This post is exposing a number of important life threatening issues that the World is covering up. It builds upon a host of my previous articles. A number of non-Christians have noted that a large percentage of those people exposing the NWO are Christians. This is true, because sincere followers of Christ and those who value God’s words at DT 30:19 about choosing life over death will expose the ways & acts of Satan’s kingdom of death, while their counterparts in the World deny such a Kingdom exists! Those in the World will adore skulls & snakes, vampires & monsters, war & destruction and all kinds of things of death, while in denial that the World has a fascination with death. The World is truly a Kingdom of death, physically & spiritually.

THE ELITE GLOAT. The elite have gloated to me that their agenda for population reduction won’t be stopped, and those who die, deserve to die. If we comprehend their agenda & their attitudes, we realize that their controlled mass media is not going to expose the tools & plans they are using to genocide us. No, it remains for a servant of God, like myself, who follows Christ…Christ, who is the way, the truth and the life…it remains for someone who follows the person who gives life, to expose what is happening. One day these gloating goats will be separated at the judgment.

LYME DISEASE COVERUP. One of the major tools of death of the elite, which is now far surpassing the AIDS they created, is Lyme disease. Because the means that it gets transmitted are being covered up, this disease may end up infecting most of the east coast’s inhabitants. It is no surprise that the tests for Lyme disease are highly defective. As those of us who have watched things for decades could easily predict…the origin of the disease is shrouded, the methods by which it spreads are being covered up, and the existence of its epidemic proportions & chronic nature violently suppressed. Doctors who try to treat Lyme disease as a chronic problem frequently lose their medical license, like Dr. Joseph Jemsek of NC, who had his license pulled by the NC Med. Board for giving antibiotics to a chronic Lyme patient. The extent of the epidemic is not being correctly portrayed…and many of the Lyme cases are being given other labels such as: Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Crohn’s disease, Alzheimers, Lupus, etc. The name given the disease is from the town Old Lyme, Conn. which is where the disease was first seen. Old Lyme is directly across the water from the notorious secret govt. Lab 257 on Plum Island, which I exposed in an 7/8/2014 article on East Hampton. Dr. Erick Traub, a Nazi germ specialist, was one of the founding fathers of the biowarfare lab, which spread the Borrelia burgdorferi bacteria they created into the neighboring town of Old Lyme. I would assume they were just following orders to spread it into the American population. And now the means to stop it are being suppressed.

METHODS THE DISEASE SPREADS BY. The official narrative is that it is only spread by ticks…but this narrative is so obviously bogus as ticks don’t account for its widespread nature…and the findings of identical strains of the B. burgdorferi bacteria in married couples strongly indicates the bacteria is transmitted sexually just like its cousin which causes syphilis. People I know who are getting it are pet lovers, and some of these people are in strong denial that their pet could give them something so horrible…but let’s face it…pets are tick magnets. And the ticks are often too small to spot. Even a bite or scratch from a contaminated pet has been identified as spreading the disease. Mosquitoes have been identified as passing on the disease. The bacteria can live in urine, and contaminated urine has been identified as spreading it to rodents. The insurance companies (controlled by the elite) are against the facts being known, because the true nature of the chronic nature of the disease and its epidemic proportions would seriously hurt them financially.

WAR & RUMORS OF WAR. The Kingdom of death loves to start wars… and to do so, they must manipulate both sides. It is standard practice to lie about the causes of a war. And both sides lie to their citizens. So once again we see a similar situation with North Korea. I am personally no fan of North Korea, but I can also detect the propaganda that is being spewed in the American media to make us think that North Korea is the aggressor. Likewise, in North Korea (the DPRK), the controlled press is making the people think that the USA is the aggressor who hates freedom. The US intelligence put up a fake North Korean government website, to mislead people about what North Korea is saying & doing. How many countless wars in history have been created by lying to people what was happening.

DESTRUCTION OF OUR FOOD, WATER & AIR. A friend of mine, Ed Nilson, has been writing letters to the mainstream media trying to get someone to notice that agribusiness is just indiscriminately spraying toxic spray over the countryside landscape. Further, GMOs are being hid in things labeled “made without GMOs” and “natural”.

CURSES & JUDGMENTS UPON THE LAND. The land is gathering divine curses, and some of these natural disasters are not going to be nice. Under Mt. Ranier, Mt. Adams, & Mt. St. Helens, they just detected a large volume of hot undergroun lava in a 684 mile arc. under the Cascade mountains. The molten magma is at least 12,800 in size…and is thought to be 2.6 times the volume of Lake Michigan (one of the Great Lakes).

FINAL THOUGHTS. It would be worthwhile to do some follow up articles, for instance, to research and expose the conspiracy by insurance companies to suppress the facts about Lyme disease…. Have a great day…hopefully this article has inspired you to inspire life and the love of life into others. Be blessed my friend.


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