Providing some interesting features about the World to come. Topics such as Freedom of the Internet, health developments & the activities of Red China each stand alone in importance…as well as interconnect. Not only does freedom of the Internet allow us to get alternative news about health developments & Red China, Red China’s stance on the Internet (to end U.S. control) & their govt.’s neglect of their nation’s mental, physical & spiritual health will be an important dynamic in China’s future. All 3 topics are global in nature. The neglect of health care in China has led to epidemics with global impacts.

EXPOSING THE MYTH THAT THE INTERNET IS DECENTRALIZED. Many folks may not know who or how or why the Internet is controlled, as it seems to just happen. To begin with there are 13 big computers called Root Servers that match domain names w/ their corresponding Internet Protocol no.s in milisec. There are important functions that the controller has to carry out…enough to write another article to explain them. Just like God silently sustains the world, there was a person who quietly ran the Internet for 30 yrs! He was a ponytailed professor in CA. (No kidding!) His name was Jon Postel, & he was placed there by DARPA, for if you remember it was the U.S. military-intelligence community that created the Internet. In 1998, it was decided that arrangement was not proper enough, & an organization called ICANN under the auspices of the U.S. Commerce Dept. with a 15 person board of directors was created, who then select an ICANN Pres/CEO. During the tense struggles to determine what would replace Jon Postel, he suffered a heart attack & died. The BRICS countries, esp. China which seriously censors the Internet w/ the Great Chinese Firewall, have called for an end to American control over the Internet. Due to international pressure from countries like China, in 2004, the UN set up a committee to recommend how the UN could take control. In response, in June, ’05, the U.S. Commerce Dept. categorically said that the U.S. planned to retain control over the Internet indefinitely. This made lovers of the Internet’s freedom very happy. Now with Edward Snowden’s revelations about the NSA’s Internet spying (which financially globally hurt American online services & cloud providers), the Commerce Dept. on 3/17/14 said they wanted to give up control over ICANN, which will likely take place before 9/2015 when the IANA contract between ICANN & them expires.

WHAT WOULD FOREIGN CONTROL LOOK LIKE? First, let’s take a look at Amer. control. Most Internet users love the open freedom that the American control of the Internet has meant. And yet, as good as it has been, perhaps I should review how fragile that freedom has been!! Encryption for the Internet has been essential for e-commerce. Govt. limits to private encryption would cripple Internet commerce. E-commerce in 2012 (according to eMarketer) surpassed the $1 trillion mark, & is perhaps now around $1.3 trillion annually. Leave it to our govt. to try to screw that up. An early developer of PGP encryption for the Internet who applied IDEA (International Data Encryption Algorithms) & RSA to PGP was charged by the govt. with creating a “munition” and then illegally exporting a munition. Thankfully our courts said it was a first amendment issue & did not go along with sending the developer Philip Zimmerman to prison. Remember how the Clinton Admin. was trying to make the NSA-designed Clipper Chip (which allows easy NSA spying) mandatory? The pt. is that even with all our tradition of freedom & our Bill of Rights, we barely kept our Internet freedom! One hates to think what will happen IF control is given to some foreign powers. I realize one could argue that it financially makes sense to have a free Internet, but there are countless examples of totalitarian govt.s doing irrational self-destructive economic acts. I think it can be safely said, even though the U.S. govt. has many faults, foreign control would be significantly worse, even the proposed U.N. Global Internet Policy Council.

CHINA. If you look at eBay, you observe that China is using it the most, selling incredible amounts of new product at yard sale prices w/ free shipping. Half a billion Chinese use the Internet. In the 2012-13 academic year, 239,000 Chinese students went to higher education in the U.S.! China has changed & embraced a lot from the West. I realize stereotypes die hard, & people imagine going to China to see a panda bear pulled by a rick shaw driver. Truth be known, most Chinese would simply like to live like Americans live. Their news talks about people going from rags to riches…but the really wealthy in China are those of the elite families…people whose parents are powerful Communist Party members. And as much as they have a love-hate relationship w/ us…they have a pure hate & fear relationship towards the Japanese. And they know the bear to their north (Russia) can bite. The common Chinese yearn for good things, and there is no doubt that they are going to want a better govt. in the future or there will be more turmoil. Their govt. lacks credibility because they have ignored health care. Remember how a retired Chinese doctor wrote a letter of concern to Time magazine in 2003 exposing how the Chinese govt. was concealing the SARS virus epidemic. He said he’d written it not just to save China, but the entire world.

RED CHINA’S MENTAL, PHYSICAL & SPIRITUAL HEALTH CRISIS. China has twice the suicide rate as the U.S. Far over a ¼ of a million mainland Chinese annually decide to numb their pain by suicide. (Suicide, by the way, is a combo of spiritual & mental health failing.) Red China is run by the powerful & wealthy for the powerful & wealthy. For instance, in ’06 the v. minister of health Yin Dakui revealed that 80% of China’s health budget was spent on its 85 million govt. officials. Between the years ’03 to ’08, mental disorders rose over 50% in China. Most rural farmers who get seriously ill simply die from lack of care. It was reported that due to pollution, 40 million Chinese couples are infertile. Due to uncontrolled industrial pollution hundreds of “cancer villages” exist where there are high cancer rates. High levels of air pollution kills thousands each yr. So it is no surprise that WHO rated Red China as having one of the world’s worst health care programs. And Beijing typically lies & covers up about health problems. During the Olympics in China, Chinese milk had melamine contamination which was killing babies. The govt. did not want to lose face internationally, so Internet search engines were stopped from any reference to contaminated milk or sick babies. About 300,000 babies in China got sick from the tainted milk due to the cover-up, and an unknown no. died. Rich Chinese were buying foreign baby formula & foreign produced milk. When the common person in China opens up, their desire for health care is one of their biggest issues. Now that China is interconnected with the World at large, its stability affects the globe. It hurts the Chinese people to have to give up on helping a sick relative pay for health care & to watch their loved one die. It happens too often to Chinese families.

HEALTH CARE FOR EVERYONE. The Internet’s freedom is a blessing. AGION. If you want you can go to agion’s website and you can read about their agion antimicrobial technology; for instance, this year agion catheters are being used in hospitals. Agion creates anti-microbial substances that can surface door knobs, counters, and countless other places and keep them sterile. Why this is not used more is a good question. GUGGUL. This is a powerful herb from India that has a potent cholestrerol-lowering ability.

PC-SPES & SPES. Some have been using this traditional Chinese herbal formula as a natural answer to prostate cancer. Several studies have suggested promising results when using PC-SPES against prostate cancer. It contains 8 herbs: Crysanthemum morifolium, Ganoderma lucidum, Glycyrrhiza glabra, Isatis indigotica, Panax pseudoginseng, Rabdosia rubescens, Scutelleria baicalensis, and Serenoa repens. The U.S. FDA forced the CA. Depart. of Health Services (DHS) and BotanicLab (of Brea, CA) to do an immediate recall of PC-SPES & SPES herbal supplements. The FDA claimed warfarin (a prescription med) was in the supplements. Warfarin is the generic name for Coumadin®, a prescription anticoagulant or “blood thinner” that decreases the ability of the blood to clot & can cause serious bleeding, esp. when used w/ other meds like aspirin & anti-inflammatory pain meds. As part of BotanicLab’s voluntary recall, they began independent lab tests of PC-SPES & SPES. Their independent lab results identify a warfarin-like compound in PC-SPES, but they question whether that compound is actually warfarin or a substance known as phytocoumarin. Phytocoumarin is a compound naturally synthesized in certain plants that may mimic warfarin in tests. Naturally occurring organic compounds sometimes mimic other substances in lab tests. Because of this, BotanicLab has commercial & academic labs further testing their products to gain conclusive evidence about the nature of the compounds identified in PC-SPES. And now I must jump in & point out 2 things….first) the FDA likes to shut down natural remedies for big pharma…and second), the herbs coming from China for BotanicLab may be tainted, as so many Chinese products have been! After having received for 6 yrs. a made-in-China toothpaste in prison, I watched the Fed. prisons recall the lethal toothpaste & quit issuing it.

SUMMARY. There are numerous natural remedies that are not being used to their potential and the Internet is one good method for discovering more of these. How long will we have the ability to get these herbs before they are outlawed? Good question. How long will we have a free Internet to learn about them? Good question. How will the corrupt Chinese govt. deal with the growing expectations, as well as the widespread discontent over their poor health care? Good question. These are all important issues the globe faces.


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