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  • Alright I think if I put a comment on this random Fritz Springmeier post it will be a bit more hidden, right Sojan? Again, I’m writing stuff in the comment section that I want to private message you but can’t because I don’t want to log into my account and check my messages.

    I just wanted to say that, I subjectively feel like I’ve had some weird experiences. I need to preface what I’m about to say with “I subjectively feel like I had these experiences”, because I understand that maybe these experiences were objectively not real, and were instead the products of my delusion and hallucinations. But I just want to make it clear that, what I’m saying will likely sound untrue, and it certainly might be untrue, because it could be the products of my delusions. But I VERY much need to make it clear to you Sojan that I am not lying and I believe that lying is always morally wrong in all circumstances (same with killing, stealing, ect, other immoral stuff, I don’t believe ends justify means ever).

    I have told lies in my life, in situations where I subjectively felt that my own life was in danger, or that I was in danger of being tortured, or that I felt like innocent people would face grave bodily harm if I told the truth. That’s how I haven’t been officially diagnosed with schizophrenia, it’s because I’ve lied to the psychiatrist and psych ward nurses my family forced me to see. Like, for example, they ask “are you hearing voices?”, and I tell them “no”. Because I’m not a perfect saint and sometimes pressure is too much. So I can’t say I’m not a liar, but I can say that I always strive to tell the truth as much as possible.

    So, what weird the weird perceptions and events that I’ve subjectively felt have been real, but might not have been real? Here’s a list, without going into too much detail about what these subjective experiences were like:

    1)Being threatened by not just Mossad and Five eyes, but also Russian intelligence

    2)Having people follow me around in public many times, almost getting kidnapped by random men and/or women in cars and vans, and people who I’ve never met greeting me like they know me when I don’t know them.

    3)seeing alien spaceships in the sky

    4)seeing poltergeist activity (e.g., the light flickering done by shadow ghost/demon/astral creatures)

    5)Having everyone in my life, especially my family members, show severely bizarre levels of sadism and cruelty to me for what seems like no reason.

    Alright, I don’t want to sound overly paranoid here. So just as a disclaimer, I want to say that, even if everyone in the world actually was out to harm me, I would still love them and forgive them, because I understand that the only reason evil living beings (humans or extraterrestrials) do evil is because they are suffering and the true nature of all living beings is to have compassion.

    Why do believe this stuff has happened to me, what would be the motivation for demons and humans to do these weir things to me? Well, I don’t know. I think I’m just an ordinary human. The simplest and easiest answer for me to come up with is that I just simply have bad karma from my past lives, I I’m now experiences the results of my bad karma. I may have done nothing wrong in this life to deserve any of this, but there’s also past live to consider, so it doesn’t seem that weird to me. If people want to murder and torture me despite me having done nothing wrong in this life to anyone, well, it’s not that crazy to me. Hindu/Buddhists/Jain doctrine say karma and reincarnation is real.

    Very important final note:
    I also have subjectively felt like I have some painful secret information about the universe which I can’t tell anyone, because it would be too painful for anyone else to deal with except Jain monks and nuns, and maybe not even them. (Although, maybe I don’t objectively have secret information which is too painful for anyone except Jain monks and nuns, or maybe I don’t have any secret information at all and I just have delusional ideas. But I’m not sure.)

    So, because I don’t want to cause any pain to you Sojan or cause any pain to any other living beings in the universe, I don’t want to burden you with any of the overly painful information I have.

    However, me keeping random secrets, even though it’s with a benevolent intentions, may be something that you find really annoying about me. Because If you never know a lot of what motivates my behavior, then you might get confused by my behavior because I seem like a person is wild and unpredictable and random. Really I’m not unpredictable though, I always try to be very controlled and meticulous with my behavior, If I seem unpredictable it’s because you don’t know enough about the things that are motivating all my behaviors. If you knew more about me, I would seem like a very predictable and easy to understand person, I promise.

    The problem is that, like I said before, I’m motivated by painful information (information which may or may not be the product of delusions). And if you knew the information you would be in pain too, so I’m in a catch-22, if I tell you the painful information, I will cause you pain because you knowing the information will cause you pain, but if I don’t tell you the information, you won’t be able to understand my behavior, so, my behavior which seems to illogical and unpredictable will cause you pain. Damned if I do, Damned if I don’t

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