The Pope quit 12 FEB 2013

The Pope quit. Catholics are sad and shocked. For 700 years no Pope has been too pooped to pope. People who are close to him say there were clues, but that they didn’t know it was going to happen. First, each of us needs to see this event in the framework of how the events in life can build us up in our walk of faith. So heavenly Father, help us to have the strength to deal with change. We live in a kaleidoscopic world of change, and we need to stay focused and centered on You and your goodness and grace. So many people have labored with so little appreciation and notice, –the Pope has the world’s attention, but we don’t want to forget the common person who patiently labors; bless these little ones Father. Many of my fb friends are curious about my thoughts on the Pope quitting. And I ask myself, what profitable useful knowledge can I share? Honestly friends, my knowledge is limited. I have a good idea how the World System works, and this event is not random. There is meaning in the way it is happening. I am curious as to what cardinal is his replacement. Where are we going with this? The Catholic Church with about 1 billion adherents has to play a major role in the coming conflicts and the creation of a one-world religion, so the next pope will play a role in these things. We have created conflicts in the middle east and it seems to me that this next pope is going to need to play a role in the script that they are running in the middle east. But I haven’t seen the script, and only know the rough idea of its story line, so I don’t know which candidate for pope will play the part best. It would seem that a pope who is articulate and intelligent would perform best, but again I haven’t read the script for the role he needs to play. From past experience, I would say that the Pope quitting was scripted to be a complete surprise. And perhaps that is one of the purposes to it, is to cause us to let our guard down and think there is no script. Christ was not surprised in the Garden when they came to arrest him. He’d been trying all along to tell his disciples there was a script that God was going to allow to play out. Script or no script, life is always changing on us. The World System does it to destabilize us and make money off of us. This event shows that the Catholic Church worldwide still has an important role. As in so many situations, given time things will come into better focus. Even though our focus on what this means is blurry, we can still maintain our focus on the love of Christ, and how we can make this world a better place.


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