If you rob a bank of thousands you go to Federal prison. If you are a bankster & rob the people of millions, you get a fine. (More on this in a min.) The large banks control nations so it is no surprise that governments around the world expect them to be the underwriters of economic growth, the agent to help these governments borrow more money that they don’t have, and be the principals in capital markets. In the past, I have explained that the Illuminati/elite create these banks just like they did the British East India Company to feed their personal greed…they could care less about the corporation. They will kill the goose laying the golden egg, to get as much gold eggs as they can. They know that govt.’s (which they control) will coddle & protect them, and they can create a new corporation if they bleed the old one to death. White crime does pay. Law enforcement is busy making sure the homeless are chased around from one hovel to another.

WELLS FARGO. Recently, a large Wells Fargo scandal was uncovered. (The scandalous behavior had gone on for years, was widespread in the bank, and known to upper management.) Thousands of Wells Fargo employees, mostly managers, were involved in this criminal fraud. Now taste in banks is rather personal. I’ve tried quite a few and in spite of its popularity, I personally did not like Wells Fargo. Been there, done it, & didn’t care for it. When the Illuminati hierarchy told me it was one of their banks, I thought to myself, “No wonder I didn’t like the bank.” Wells Fargo had the highest average of services per customer (6.15) of any bank. Now we know why…Wells Fargo managers/employees have been doing identity theft on their customers… they created 2 million unauthorized bogus accounts in the names of their customers. In order for the customers not to realize it all, they had to make up physical & email addresses so the statements would not reach the customers. They made up telephone numbers, stole customer data, and forged signatures to open new accounts. 1.5 out of the 2 million accounts were deposit accounts, and 115,000 were providing fees for Wells Fargo helping it out with its cash flow.

GETTING CAUGHT (kindof). The Consumer Credit Financial Protection Bureau which investigated said the unauthorized accounts were opened between May, 2011 to July, 2015. They fined Wells Fargo $100 million. But think this through people, they are creating 33,000 bogus accounts every month, and it takes over 5 years to discover something is wrong! Was someone looking the other way or what?! Can you see the total lack of genuine oversight that banks are under. Because of the scandal Wells Fargo has fired 5,300 employees incl. over 500 managers, and their CEO John Strumpf is to appear before the Senate Banking Committee any moment now. However, what’s ironic, is the architect of all this, Carrie Tolstedt, retired before the stuff hit the fan with the all kinds of bonuses: $124.5 million is Wells Fargo shares & perks, $7.3 million cash bonus, on top of her $1.7 million/yr. salary. Yes, under her leadership they were able to do identity theft on millions of customers & make money off them, something Wells Fargo really can be proud of. I can agree with Wells Fargo’s CEO sendoff praise that she was “the standard bearer of our [W.F.’s] culture”, but I have to laugh that he called her “a champion of our customers, and a role model…” The trickle down effect of her “role model” is going to help sink the global economy, and just got thousands of go-with-the-pressure managers fired.

SICKNESS OF THE GIANT BANKS. Lest I leave the false impression, Wells Fargo is the only misbehaving bank…it isn’t. During the 2008 financial crisis, the majority of big U.S. & European banks were technically insolvent at that time. So govt.s have bailed them out with large infusions of cash…and they are all still basically insolvent. Deutsche Bank was ruled insolvent years ago…and for some bizarre reason was not closed…it was just allowed to keep going. Many times, when banks fail, other nearly as bad banks then buy them up. For example, with the Dutch bank ABN-AMRO…half of it went to the Royal Bank of Scotland. And then the British govt. had to take over the Royal Bank of Scotland on 13 OCT 2008, as these kinds of banks are considered too big to fail or jail. They either are absorbed by other banks, given bailouts, or taken over by some govt. The bottom line is that the big banks are in trouble, and their major role in the economy of the globe means therefore the global economy is in trouble…not to mention other problems that are causing economic problems globally, & a U.S. president trying to figure out a way to get us into a war. He keeps provoking Putin, but Putin is too clever to do a knee jerk reaction. I wish Obama would leave Putin alone, but he is going to continue to play the script he’s been given. The central banks that run national economies and manipulate money flow & interest rates are really the biggest enemies of regular for profit banks…at any rate, the entire rigged system is a massive occult trick that magically creates wealth for the elite. Fractional banking allows banks along with governments to invent money, and even then both are insolvent! Enough said.

FINAL THOUGHTS FROM THE HORSE’S MOUTH…Baron Josiah Charles Stamp, a big banker said, “Banking was conceived in iniquity and born in sin.” Thomas Jefferson, himself an Illuminati member said, “I sincerely believe… that banking establishments are more dangerous than standing armies.” Yeah, buddy!! There will be no banks in heaven! And no Federal Reserve Notes!


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