BAAL HERMON (A): Gate of the Fallen Angels & Satan’s Portal. (18 SEPT 2016)

This is a continuation of a series of articles, beginning a year ago (9/15/2015) on portals. This is a discussion to help us understand the duplicity involved with the return of the “gods” of the Great Deception. For those well acquainted with the subject, parts of it will be review. It’s interesting that the Book of Enoch, which discusses so much about the Watchers (fallen angels) & nephalim, says at the book’s start that it was written for a remote future generation of people who would go through the great tribulation. So why would that generation need its info??…because the end times are to be like the Days of Noah when the “gods” walked among mankind. Those “gods” are to be unleashed upon humanity. (And like the movie Alien vs. Predator, we are looking at some destructive critters.) The Watchers ruled as some of the pharaohs, kings, emperors, priests, shamen, tuitongas, manitous, gods & goddesses. They were known as different things, incl. the titans, Cyclops, pans, gods, goddesses, and fawns of Greek & Roman mythology. They had supernatural strength, psychic powers, & frequently sported six fingers & six toes.

DOORWAYS TO OTHER REALITIES. There are numerous occult techniques for accessing some other type of reality–most of these are simply altered states of consciousness, brought on through drugs, magic, meditation, & ways to alter consciousness incl. pain. They use sorcery to get “gods” to inhabit their body. Along this line, these same multitude of techniques are also used in caves & tunnels…because it has long been believed that caves, tunnels, and holes function as portals for spirits & gods.(B) In fact, the ancient philosopher Porphyry (c. 234-305 AD) from Tyre, reported that prior to the advent of pagan temples, that rituals & rites took place in caves. The Elysian mysteries and the Mithras mysteries both used caves for their mystery religions, & later when they started building temples would build tunnels if a temple site was not built over a cave or tunnel. Caves & tunnels also were used in other pagan areas for worship, such as India, China, & So. America & SW USA. Hindu holy spots which were caves & tunnels would have their entrances painted red to represent the vagina (yoni) of the Great Mother. The Hopis & Apaches have interesting prophecies about their portals.

BRIEF REVIEW OF SCRIPTURAL SITES FOR EVIL ANGELS/SPIRITS. The pit of the abyss(C) & Tartarus (D) are named as prison sites for evil angels & spirits, who will be released in end times. Four evil powerful angels are bound in the great river Euphrates (REV 9:14) whose release begins a great destruction. They were likely part of the group of evil principalities that EPH 6:12 refers to. Scripture refers to 2 military orders of fallen angels–the order of the earth, and those of the air. The former is mixed in with humanity—as the Vatican has said, the aliens are already among us. The latter have powers over the spirits. Satan’s power is even felt by those who are still bound, as the word says these have a king over them named Abaddon (or in Greek Apollyon) meaning “destroyer”.(E)

MT. HERMON (“har chermon”), meaning “secluded or forbidden mountain”, is a 5 mi.x20 mi. mountain on the north border of the Holy Land. In short, Mt. Hermon was where the fallen angels had a portal to come to earth.(F) This is where the gods of the ancients came from, and why it was the highest holiest highplace for the pagans in the area. The mountain is mentioned 520x in the Bible. Interestingly, look at it geographically!…near to the west is Sidon & Tyre (both high pagan centers of evil mentioned in the Hebrew Scriptures). Both the Kings of Tyre & Babylon–as evil angelic beings?– are imprisoned in Sheol.(G) Just to the east is Damascus, a city important to the occult world. Temples to Baal were built in the area. At the foot of Mt. Hermon is the city of Dan, where the tribe of Dan (prophesied to be one of the Anti Christ’s bloodline) placed themselves. They were near the temple (pantheon) and pools at Caesarea Philippi (aka Panaas, Banias, Banyas–meaning city of Pan). This ancient worship area was built directly in front of the portal caves at Mt. Harmon. The temple name itself…”pantheon”=pan gods. Pan, whose goatlike appearance at birth frightened his mother, was the son of Hermes. It was at this temple to Pan directly in front of the portals of hades, where Christ told his disciples that the “Gates of Hades” would not prevail against his church. Hermes was the messenger of the gods who would go between dimensions, and would also escort (according to myth) the souls of people to Hades. In 1666, the French King Louis set up an observatory which created latitudes, establishing Paris as 0 degrees and Mt. Hermon as 33 degrees. The Zohar claims that Mt. Hermon was where angels taught magic to mankind.

NEPHALIM AT MT. HERMON. When the Israelites came into the Holy Land it was full of hybrid humans, whose DNA had been tainted with fallen angelic “DNA”. In JOS 12:4-6, we read how the incoming Israelites killed the nephalim giants. King Og, one of the last Nephalim, was ruling the Mt. Hermon area at this time.(H) His large iron bed was preserved as a relic.(I) The Bible describes the gods of these people in the area: “Their gods are gods of the hills, and so they were stronger than we;…” (J)

OTHER MOUNTAINS WITH PORTALS. Mt. Zion at Jerusalem was well-known as an angelic portal. Since good angels came to Mt. Sinai, the pagans under Nephalim had started calling Mt. Hermon the name “Mt. Sion”.(K) That is just like Satan’s kingdom, they steal and co-opt what is holy. Mt. Sinai functioned as a portal for Moses and YHWH to meet, and is believed by some to be Bashan. I am reminded of a Palestinian novel about Bab al-Shems (Gate of the Sun), which takes place in Palestine. The Bahai’s “Christ” (false Christ) that fulfilled Freemason William Miller’s prophecy that Christ would return in 1844 is called The Bab, meaning the Gate or the Way.

FINAL THOUGHTS. Back in 1991, I learned that fierce Nephalim were the enforcers at high level Illuminati rituals. It stands to reason, as the hierarchy is externalized and the portals are opened, that the Nephalim will take on a public role of being enforcers. Things may get a lot worse before they get better. I will attach below the link to Tim Alberino and I discussing various topic involving portals and the Nephalim in our recent 2 hr. discussion that is now a you tube video. There have been a constant stream of govt. people leaking that we will soon have contact, or have been having contact with aliens. They are definitely prepping the stage for when there is a public grand entrance.(L)

(A) JUDGES 3:3 (B) MacDonald, George et al., “Mirrors, Portals, and Multiple Realities”, 1989. (C) REV 9:1 (D) Tartarus is mentioned at 2 PTR 2:4 (E) REV 9:11 (F) written in ancient documents & believed by the ancients in the area…2 of the fallen angels were Uzza & Azazel (G) “King of Tyre” at EZK 28:8, & the “King of Babylon” at ISA 14:15 are taken to the extremities of Sheol’s pit. (H) DT 3:1,8,10 & NUM 21:23-24 (I)DT 3:11 (J) 1 KGS 20:23 (K) DT 4:47,48 (L) Just 2 examples are NASA’s chief scientist in 4/’15 and Canada’s Minister of Defense in 5/2013 saying that the govt.s know of 80 species of aliens and are working with 4 of them.


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