The purpose of this short article is to expose my readers to 2 more secret societies…neither of which was mentioned in my Bloodlines of the Illuminati book or my Be Wise As Serpents, and it was only in recent years that I became aware of them. Le Cercle is an Illuminati creation, and the Great Enlightened Society of Oculists (not occultists–but oculists–the old term for optometrist) is possibly a subset of Illuminati philosophers who saw themselves as the gatekeepers of enlightenment.

LE CERCLE (the Circle), a Foreign Affair Group founded in 1953 by a French intelligence agent, Antoine Pinay, & Konrad Adenauer, & most likely secret backers. The group is very similar to the Bilderberg group, which was founded about the same time. Like the Bilderberg group, their members are key people from a number of countries and incl. Illuminati members, and intelligence agents of MI6, the CIA, the Broederbond of So. Africa, and French intelligence. They meet in a variety of nations such as Bonn, Ger., Wash. D.C., Morocco. I found it interesting that the chief editor of Reader’s Digest John Sarron was a member. I also found it interesting that the Circle’s current chairman is Norman Lamont, British Chancellor of the Exchequer. The Circle has been linked to a number of assassinations. This is an Illuminati think tank very similar to the Bilderberg group, which has gotten more attention. The Circle meets at least twice a year, while the Bilderberg group as a whole only meets only once annually.

THE GREAT ENLIGHTENED SOCIETY OF OCULISTS. Years ago, someone brought this secret society to my attention. It is obvious they considered themselves philosophers who were superior to the Freemasons, and who had Freemasonry’s secrets and more. Part of their esoteric knowledge was based on Kabala. This sounds very much like the Illuminati themselves, so perhaps this was merely a branch or division of it. The group worked out of Germany and it came to light via a secret document in a sealed trunk opened in the 20th century and recently decoded by computer. The trunk had belonged to one of its leaders: Count (Graf) Friedrich August von Veltheim (1709-1775), whose family castle is Harbke Castle. The group used the All-Seeing-Eye as their logo and build their rituals around the eye as the instrument of perceptions. This type of thinking…that the eye can be used to manipulate the brain is found in the movie “Videodrome”. I think it is also noteworthy in a article about speculative oculists that the inventor of eyeglasses was Benjamin Franklin, one of the highest ranking Freemasons of his day.

FINAL THOUGHT. As I have repeatedly taught during the last 3 decades, in order to operate in the World, the Illuminati create secret societies from which they create semi-secret societies, which can then operate via regular organizations. Exposing the whole affair is like pealing back an onion layer by layer.


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