I have just returned to North Las Vegas from a 34 day trip covering 4 states (NV, OR, WA, CA) and including visits with over 14 people (Dora & Mike, Mike & Carol, James Whisler, James Calhoun, Mitch Obeid, Lou Lewis, Tim Titrud, Dan Farah, George S., Kirk S., Carl B., Dawn, Greg & others). The trip was a working trip to retrieve & store my belongings, but the trip also included accomplishing some personal goals and fun activities. God provided for the trip in amazing ways, & I was thankful for all the many blessings that were divinely poured out.

DIFFICULTIES. Those who have seen my limited news this last month, realize that my 2002 Subaru was destroyed by Dolores. Because of resources, & needing to return to North Las Vegas, I did not pursue following up on retrieving the remains of the car with a county sheriff. I was able to personally view the remains, but not retrieve them which would have taken a sheriff. In the first leg of the trip, due to the heat near Death Valley on Hwy 95, near Scotty’s Junction, one of my 2004 Subaru’s radial tires blew to shreds. On the return leg, north of Bishop, CA, while travelling at night headed towards Death Valley, my Subaru was faced with two deer in column…the first was missed…the second, a large Mule Deer buck with antlers smashed into the front and flew over the hood. Thanks to the strength of the Subaru, the car was amazingly still drivable, even though the radiator leaked at the top. Most cars would have been totaled & undrivable. That stretch of highway is notorious for deer hitting cars. So the region surrounding Death Valley gave me problems both coming & going! We count it all joy when we come into various trials. Thank you Lord for everything, the good & the bad, of this trip.

FUN. It was great to see all my friends. The scenic places that were enjoyed included Silver Creek Falls, Yosemite National Park, the Portland Rose gardens, and the Molalla River. It was fun to return to both Portland’s Powell’s Book store (the largest in Western USA), and Corning, CA’s Olive Pit store, which is an amazing store specializing in olives. In Nevada, Tonopah’s Museum was interesting; for instance, I saw a wicker basket that they used to haul bodies to the mortuary, & a 3-D map of the complex maze-like mine layout underground in the area. I will accompany this short update with a few pictures. Have a blessed day my friend.

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