This is a brief analysis of current major events. Trump continues to polarize Americans…some pray daily for him believing he is doing a great job and is God’s man for the hour, and others curse him daily believing he will destroy America. In 1987, Trump came out with an unguarded look at how he thinks and acts in his book The Art of a Deal (Ballantine Books: NYC, 1987). As Hitler revealed his thoughts & plans in Mein Kampf, and as others have also revealed their philosophies of life in books, so Trump has revealed what we could expect from him as president. Trump states on page 50, “I protect myself by being flexible.” Those who thought Trump would rigidly stick to a single plan don’t know the man. But get this, he intends to deliver: “Deliver the goods….if you don’t deliver the goods, people will eventually catch on.”(p.60) Trump said he would make America great again, and he intends to deliver, even if that means surrounding himself with Goldman Sachs men & neo-con generals.

THINK BIG- DEAL & LEVERAGE. Trump declares that if he does something, he wants it to be worth the effort–he aims high.(p. 45-47) “The best thing you can do is deal from strength and leverage is the biggest strength you have.” So Trump declares he is going to rip NAFTA apart. Rather than lose NAFTA altogether, Trudeau of Canada has asked to re-negotiate NAFTA with Trump; and Trump, being flexible, will agree. This is pure Trump at deal making. Trump says, “…you have to convince the other guy it’s in his interest to make the deal.” So Trump has convinced China to work with him on North Korea, and Canada to re-negotiate NAFTA. And Trump is doing this to get better deals for America. This is what Trump does best. He loves making deals: “That’s how I get my kicks.”(p.1) Does this mean he will rigidly stick to one path for what he wants? absolutely not. He will go down all kinds of paths, all the time seeking as many alternatives as he can to reach the best deals he can get. So overall, he will win…but for the true-ist, who can’t understand the twists and turns, it may get difficult to decide just where he is going in the short term…because he thinks in the here & now, not the past, and he believes in flexibility.

THE ELITE’S PLANS. Some of you may remember that Rumsfeld years ago signed a “5-year-7-nation-war” plan which was mostly implemented under Obama, with Libya & Syria as targets. Iran & North Korea were on the list. We are back to implementing the plan. Just exactly how it will all play out with Trump is a good question, but it seems to me that Trump (& his nationalist backers) are going to implement the plans of the globalists….it seems when it comes to keeping our military-industrial complex making profits the globalists & nationalists are on the same page. But the elite are somewhat shaken at the enormous opposition to them that is growing worldwide. The Internet has played a role that was really not anticipated in giving the alternative media a platform to challenge their information control. Will the globalists manage to speed up getting people microchipped and mind controlled before their matrix unravels??? They are speeding things up in the hopes they can still carry out their plans, and they are wanting to speed up their plans for a global digital currency. That being the case, they need to create some kind of global war or global cold war. Stay tuned to current events to see what they manage to pull off!


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