Quite often establishment church leadership has taken their flocks off in directions contrary to Christ’s teachings. There is a way that seems right to man but leads to destruction. (A) The Word of God teaches that “a fool is right in his own eyes”.(B) And that pride leads the way to destruction.(C) These things may seem like common sense, if so, then common sense is not so common, especially among those who call themselves Christians, who should know better.

CHRIST’S STANDARD. In MT 22-23 Christ teaches the religious leaders & people in the temple court on Passover week. After he finishes directly talking with these leaders, he begins explaining their spiritual blindness to the crowd, while they obviously are still listening. In MT 24, we find a continuation of him teaching, but this time to his disciples, and the location has shifted to the Olive grove, which is outside the city walls just to the east of the temple. He lays down his standard of behavior to his followers in the middle of a prophecy: “And before him shall be gathered all nations: and he shall separate them one from another, as a shepherd divideth his sheeps from the goats: And he shall set the sheep on his right hand, but the goats on his left. [Is America a sheep or goat?]…I was a stranger and you took me in…I was in prison, and ye came to me….When…did we see you… in prison?…Inasmuch as ye have done it unto the least of these my brethren: ye have done it unto me.” (D) How we treat the least person, shows how we treat Christ.

USING LATIN AMERICA AS AN EXAMPLE. I frequently use Americans (USA) as examples, but there are other Americans (Latin America, for example)…and as my view on things is with an international perspective, I will use two Latin American nations as my example. From the beginning of Portugese settlement in Brazil, the Jesuits (Society of Jesus) had a strong presence. Brazilian Catholicism accepted slavery & seemed totally oblivious to its evils. Catholic convents & religious orders in Brazil had slaves. The sugar plantations (Brazil’s main economy), created along the coast, operated using black slaves. There was no concept of Christ’s teaching that what you do to the least person you have done to him!

CASTRO & COMMUNISM. When Castro took over Cuba, the Catholic church was anemic…27% of nominal Catholics reported having never seen a priest, and only 24% of Cuba’s Catholics regularly attended church. Be that as it was, the Roman Catholic church was the main denomination in Cuba, when the atheists of Communism took over. Members of the Catholic church were banned from membership in Cuba’s communist party until 1991. Priests & Catholics who thought communism was evil were either deported (like 135 on 17 SEPT ’61) or arrested. Not surprisingly, those Catholics who remained were pro-Castro, pro-Communism, pro-Moscow. The Cuban middle class, by & large, fled to Miami, taking with them Christians who disagreed with communism. And for the record: Communism is evil. Illuminism is evil. And the socialism we have adopted in recent years is simply Communism & Illuminism…and is just as evil, whether our religious leaders call it that or not. So after Castro purged Cuba of Catholics who disagreed with his policies, what you had left were Catholic officials who praised him and communism, and would spout to the world the lie that there was no persecution of Christians in Cuba. In 1996, Castro visited the Pope, and in Jan. 1998, Pope John Paul visited Cuba. Meanwhile, there were devout Christians being tortured in Cuban prisons! By turning their backs on the plight of their brothers in prison, there was no concept of Christ’s teaching that what you do to the least person you have done to him!

LEST THE PROTESTANTS GLOAT… Lest the Protestants gloat that the Catholics compromised with evil, the sad truth is that the Protestants (by & large) immediately embraced communism & Castro. The Presbyterian Reformed Church in Cuba stated when the Communists began running things: “The church lives joyfully in the midst of the socialist revolution, because the revolution has inaugurated new development…” When Martin Luther King was assassinated, Rev. Jesse Jackson, travelled to Cuba to spend time with atheist Castro, and Castro went with him to the main Cuban Methodist church where a service was held in memory of MLK. So long story short, the Protestant record of supporting Castro is worse than the Catholics.

A CHRISTIAN VOICE FROM A COMMUNIST PRISON. In 1979, while I was still Amish I travelled by bus to visit Christians like Haralan Popov & Richard Wurmbrand, who were men who had suffered torture for many years in communist prisons for their faith, before coming to the United States & telling their stories in books. Richard Wurmbrand came up with a message while he was in solitary confinement for Christians in the west. This message is printed in his book With God in Solitary Confinement. (He also wrote Tortured for Christ.) His daughter immediately brought me, a stranger, a cup of tea when I went to visit him, & I was immediately reminded of Christ’s words about IF you give a stranger a cup of water, then you have given it to Christ himself. I believe Richard’s message, conceived many years ago in a communist prison, has relevance for today. And I will give the gist of it here.

SPIRITUAL TIMING ON WHEN TO TALK. Richard begins his message to us from prison by stressing timing. In fact, the Holy Spirit has stressed this to me so much. Spiritual timing is critical. He quotes Joshua 6:10, “Ye shall not shout, nor make any noise with your voice, neither shall any word proceed out of your mouth, until the day I bid you shout.” Keep your mouth shut, until God gives you something to say.

LARGE PERSPECTIVE. Next, Richard says that Christians are doomed if their perspective on life is only themselves or their local congregation. You need to know the bigger picture. Or to add my own words, we need to know of all our brothers & sisters who are suffering for Christ around the world. The presstitutes of mass media are not going to tell us this. And why? Because Richard points out that all followers of Christ are in turn leadership for the world. We are a nation of kings and priests. We are all partakers of the divine nature.

ABIDE IN CHRIST. Next Richard says we should abide in Christ. He quotes JN 14:23, “If a man love me, he will keep my words…& our [GOD’s] abode is with him.” He points out that King David did not abuse his royal power to change the commandments, but danced in front of the ark of the covenant that contained the tablets with God’s law. When we abide in Christ, it then becomes our duty to transform this “neurotic world into a world full of serenity”. Richard goes on: “I used to wonder why the Church repeats the Lord’s prayer so often….We have to see that his will is done on earth. We have to provide the hungry with the bread of life. We have to forgive. It is I, and you, who must deliver the world from evil.”

RELIGIOUS LEADERS. In my Be Wise As Serpents book I document how the big denominations have all been co-opted by the World. One of the families who are part of the World’s elite, the Dulles family, gave us Allan Dulles (evil dir. of the CIA) and his brother John Foster Dulles, an International leader of the Protestants. I expose them and the org.s that they led in the book. On 18 MAR ’43, John Foster Dulles gave a talk “Six Pillars of Peace: Cement Unity Now With Organized World Collaboration”. I want to quote a paragraph from this religious leader’s speech:

“In 1940, the Federal Council of Churches voted to set up a Commission to study the bases of a just and durable peace. For over two years we have been at work. Until now we have primarily emphasized spiritual factors. We have urged upon the churches that they inculcate in men the qualities that Christ taught. We have pointed out that Christ’s way was not to tell men what to do in relation to worldly matters, but to give them qualities of vision, of mind and of soul so that they would be enlightened and filled with a righteous faith. We have not sought, indeed we have opposed, the preaching from the pulpits of politics and economics. We have said to the churches, give us men and women possessed of Christian qualities, and then our citizenry can be counted on to take enlightened action.”

NOTE he says, “…Christ’s way was not to tell men what to do in relation to worldly matters…” FALSE. In other words, ignore the evil of the world.
NOTE this religious leader says, “We have not sought, indeed we have opposed, the preaching from the pulpits of politics and economics.” Let’s go back to the sugar production in Brazil that depended on slave labor. According to Dulles, we should not preach against that slave labor. Let’s go back to those suffering in Castro’s prisons & other Communist prisons…we should not preach against our brothers being incarcerated because they ran afoul of the politics of the communists. No, according to Dulles, one should not preach ethics and morality for real life situations and for your nation. So you see dear reader what the corrupt clergy who are Freemasons & secretly Illuminati want for you. Don’t say or do anything to upset the evil of the world. “Be a good little Christian and just go to church, and keep your mouth shut.”

But I tell you, like Richard told you, when God gives you the timing and the words, you need to confront evil. We have more to do, than warm pews! As Richard said: “It is I, and you, who must deliver the world from evil.” Because we are the Body of Christ to do God’s will.
BIBLE REFERENCES. (A) PRV 14:12 (B) PRV 12:15 (C) PRV 16:18 (D) MT 25:32,33,35b,36b,39b,40b


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