Previously, I have contrasted Trump’s nationalism with Hillary’s globalism, but I have not contrasted another difference: Hillary’s Socialism v. Trump’s capitalism. As it is important to look at these two different ideas on how government & the economy should operate in order to properly make a choice for who to vote for…I am going to write yet another post for today.

POLITICALLY POPULAR (PC) VIEWS. Many people who have attended universities or public high schools have been taught that capitalism is oppressive, and socialism is the answer to most problems facing us. And of course, there is no denying that some big fat “capitalists” have done misdeeds. But the fact that some big “capitalists” have done misdeeds does not answer the question whether socialism, which requires a big powerful central government to distribute society’s wealth is a better system than capitalism. If all the facts be know, there are plenty of misdeeds done by socialist leaders also. People seem to gloss over the glaring fact that Stalin & Hitler both demanded socialism for their nations. So which system is better: Hillary’s socialism or Trump’s capitalism??? (And bear in mind I am not getting theoretical, or technically nit-picky here…but I am using these terms in a common sense way. Because even though Trump advocates capitalism, there is still a streak of socialism in what he’d do.)

DEFINITIVE ANSWER AVAILABLE. The definitive answer as to which system is best: Hillary’s socialism or Trump’s capitalism is in plain sight. The complete answer is available in detail. After WW 2, two nations were divided, one in Asia and one in Europe. The two parts in each nation spoke the same language, had the same culture, same climate & geography. Both nations had been destroyed by WW 2, and each of their two parts were rebuilt…one using socialism and one using capitalism. East Germany & North Korea were rebuilt using socialism. West Germany & South Korea were rebuilt using capitalism.

NORTH V. SOUTH KOREA’S GROWTH UNDER THE 2 SYSTEMS. Socialism in North Korea has led to suffering and poverty and widespread starvation. Although the land and people were originally about equal in division…South Korea under capitalism soared ahead and became a major industrial nation producing $1.6 trillion GDP (2012) in contrast with the North’s $40 billion that year. That year the GDP to capita (meaning GDP per person) was $32,400 in the South under capitalism and $1,800 in the North. Electric power generated was 485 billion kWh in the capitalist south, and 21 billion kWh in socialist North. Under socialism the people live under tyranny, have a higher death rate, higher infant mortality rate, and when you visit the nation the people are grim & sober.

EAST GERMANY V. WEST GERMANY UNDER THE 2 SYSTEMS. Under capitalism, West Germany became a major economic power house and the individual West German was healthier and wealthier than his socialist East German counterpart. I was in what used to be East Berlin earlier this month. A German lady described what the oppression was like to me in socialist Germany. East Germany remained poor, & their factories outdated. The environment was heavily polluted under socialism as the government cut corners to increase production. Productivity per person when East and West Germany merged was a stark contrast. Basically under socialism, the govt. pretended to pay and the worker pretended to work. The average worker under socialism was producing only 70% of the average worker in West Germany. Normal staples of food under socialism were hard to get, while they were completely available in capitalist West Germany. “Luxury items” (cars and TV’s) were far more expensive in socialist Germany, even though the worker made far less. A T.V. in East Germany cost 5 times what it cost in capitalist Germany.

CONCLUSION. Under Trump’s style of capitalism both West Germany & South Korea thrived. In contrast with the socialist propaganda being taught in our universities, what happened under capitalism was not a rich elite oppressing a large poor population, but rather a vibrant healthy economy where everyone benefited and had enough. Under Hillary’s socialism everything was worse off (in North Korea & East Ger.) incl. their socialized health care, and the health of their population. Under socialism creativity and freedom were gone. The work ethic was destroyed because it went unrewarded. Even today, the east Germans have not recovered their work ethic that they had before 45 years of socialism. It appears our university professors have learned nothing from history because most of them are peddling socialism, in blatant disregard for the historical facts that show Trump’s capitalism is vastly superior to Hillary’s socialism & tyranny. WAKE UP AMERICA!


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