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Tonight at 9 EST & 6 PST I am scheduled to be on the Collective Consciousness Show with Dede Farrell and Steve Harris…

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Special Guest for Show:

1) Fritz Springmeier
[email protected]
Author & Researcher on MLK Ultra Programming
Research on Satanic Mind Control & role of Masons

Fritz comes back on our show to share information from his latest work and projects.

I suggest you sit down while you read this. Insiders, who care more about their fellow humans, than the corrupt system they are part of, have whispered warnings about this. A few alert financial analysts like James Rickards have picked up on the Sept. 30th date & are warning people. Let me slow down and walk us through this financial watershed event. This kind of sudden destruction matches the prophecy of REV 18:8,10 (& PRV 6:15, ISA 30:13 & 1 THS 5:3).

THE DOLLAR’S STATUS AS THE WORLD’S RESERVE CURRENCY, what some call the petrodollar. Because large deals between nations are done in dollars, it can be said that 85% of global transactions are done in U.S. dollars. I have explained many times that our dollar’s VIP status globally has allowed the U.S. to create as many dollars out of thin air that it wants without destroying the dollar’s value–inflating the supply of money is simply a global tax on everyone who holds dollars, and more dollars are held by foreigners overseas than by Americans.

In other words, we have been getting a free ride. I have repeatedly discussed the moves behind the scenes to dethrone the dollar. Russia & China has been working behind the scenes to get the entire world to desert us. They have also been buying up high levels of gold. Now that moment that we have wondered about is actually upon us…the date is Sept. 30, 2016, when the IMF has plans to announce a “world money”.

The IMF has been issuing low key statements about this new world currency. Additionally, hidden on it’s site is a 42-page blueprint entitled “Enhancing International Financial Security” which spells out in obtuse difficult to understand jargon that they are going to announce this new “world money”.

This is the “global reset” that Christine LaGarde (hd. of the IMF & Illum.) has been talking about. When our dollar crashes, the IMF will run our economy like they have been doing to other 3rd world nations in debt. The Illuminati will directly run the show (all of America’s finances) through the IMF. Foreign central banks are preparing to ship their useless dollars back to the USA.



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