This is a short article discussing trauma based mind control triggers. Over the years in my books, I have given perhaps over 100 pages of codes & triggers…and most are still in use. I continue to receive communication from various nations about the codes/triggers that various victims of t.b.m.c. are dealing with. I am just taking a few minutes to share some of these…this is rather a random sampling as I get overwhelmed with communications and tasks to do. Basically when we are dealing with codes…they follow the basic programming scripts, and the basic styles of setting up a system. One can get a feel for these from my “Illuminati Formula Used to Create….” book and its sequel Deeper Insights, both of which are available at basic concept is that anything, and I stress anything, can be used by the programmer. The programmers will take ordinary things that the victim will be around and turn them into reinforcing the programming…so life itself reinforces the mind control programming. For instance, each puff on a cigarette is to remind the slave of the master and his benevolence and godhood.

ITALY. From Italy, I was told that the slave was being given a made up word “radiolinea” in the code sentence: “IO vado in linea una radiolinea.” I was asked how to de-activate the meaning of the code word radiolinea. I replied, “The significance of what the code words do has been hypnotically placed into the subconscious mind by the programmer–if you know hypnosis and want to reframe it to have another meaning then go for it…just realize that it may trigger some defensive programming.”

U.K. From the U.K., one of the survivors discussed how her programmer mentioned the Queen of Hearts card (which is Alice In Wonderland programming), and thereby activated the memory from childhood of ice bath tortures. Asked how to stop it, I replied: “You have a dissociated part (alter perhaps) that carries the memory of a cold torture, which woke up and is behind you (the front alter) in the conscious mind–tell the small child alter (or part) in your mind that it has done a good job, and it can stand down and return to where in was in the mind.” In response, the child alter wanted a treat. Unfortunately, the Alice In Wonderland programming is still intact.

FROM CANADA. In this case, the survivor gave a lengthy history of his use under mind control, along with some of the more common code triggers. He was dealing with the common Wizard of Oz script codes…for instance: “lion” triggered thoughts of having no heart or balls. “Scarecrow” triggered thinking he had no brains & could only function by following the “yellow brick road” (programming script). “Tin Man” triggered the survivor feeling empty unless he followed orders. Ordinary brands of food…Domino’s and Wonder Bread were turned into triggers. Anything assoc. with Dominos Pizza like their ads or trucks made the survivor want to follow the programmer, so that internal dominos would not fall and the slave wound not end up with nothing. The Wonder Bread brand would make him wonder what success would or wouldn’t happen if he did not follow the programming. Seeing butterflies, for instance, butterfly tattoos, would cause him to think that happiness is allowing the programmer to transform your mind. Elastic would be shown the survivor by people wearing it, in order to prepare his mind for torture. The elastic was a visual reminder that torture is like the mind being stretched. Seeing a man in camouflage reminded him that to be a man’s man, he needed to endure torture. Seeing coin change reminded him that if he did not allow the programmer to change him, he would be a bum begging for change. Ketchup (meaning “catch up”) would trigger the idea that a program was running out. (The programmers, by the way, love to make these idiotic plays on words with double meanings.) “Coca-cola” meant to follow the formula (i.e. the yellow brick road) and to remember to keep (like the Coca Cola company does) the formula locked up (locked in the survivor’s mind). His formula incl. various things to enhance the mind control incl. not sleeping much and not contacting unapproved people. Tennis balls were used to help this formula of enslavement; each time he saw a tennis ball it subconsciously drove him to overwork to keep him exhausted. These are common tactics to keep the slave’s mind tired and easy to control.

FINAL THOUGHTS. This has been another glimpse at the programming codes for the trauma-based mind control which has spread worldwide. You see how the use the items of everyday life to lock the mind controlled slave into the programming. I continue to get almost daily requests for references on who can help. There is very little help out there…and the situation does not seem to be improving. Lord have mercy.


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