It’s been 23 years since I first began exposing their sophisticated total mind control. New programmed multiples like Sarah Palin have come onto the national scene. New m.c. techniques have been employed, & cell phone towers are ubiquitous & piggy backed for m.c. that was orig. researched as the Tower Program (aka Wedding Bells). My big “Illuminati Formula…” book & its 600 pg. sequel “Deeper Insights” are still available by visiting my website pentracks.com . Meanwhile I have been pleasantly surprised at how many people have continued the work of exposing this important subject. Even former astronaut Gordon Cooper publicly (on a radio show) talked about NASA using children for mind control. This post offers some more on the subject.

The U.S.A. as we know it is coming to its end…& the chaos that is planned to destroy it, will also destroy the elite’s own corporations as well as their infrastructure of control! So what’s up with that? There will be a hidden continuity of control (call it remote control) via mind controlled agents who have been trained for these kind of situations, & know how to organize & lead groups. Over the yrs. I have met some of these. They are scattered about & blend with the rest of us. I call all this activity Armageddon programming, but it is obvious to me that some m.c. agents will create chaos, while others are programmed & trained to lead people thru things. (Hegelian dialectics at its best.)

Mind-controlled slaves & drug running. David Hill, of the Bonanno Crime family provided me inside info, & was killed to silence him. Some of his info was in my Bloodlines of the Illuminati book in 1995. I exposed Billy Graham’s connection to the Bonanno family & to the Illuminati, two things that David intimately knew & which we discussed. I have known these things from other sources, but still it was great confirmation to have David discuss it. In western U.S.A., the Rothschild, Collins, Bonanno, & other elite families employ the Mexican mafia to do their grunt work at moving the drugs. The Illuminati also get assistance from the military & CIA. In Hawaii, the Li Illum. family uses local organized crime & gangsters to do the grunt work. (The go-between for the Li family gave me info to fill a yellow note pad, but a prison guard thru the notes away. But who needs names & locations when we simply want to know the way things work?) Mind-controlled slaves are active in so many capacities in the whole drug network, & in my investigating at times I was an eye-witness to how some of these things were being done secretly in public. I also watched dirty Federales and DEA agents, who assist the process. Expendable poor Mexican peasants are recruited to be decoys…they are given drugs to mule, but the authorities are tipped off so the expendables are a distraction; while they are being arrested, the real drug shipments go thru. The poor Mexicans will get well paid, & will get a few good years in an Amer. Federal prison, & they are happy. (While some Mexicans in Fed. prison sing because of their joy in Christ, some Mex. inmates are simply happy because life is better in prison than it was in Mexico. Other inmates, not so ecstatic about their situation dislike the singing.)

While I tried to be comprehensive in my books, I certainly missed some of the important programming centers. For example, in regards to the state of Maryland, my mind-control books exposed various m.c. centers: Baltimore, Bethesda, Camp David, Ft. George Meade (NSA), MD Psychiatric Research Ctr., Olney, & Suitland. But I missed an important hub north of Baltimore on the Chesapeake Bay, which consists of Edgewood Arsenal, Aberdeen Proving Grounds on the west coast, and across Bay, the U.S. Coast Guard Still Pond reservation area. The Edgewood Arsenal tested over 7,000 American soldiers w/out their consent over 25 yrs. in chemical & biological experiments. They also did a lot of m.c. research here. The soldiers were often damaged medically, not given follow-up care, told they could not talk about anything due to national security, & not given any compensation for their injuries. These test vets were given no.s—shades of conc. camps. Across the bay, under the jurisdiction of Homeland Security is a large secret area around the coast guard station located on an inlet that is used for training m.c. victims. The area is full of fake farms, etc. Which brings me to the point, a number of times m.c. places are built up areas on roads that appear at first to be dead-ends w/ nothing of consequence on them. So often they do the mind control behind the façade of something else, like using youth camps for training the victims of m.c.

As a final addition to this update, is a reminder that the mind control is connected to the occult & completely tampers with a person’s perception of time. I have spoken about the higher dimensions, and the ability to move in 4th dimension is called tesser. Time travel & remote viewing are connected to the mind-control programs. Whenever you hear govt. employees doing remote viewing & time travel, you can be assured some m.c. has been involved. There is an active program to identify true psychics as children & control & employ them for the benefit of the elite. Remote viewers believe that collectively they have been able to help the govt. The elite have certainly been diligent to try & control each of our abilities; but they don’t get everyone’s special abilities. For those of you who nobly picked up where I left off, (while I was away on my 8 yr. vacation) I extend a heartfelt “THANKS” to you.


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