together the Stryker force in Mosul, Iraq.

STRYKER UNITS. The Stryker force that was just deployed to Iraq is the army’s newest concept in army combat. It is a combination of a Air Force Stryker unit (354th ops group on a 6 month deployment) and the Army Stryker 172nd brigade that has the large hi-tech specially designed Stryker vehicles that have special communications & sensing equipment. The Stryker brigade is designed for fast paced combat. You will notice that the main stream new media has shown some clips of the Stryker vehicles in action in Iraq.

FINAL THOUGHTS. The scum in this nation has definitely risen to the top. And they have stripped our nation of any moral compass & replaced it with situation ethics that translate…whatever we do is o.k. Record breaking turnouts to vote are happening in places like Texas. Lines in TX are at times hundreds of people long to vote. The rank & file of all shades & genders want to take this nation back from the dirty scum at the top and clean out the swamp called Washington, D.C. Various groups of Americans are working hard to stop the pervasive voter fraud by the elite to give this election to Hillary. The bogus polls still show Clinton winning by a landslide, meanwhile Clinton & Kane are lucky to get 30 people at their speaking events and Trump is filling stadiums. The American people are not going to allow the Matrix to bamboozle them again. You are watching a bloodless revolution. This is something you can tell your grandchildren about–if the Lord taries! God does not have to hold Armageddon on the Illuminati’s time table. Exciting times, and obviously a period when we need to get as close to God as possible. Have a blessed day.


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