My books discuss the spiritual aspects of the t.b.m.c. and the spiritual manipulation which are a major part of the t.b.m.c. This entire spectrum of activities is unknown to secular therapists—and without any concept of it, one has turned a blind eye to much of what the Illuminati programmers (who work thru the militaries & intelligence cults) are doing. This short post and its attached link is to give people more info on trauma-based mind control. The link below takes the reader to a lengthy in-depth article which gives a fairly accurate detailed description of the Spiritual planes-worlds that the programmers want to work with…and one of the underlying motivations behind the cults having started the t.b.m.c. which is to find some way to transfer a person’s spirit into their next generation, etc. Part of the trauma activities (like incest) are to trap people into generational curses. As much of this information is not in my books, I recommend it for those who seek to learn more about t.b.m.c. beyond my books.

Besides sharing this good article’s information, I want to address another aspect of the t.b.m.c. which is discussed in my books but could be better explained. This is the creation of robots, dolls, and puppets.
The mind & body are completely dissociated from each other to install the doll programming. Various dolls are created. So you will find survivors enjoy doll collections. A china doll that is lifeless and perfect is often created. A rubber doll is created to bend the body into awkward poses. A hard plastic doll to allow the handler to keep the body is a hard pose for long periods. Rag dolls are made to create bodies that can be tortured (perhaps the handler rents the body to sick people to torture the doll for a sick flic or for their perverse desires). Dolls may have things installed by programming into them.
Some female dancers have puppet programming. Their vacant eyes reveal the marionette programming.
Various kinds of robots are created. As I have previously written small angry parts can be made into robot armies that activate to protect the programming. Programming that is done while the person is not conscious—in something like a sleep walking state –are also made into special purpose robots, which have limited roles to play.

CONCLUSION. This info along with the article at the link, will be plenty for the reader to digest. Those who have asked for more info have certainly gotten a full dose for now.

The Network of Stolen Consciousness – How Black Magick is used in Mind Control


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