Exposing the Apollo deception of going to the moon. This is an intro to the link to an excellent 3 ½ hr. video documentary exposing the Apollo lunar missions. It is well worth watching. I recommend it. Some of you may have already seen it, and some of you may not have time to watch it, & can get an idea of what it proves from this post. As I was watching it, I realized that exposing that the Apollo manned missions were faked is a better way to break people out of the Matrix than exposing JFK’s assassination & 9-11!! Why did it need to be faked?

PURPOSE BEHIND THE SPACE RACE. There were many purposes behind NASA & space exploration. Let’s discuss it from the view of the world’s controllers. Satellites & unmanned vehicles in near space are able to provide communications, spy capabilities, and other abilities for the elite to control this entire planet, for example, weather modification and instant global communication. Years ago, I had documented that the Russian & American governments were secretly working together. By creating a space race, the funding of enormously expensive space projects was justified. The concept of man going to the moon captures the romantic excitement of most everyone. Behind this banner issue, NASA was able to spend large sums of money, do mind control, and put in place a series of satellites that could be used to control humanity. This video (see the linked documentary) proves numerous problems with the official NASA Apollo story, incl. lots of evidence of faked photos, evidence that the spacecraft left the astronauts basically unprotected to lethal radiation (making it impossible that they could use it to go to the moon), and other signs that America did not send men to the moon.

FAKED MOON SHOTS. The supposed images sent back to earth by the Apollo missions are full of obvious evidence that they were faked. The shadows in many of the pictures show that they are inconsistent with one light source, and were obviously not created by the sun, but by large lights from some staged performance. The type of camera & film used designed by a Lundberg in Sweden is discussed. Some supposed photos taken of the earth thru the porthole of the Apollo are easily debunked. The method of how the video film views were created is broken down and explained. When the lunar rover drives across the “lunar terrain” it is obvious that the dust does not act like it would on the moon with its limited gravity. The American flags wave in the breeze.

IGNORING THE REALITY OF RADIATION. Two belts (the Van Allen Belt) of lethal radiation (full of gamma rays & x-rays, etc.) which begin at 272 miles out into space cover the globe. A third belt of radiation (orig. 100x more intense than the Van Allen belt) was created in the 1960’s when the U.S. exploded a megaton nuke in space under Operation Starfish Prime. The sun has an 11 yr. cycle of radiation that peaks every 11 yrs. It peaked in 1958 allowing the Van Allen belts to be detected easier…and then the Solar Particle Events peaked again in the 1969-70 period which was supposedly the time we were sending men to the moon. So NASA picked the very worst time, when space radiation is at its worst, to supposedly send the men to the moon. In the 1970’s, the Amish church I was a member of, did not believe astronauts had gone to the moon. They were the first I heard to question things, but since they are not into science, I felt their objections were merely allegations. In 1979, when I got to go the Air & Space museum in Wash. D.C. I looked at the Apollo craft & realized for myself that the astronauts were indeed unprotected from the radiation that they would have experienced going through the radiation belts & then on the lunar surface. That was when the lights began to go on in my head.

OTHER PROBLEMS. The video explains other problems with the official story & discusses whistle blowers. From the video I learned that Astronaut Irwin decided to come clean & confess the hoaxes, and then he and his wife died of heart attacks within 3 days of his decision. A geologist who wanted to expose the fake moon rocks also died. Supposedly we brought back 750 lbs. of moon rock, and this was supposed to be shared with the Russians, but little was. It is believed the little real moon rock was retrieved by unmanned vehicles, & that most of the moon rock was merely terrestrial rock that was altered (irradiated, etc.) to look a little different.


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