AS THE WORLD TURNS (update 28 FEB 2016)

This is a short update on what has been happening in the World. As my fb friends & followers may have been too busy to track these events, the goal of this post is to provide relevant news that may have been missed.

DANGERS FROM THE ENVIRONMENT. I have not mentioned the large Porter Ranch, CA (LA area) massive methane gas leak that has been going on for months until Feb. 14th, because I felt readers were likely already hearing about it. In case you haven’t… this natural gas well ruptured & spewed 97,100 metric tons of heat-trapping methane over 112 days (equivalent to the annual greenhouse gas emissions of over half a million cars), which is easily one of the biggest environmental disasters in Amer. history. Around 5,000 homes in the area had to evacuate. Noxious fumes were floating all over that area of California. And a small amount of methane continues to seep out of the ground—either from gases trapped in the soil, the wellhead, or an imperfect seal. What isn’t getting into the news are the over 420,000 dangerous “Brownfields”, which are toxic waste sites that have been created over the yrs. and exist abandoned, & untreated all over the nation. The EPA estimates that 1 in 4 Americans live within 3 miles of these highly contaminated Brownfields, & most Americans are unaware of them. I have been doing some indepth research into other environmental dangers, & Lord willing, will share my findings at some later date.

DANGERS FROM THE GLOBAL ECONOMY (& ELITE PROFITS). Things are barely holding together around the World, but don’t think that insiders are not making money anymore. Why do you think Trump is wanting to deal with America’s aging infrastructure?? Trump & other elite have heavily invested in Digital Infrastructure technology… when bridges are rebuilt & “modernized”, they will be loaded with tiny devices called MEMS, or Micro-Electro-Mechanical-Systems, which constantly read & record everything – such as how the bridge moves, tilts & sways under various conditions. In other words, MEMS create smart bridges. These MEMS communicate with each other & to other MEMS in the computer systems to detect patterns that suggest damage, and then in real time assess what needs to be done to correct the damage. This technology would have prevented some previous bridge disasters. The pt. is that new technologies across the board are in the process of being implemented, and these will make money for their investors. Another example is a new patented microbe development that will kill antibiotic resistant bugs. The largest pharma companies, incl. Astra Zeneca, Merck, & Novartis, have joined forces to distribute this drug to the 70 countries that need it the most, expecting to make big profits. Trump says, “We’re winning, winning, winning the country, and soon the country is going to start winning, winning, winning.” So when Trump talks about win-win situations with him as president, he also is thinking of the bottom dollar profits.

POLITICS. I have been asked if Trump is part of the elite. Yes, but he is not a politician. The politicians are working hard to prevent his election. Someone is going to be president—who do you prefer, a hireling politician or a businessman? Speaking about Trump & politics, Putin likes Trump. But the Chinese have mixed feelings towards him, because Trump says he will impose a 45% tariff on imported Chinese products.

But what if Trump were President Trump? Would he really do all the things he blusters about? Would he really on his first day say, “Keep those Mexicans & Muslims out! I want a strong wall built quickly.” Or would he end up being more practical & would have to work within the System? He is going to have to work within the System…one that has been dangerously compromised by the Obama regime. Flashy politics aside, he is going to have to govern…and make things work. With a new cold war & the escalation of nuclear weapons again, and tensions all over the globe this will be a juggling act at best.

Now back to Putin, who likes Trump. When Putin talked on the phone to Italy’s corrupt prime minister Silvio Berlusconi (now ex-PM, & worth $8.5 billion…he’s Italy’s media tycoon who I have exposed before), guess who was listening in? According to Snowden’s documents, the NSA. Well, no surprise here. Putin in 2014 said that the NATO countries (Western states) “prefer not to be guided by international law in their practical policies but by the rule of the gun… they act as they please…decid(ing) the destinies of the world, that only they can ever be right.” (Boy, he nailed the nail on the head there.) So Putin has been confronting the Western Powers—which he occasionally calls “the Illuminati”. His confrontation in Syria of Amer. has entered into a shaky peace…limited firing continues by all sides but it is quieter for the moment than for many past years. Russia complained yest. that Turkey fired large caliber artillery into the Syrian town of Tel Abyad, & other participants also complained about violations of the other parties. If the past is any predictor…such peace accords will be temporary.

INCREASING TENSIONS. So observers are wondering which hot spot will flame up and engulf the world in another WW 3? One area which I have commented on repeatedly is the South China Sea, an area of 1.4 million sq. miles that lays across 1/3 of the world’s shipping & possibly 17 billion tons of oil & enough natural gas to keep China supplied for 400 yrs. (at the 2011 consumption rate). Seven nations lay claims to the area—Red China has the military muscle to keep seizing the area. Both China & Vietnam have auctioned off the rights to different oil companies to drill underwater for oil for the same territories!

FINAL THOUGHTS. Our economy continues to muddle through. The World continues its script of chaos and wars & rumors of wars. The elite (& savvy investors) continue to make money. New inventions are in the pipeline to improve life—meanwhile, us common people need to watch out for all the toxins around us. The program of population reduction is alive & well. Have a blessed day in Christ, and realize the World will be the World. It’s always been that way.


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