An analysis of Putin v. America. Putin is highly intelligent & aggressive. His goal is to maximize Russia’s borders & sphere of influence, and he believes he can do this “by spirit and boldness”. Putin is calculating & will move when he thinks he can win. This post is my personal analysis of the political & military tension between the U.S. & Russia. George Soros recently claimed we are headed towards a third world war, & different intel agents are claiming similar things….are these credible claims?

INTERCONNECTED. The world is clearly more interconnected than before, for instance, the elite Russian mobsters own lots of property in the U.S., and western companies are intertwined with Russia’s economy. However, history is full of many examples of wars breaking out in spite of lots of economic connections between the combatants. Is it possible that a war could develop between Russia & NATO?

ESTONIA. Estonia is an example similar to the Crimea, in the sense that Putin could easily decide in a moment of American or European weakness, to assert Russian power in Estonia like he did in the Crimea and eastern Ukraine. What would be NATO’s response to a quick invasion? Would Estonia be a trip wire leading to a large war like Poland was in WW II, or would the Europeans & Americans try to negotiate instead of fight like they did when Hitler invaded Czechoslavakia? Likewise, China (which is acting like an ally of Russia) is also trying to maximize their land & sphere of influence. One point of contention is the Spratley Islands, which the Chinese aggressively continue to bring under more Chinese control. So far, everyone has preferred negotiation with China.

AGGRESSION. When nations are aggressive, it forces other nations to choose how they will respond to that aggression. Different nations perceive acts from their own perspective. A case in point was in today’s news. Today, the U.S. denied a visa to Russia’s top woman, Valentina Matriyenko, to visit NYC for an IPU conference. The U.S. State Dept. did this because she was put on a sanctioned list when Russia acted aggressive in the Ukraine. But from Russia’s viewpoint this new development is itself an act of aggression. A Russian ministry called the action “a flagrant violation of universally accepted norms of international law and are contrary to the obligations of countries hosting multilateral forums on their territory.” They went on to say that the act was undemocratic, because it prevents foreigners, in this case the Russians, from having “different approaches to that of American political directives & priorities.” Having Matriyenko miss a conference is not going to hurt Russia. On the other hand, it could seriously hurt the U.S. if the U.S. does not act strong, & would back down in weakness. In the high stakes game that is being played, to act weak is to invite Putin to push the envelope some more. (Whether Putin is more right or not is not my pt. of discussion. Hitler’s aggression was very justified from a German standpt. Even his assault on the USSR was a pre-emptive strike, for if he had not attacked, Stalin was well into the preparations to attack him!) The pt. is this, how does NATO or the U.S. act in the face of that type of aggression—whether justified in the minds of the aggressor or not. On the flip side, Russia also finds some of our actions provocative. In such a world, both sides have to face off & appear strong.

PRECARIOUS. So the globe is susceptible to a world war breaking out. The spooks who warn us of world war are warning of a distinct possibility. But what is the probability?? Those of us who lived through the cold war lived through decades of precariousness! And total annihilation of the human race—and the elevation of cockroaches to rule the world—did sincerely come very close a few times. It is possible that the new cold war will remain just that…a war fought behind the scenes instead of with the large militaries of the main protagonists going head to head in all-out war. (My educated view is that at worst, we might face a limited nuclear exchange—perhaps tactical nukes—in the future…but not all out global nuclear destruction.) While Putin will continue to aggressively push, I don’t see any large wars in the immediate future. Russia & China will continue to advance their secret military R&D to develop incredible weapons. At the moment their militaries are powerful, but not overly impressive against the U.S., NATO and their allies. That balance will change as they secretly develop their best secret weapons, & the U.S. economy goes into the toilet. I think the global economic situation is more of a threat.

CHINA’S…[]…MANIPULATE STOCK MARKET. The Chinese stock markets have always been political/profit tools of the Chinese elite. In Walter & Howie’s book “Privatizing China” they refer to an example of stock manipulation by Lu Liang where he used around 14,000 ghost accounts. Let me explain where I am going with this discussion: I believe the signs/evidence show that someone manipulated the China stock market crashing. One sign was the dumping onto the market on July 1 of 200 million shares of Sinopec Oilfield Service shares. Those of you who follow my research are aware I maintain that we are following a script. How all this post fits into Biblical prophecy, I will allow each to his own beliefs. I think it is safe to predict that we will at the very least continue living under conditions of a new cold war. At this pt., Americans should be more concerned with preparing for the difficult economic days ahead.


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