This post is a review of some hidden history that readers may or may not be aware of, as a way to introduce the claims of a New Zealander that Mao Tse Tung was also an illegitimate Rothschild! (His claims & evidence were posted on Red Ice.)

The original wealth of the Mayer Amschel Rothschild came from the Landgrave of Hesse (the ruler of the German state of Hesse), & he received it from the British as payment for thousands of German troops sold to the Br. Empire to help fight the Amer. Revolution. The American colonies were the empire’s biggest military challenge, & while the no.s of troops seem small by today’s standards they were large for the British then. (They called these extra German troops Hessians, even though they came from other German states also.) The British in turn got the money for the troops from the Br. East India Co.’s scandalous profits from opium sales to addicts in China. Later, over the years the Rothschild’s est. their own reps in China, like the Belgium branch’s Emile Francqui (who worked w/ Hoover).

A New Zealander Greg Hallett (in Red Ice’s site & his own writings) provides evidence that Mao Tse Tung was an illegitimate Rothschild. He claims that an elderly Russian insider, who was ready to pass on, gave him lots of inside info before he died. Now you may wonder, why would Russia be savvy to the Rothschild’s? While I have not had the chance to verify Hallett’s ideas, I have known for a long time about the Rothschild’s & the Russian Revolution. The favorite color of the Rothschild’s (whose name means “red sign” in German was –you guessed it—red!) Before I became a Christian, I was very much into the Civil War, & was busy in 8th grade writing a history of the Amer. Civil War in the west….I shared some of this in chapt. 3.4 of the Be Wise As Serpents book. (I shelved the Civil War book project when I became a Christian.) The Rothschild’s wanted to divide the U.S., and England under Rothschild financial power & Queen Victoria were in favor of the South gaining their independence. The Russian Czar– (of the Romanov Illum. bloodline—one of my first Illum. programmed multiples I helped was a Romanov)– protected the U.S. during the Civil War…he moved his Pacific fleet to San Francisco & his Baltic one to NYC to prevent England, France & the C.S.A. from doing anything. Eustice Mullins wrote in the ‘80’s before me, & his books were helpful. When he spoke about the Czar’s fleet saving Amer.—something not taught in our schools– I knew it was true from my previous research. As Eustice Mullins has said, he saved the U.S. & the Rothschild’s were livid. That is one reason they chose to create the Revolution in Russia as revenge, & they took a lot of the Romanov wealth. So the USSR was very much a creature of the Rothschild’s. And Russia played a major role in the creation of Red China…and so did a number of foreign volunteers (Jews assoc. w/ the Rothschild’s). Some of you may already be aware of this, others may not.

Jakob Rosenfeld was remembered by a Red Chinese stamp; he was a general for Mao, and later a health minister for Manchuria. Israel Epstein was Mao’s Minister of Appropriations. And Sidney Shapiro was in charge of China’s propaganda. This helps explain why the financially most powerful Illuminati bloodline, the Rothschild’s, would pick Red China as their nation to financially build up while they destroy America. They have had power behind the scenes in Red China ever since Mao’s revolution, & of course the movers & shakers in Russia know this because they have been controlled by the Illum., esp. the Rothschild’s since the Russian Revolution. Hallett says that the Rothschild’s provided Mao w/ money to bankroll his Chinese revolution. This claim would make sense in light of how easy it has been for Red China’s leadership to cooperate with Rothschild financial fronts & agendas. Don’t forget it was Henry Kissinger who publicly brought Red China & the US together, which from the public’s vantage point (what we saw on TV) had table tennis matches involved in breaking down the barriers between the 2 nations. If that is the way it works, I suggest ping pong matches w/ Iran & No. Korea.

Last nite after I did my fb post Paul Jamieson asked me to do a show with David Sielaff on Oz radio. David also lives here in the Portland, OR area. The topic was Paganism in Christianity. His site is akelm with the dot com attached. The show was live, & I haven’t tracked down a link. We were busy grinding sacred cows into hamburger. David kept getting bumped off, but we persisted & completed a good hour of exposing apostasy.


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