During our lifetime, we have been raised to view the nation states as the actors on the global theater; however in the last few decades, Private Military Firms (PMFs), private actors often associated with intelligence agencies & at times acting for the Illuminati, have been entering the picture in a major way. Transnational corporations are taking over the functions that national militaries previously had monopolized. The PMFs provide the Illuminati more flexibility in how they can respond to situations; for instance, my post of May 11th, reported on the Illuminati hiring 400 Academi mercenaries to give the Ukrainian military some more professional help in dealing with the Ukrainian separatists & the Spetsnaz troops Russia had secretly moved into Ukraine to help those separatists. (Besides the Illuminati’s private Academi troops, the U.S. also sent in CIA & FBI agents, & NATO sent some people to the Ukraine.) Cubic has been training Hungary’s military up to NATO standards. PMF’s are exempt from Freedom of Info. requests, and legal loopholes make them almost invulnerable to legal prosecution. They fall outside of the military chain of command. They can do the dirty work; and unpopular policies can be implemented without public oversight. They ride the fence of what is legal, & at times cross over the fence, incl. doing covert ops. This post will be a general report on PMFs today relative to the World Order, with some background on the elite bloodlines’ use of private armies. London is one of the unofficial HQ centers for the PMFs.

PRIVATE CONTRACTORS OPERATE OUR MOST SOPHISTICATED MILITARY SYSTEMS. I try to point out anomalies in the Matrix, to show that we live in a world of illusions. I have reported over the decades that the Illuminati pull strings in NATO, our military & intelligence agencies. One blatant anomaly is that private contractors are maintaining & operating some of our most sophisticated weapons systems, such as the B-2 stealth bomber, the F-117 stealth fighter, Apache helicopters, the army’s Patriot missile batteries, the Navy’s Aegis missile-defense system, U-2 recon aircraft, and Cheyenne Mtn. underground installation. A PMF maintains the U.K.’s newest nuclear-powered sub & trains the British Royal Navy how to operate it! Global Hawks, the U.S. Airforce’s most advanced surveillance planes (unmanned) are operated by a PMF. Many of the workers in these areas have been subjected to the Illum.’s trauma-based total mind control. (And Australia is using America’s Manpower to do its recruiting.)

ELITE CONNECTIONS. Halliburton’s connections to people like Dick Cheney are widely known. And I exposed that Illum. investors were behind Academi (and its subsidiary Graystone, Ltd.). PMF Vinnell plays a key role since ’75…by training & advising the Saudi army (Nat. Guard). Its parent co. BDM also works extensively w/ the Saudi military incl. providing intelligence. (As an aside…history at times repeats its patterns, esp. as the same group of people, the Illum., are writing the script. In 1903, the Bolsheviks, financed by the Illum., emerged as a fanatical violent organization that 14 yrs. later overthrew the unpopular Romanov Royal family in Russia. What would happen if a fanatical violent Islamic group likewise overthrew the unpopular Saudi Royal family?? Events that were staged before could have similar repeats, w/ a similar global impact as the Russian Revolution.) The Saudi Royals are invested in the Carlyle investment Group, the world’s 3rd largest such firm, who in turn are invested in Vinnell. The Bin Laden family had $2 million in it, & Osama Bin Laden’s brother was at their annual investor conference on 9/11. After 9/11 the family liquidated their Carlyle investment. All kinds of elite are assoc. w/ the Carlyle Group, for lack of space I won’t mention the long list, except one, former Sec. of Defense Frank C. Carlucci. Vinnell was acquired in ’92 by BDM Inter., which is also has many elite involved, and BDM was acquired by TRW in ’97, which in turn was acquired by Northrup Grumman in ’02. So many elite figures, incl. Illum. mmbrs., worldwide tie into Vinnell one way or the other. Vinnell has also done secret ops for intelligence.

ELITE RECRUITS. DynCorp’s approx. 40 ex-Special Forces troops protected the Afghan president. Ex-Special Forces & elite British SAS get hired by PMFs and make from 2x to 10x as much salary. Some countries (not the U.S.) give their elite troops a yr. leave so they can make big money with a PMF, & then return to their elite units. Many of our elite soldiers are under trauma-based mind control, and it is getting harder to retain them in our regular military as they make more w/ PMFs, at times up to $1,000/day. The PMFs like to get well connected senior ex-military who may have ties to key military people in several nations. 70% of the KGB and the USSR’s Alpha unit went into PMFs. So. Africa’s elite 32d Recon Battalion, when it was demobilized, as a group started a PMF.

There has been no problem for private armies to get weapons. For instance, when Germany unified, the entire inventory of East Germany’s weapons were sold off at bargain prices; a light machine guns went for $60. Over ½ billion small arms are floating around the world. AK-47s are widely available and are a decent assault weapon. It was the weapon of choice of Blackwater (aka Paravant…and now Academi) in Afghanistan. They somehow acquired over 500 AK-47s from Bunker 47 (an Afghani police warehouse) without U.S. military approval. This unapproved action, along with other off-color acts, like employees getting drunk & killing civilians were the topic of a hearing before a Senate committee 2/24/10 entitled “Contracting in a counterinsurgency: an examination of the Blackwater-Paravant Contract and the need for oversight.”

By the way, the U.S. had 100,000 contractor personnel in Afghanistan during our Afghan war. Blackwater operated armed helicopters in the Iraq war, guarded the Green Zone, and carried out other mercenary functions, which allowed the Bush administration to report far fewer casualties. PMF casualties and kidnappings were not tallied. Halliburton’s Kellogg, Brown & Root had a $13 billion contract in Iraq. (By the way, I know of 16 countries where KBR’s employees have been hired…which is an example of how global these PMFs get.) Vinnell has done joint ventures with them as VBR. The U.S. exempted PMFs from Iraqi judicial prosecution. And readers are probably familiar with the PMF prison Abu Ghraib torture scandal where PMF personnel went free of indictment. While PMF mercenaries are often integral parts of military ops, their contracts allow them to bug out if things get too dangerous, & at times they did, leaving the U.S. military “holding the bag”. On other occasions they were brave. MPRI did such a great job advising & training the Croatian military, the Croatians won a stunning victory against Moslem Bosnia-Herz. At the peace conference, the Bosnians only signed the peace treaty on the condition that MPRI would also train & advise their military!

SOME HISTORY OF THE ELITE & PRIVATE ARMIES. Private armies were used in both the 100 Years War & the 30 Years War. My posts have mentioned the elite Viscounti & Sforza families, both of which in the 14th century used private armies. “ENEMY OF GOD, PITY & MERCY” read the gold lettering on the black breastplate of the captain of the 10,000 strong Great Company, a private army hired by Lodrisio Viscounti in 1339. In 1366, his cousin Abrogio, who was the son of tyrant Bernabo Viscounti, hired the Company of St. George to capture Milan from Lodrisio. The totally ruthless Giangaleazzo Viscounti outdid them both, he hired private armies for decades, esp. in 1391 to beat Florentine. Private contractors cont. to be widely used in Europe until the Napoleonic Wars. In the 1600’s, Count Albrecht von Wallenstein, mmbr of the Order of the Golden Fleece, became the wealthiest man in Europe by fielding large private armies for the Pope. His officers all had financial shares in the business. During the same period, Louis de Geer & friends in Amsterdam moved to have a monopoly over world saltpeter supplies for making gunpowder. They also supplied private armies & weapons for European wars, esp. the 30 Yrs. War. Fast forwarding to our Amer. Revolution, the British hired 30,000 German mercenaries…yet, at the same time the elite bloodline-owned British East India Co. which ran India had more private troops in 1782 than the British empire itself had troops; BEIC had 100,000 private troops. They used them & their private navy to repeatedly fight with the private armies of the French & Dutch East India Companies. During that time of our Revolution, the Dutch East India Co. was hiring German & Japanese private armies.

LAWS AGAINST BEING A MERCENARY. The U.K. passed the 1870 Foreign Enlistment Act which made becoming a mercenary illegal…but it hasn’t been enforced. Australia passed the Crimes Act of 1978 (Foreign Incursions & Recruitment), amended in ’87, which outlaws becoming a mercenary…but it has loopholes making it worthless. To give their mercenaries more status, the PMF Sandline got their men made into “special constables” in the New Guinea forces. Meanwhile, generally the mercenaries of PMFs have a legal free pass to get away with more than murder. The “cost plus” arrangements in their contracts allows more profits if the PMF spends more. In Afghanistan, called to be more reliable & accountable to tasks, the PMF asked for more money. As you may remember, Halliburton loved to overcharge in Iraq and ran up $1.8 billion in disputed charges by billing for services they never rendered & other cons. Custer Battles was another PMF that loves fake charges…it invented a fraudulent scheme of subsidiaries & billed false charges. From 2000-2005, $300 billion in contracts were awarded by the DoD and 40% were on a non-competitive basis. So PMF’s are not afraid of being fired! Sometimes the PMFs get caught up with shady characters, like Sandline w/ a Thai banker caught up with the BCCI scandal. In 1999, EO disbanded because of various image problems…the groups that came out of that like Sandline, Alpha 5, and Saracen cont. globally.

FINAL THOUGHTS. While I think most wars are a moral absurdity & enrich those who manipulate & control us, I realize that the World Order will function according to its own values. The concept of a “just war” allows many to join in these violent wars where rape & theft become collateral damage. Who ever heard of a just rape or a just theft?…but start a war & guess what…but then really… few wars are “just wars” either. These “corporate warriors” are better organized than the mercenaries of the past. They are giving the controllers more flexibility in applying “force”—or should we be more accurate & say applying violence! You will notice the controlled media (which doesn’t like to report much on PMFs) only uses the word “violence” for “terrorists”.


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