A FEW GOOD MEN & WOMEN: the powerful leverage good intelligence makes. (17 SEPT 2016)

Over the last 3 decades I have endeavored to bring excellent intel & info to the Body of Christ & the Awake community. Some of the issues I had the privilege to expose had been centuries old secrets. On the flip side, I have often had to endure watching double-agents muddy the waters, and create divisions & confusion. So it occurred to me that it would be worthwhile to emphasize the importance of a few people like myself—and there are some very important whistle blowers, whose importance can not be overemphasized. For instance, Assange & Wikileaks are doing incredible things for freedom, even though I don’t write much on them. I am sad that his persecution goes on…today there was a Wall St. Journal story, which I will quote later, showing some of the legal persecution he is currently facing.

THE POWER OF INTELLIGENCE. I am going to give two examples from history how a few spies made the decisive difference compared to the great body of people who were involved in a particular military event. This helps explain why the U.S. military believes that information is the key to military power & victory…and both the U.S. military and the New World Order elite have incredible information & disinformation systems. This is why a few people like Assange & myself are so critical in this day & end times age. No exaggeration.

THE AMERICAN REVOLUTION. Around 250,000 Americans served in the USA’s first military during the American Revolution. They fought around 160 battles with King George’s British army & navy, and suffered about 10,500 casualties. It was a long war, & was only won because France (& then Spain) came in on America’s side. There were several key moments where failure on the American side would have doomed their revolution. The American military was successful in a number of those key moments because of a small 6 person (5 men-1 woman) spy ring in NYC, which was able to send intel to Gen. Washington. NYC was the main HQ for the British military during the Revolution. The spy ring was able to warn Washington that the French fleet bringing French reinforcements was to be ambushed. Washington was able to prevent the ambush. The ring prevented at the last min. the betrayal of Fort West Point, a key pt. in the American’s defense by an American traitor, who was Gen. Benedict Arnold. Because of their intel, the head of British intelligence, Major Andre was captured. They also provided Washington with British war plans at Yorktown, allowing French & American forces to capture the large British army at Yorktown, effectively bringing the fighting to an end. Only 6 civilian spies saved America…and did far more for the cause than large standing armies!!

OPERATION OVERLORD: this was the name of the large Normandy landings on June 6, ’44 that are typically called D-Day. (Saving Private Ryan depicts this battle.) About 156,000 Allied troops took part, with about 5,000 warships, and 10,000 warplanes. I’ve looked at the orders for the attack and it is like a volume from an encyclopedia. The amount & quality of the planning is mind boggling. There were over 10,000 Allied casualties in the battle to win the beaches…(which by coincidence matches all the casualties during the American Revolution). You might think the Germans were afraid of being attacked by the Allies. On the contrary, they wanted it to happen as they were convinced they had the forces to defeat it. And they did have the forces. They had 10 armored (panzer) divisions that would have been unstoppable for paratroops and men deploying from landing craft. To insure that the Germans did NOT deploy their troops, a large deception plan called Operation Bodyguard was put into place, which also used agents in the Double cross system they had developed. In the event, on the first day of the invasion, only the 21st Panzer Division counterattacked the invasion forces (and had moderate success). Had the Germans not been deceived on the date & location of the invasion…there is no doubt in my mind the invasion would have failed. When you see what only 1 armored division did—while 9 sat by undeployed away from where the action was happening, one sees what would have happened the first day if all the Allied deceptions had not worked. Intelligence work can provide great rewards.

THE SYSTEM ATTACKS. How well I remember the lies that have been used against me…horrendous lies…and if there had been any truth, even a sliver, they would have prosecuted me…but the allegations were baseless, so they smear a person by yellow journalism. I see them doing that to Assange, trying to wear him down. Here is what happened today. The following is a quote from the Wall St. Journal: “STOCKHOLM—A Swedish appeals court ruled Friday that a request by Swedish prosecutors to detain WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange on suspicion of rape should remain in force, dealing a blow to Mr. Assange’s defense team’s long-running efforts to get the case against him dropped. Mr. Assange, 45, is wanted for questioning over an allegation that he raped a woman during a visit to Sweden in 2010. He hasn’t been charged and has denied the allegation.” “Hasn’t been charged” says it all. Now if he were Hillary Clinton, loved & coddled by the World, it would be a different story.

GLENN GREEWORD TALKS ON HIS BIGGEST STORY: “Every time I do an interview people ask similar questions, such as “What is the most significant story that you have revealed?” …There really is only one overarching point that all of these stories have revealed, and that is–and I say this without the slightest bit of hyperbole or melodrama; it’s not metaphorical and it’s not figurative; it is literally true–that the goal of the NSA and it’s five eyes partners in the English speaking world–Canada, New Zealand, Australia and especially the UK–is to eliminate privacy globally, to ensure that there could be no human communications that occur electronically, that evades their surveillance net; they want to make sure that all forms of human communications by telephone or by Internet, and all online activities are collected, monitored, stored and analyzed by that agency and by their allies. That means, to describe that is to describe a ubiquitous surveillance state; you don’t need hyperbole to make that claim, and you do not need to believe me when I say that that’s their goal. Document after document within the archive that Edward Snowden provided us declare that to be their goal. They are obsessed with searching out any small little premise of the planet where some form of communications might take place without they being able to invade it.”

FINAL REMARKS. We are in a war for the survival of freedom & faith in Christ; having good intelligence gives us lots of leverage to deal with the powers of evil. It also helps when our side’s civilian lay intelligence force is also intelligent.


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