SPIRITUAL DELIGHTS: A short message. 13 AUG 2017

Spiritual delights come from virtue. One of the spiritual delights of life are the assurances the Holy Spirit gives to us…the full assurance of our hope in Christ (A), the full assurance of our faith (B) and a full assurance of understanding on the treasures of wisdom (C). The Word declares that we are “saved by hope”(D), and hope is not something seen; so some people inaccurately assume we cannot know that we are right with God and that we can’t know we are “saved”, but the Word tells us that the Spirit will give us assurances that we can depend upon. That peace we feel when we are right with God is such a spiritual delight. The person of God is in awe and love with his Creator. He recognizes that God’s thoughts, attitude, and will are in His law. God being perfect, His law is also perfect.(E) Because of our love for God, we delight in the law of YHWH. We find this thought repeated in the Word: “…his delight is in the law of YHWH” (F) It’s comforting to know how to please our Creator. I “delight to do thy will, O my God.” (G) When we delight ourselves in the Lord, He in turn gives us the desires of our hearts.(H) So there are great spiritual blessings from being right with God.

THE PEACE OF GOD. For starters, most of us know how disconcerting it is to walk in darkness, and Christ tells us that those who follow him shall not walk in darkness.(I) We don’t have to stumble in the darkness with spiritually blind hearts. The Word of God rescues us from a cacophony of a confusing diversity of opinions. The Word of God provides us time tested ancient wisdom. Meanwhile the carnal man & the proud man stumble around easily confused by lusts & angers, and lacking the peace that comes from God. As it is written, a fool has no delight in understanding.(J) They’d rather have the “freedom” to stumble around in the dark…”I did it my way!”, they proudly proclaim. Meanwhile, the testimonies on life that God provides are a delight to the believer.(K)

Life has its challenges, and when we let the enemy into our lives & minds, the havoc that is caused is far greater than if we don’t let the demonic through the portals of our minds & lives. There is a certain delight in gaining victory over something (that lurks to hurt us), because we did not let it enter our lives. The Kingdom of God is within us, said Messiah…so that Kingdom of Joy & Peace within us is vulnerable to chaos if we don’t protect it. The inner life has the potential to be rich & joyful…a spiritual delight…a realized millenialism. The question is this, do we know how to maintain that beautiful inner life with Christ, or do we allow the enemy to come in & destroy that peace & joy?? So many start their walk with Christ full of spiritual delight, and then allow the enemy to steal it away. Let us keep our hearts pure, that we may continue to see that wonderful Kingdom of Christ’s. May you keep the peace of God in control of your life my friend, and may you delight in His ways. We have so much to be thankful for, amen!

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