Recently (2015) a Masonic publisher in London came out with an amazing organized collection of translated documents from the 18th century Bavarian Illuminati which cover their entire organization including their 9 degrees, their secret ciphers, their history, their methods and so on. The various leaders of Freemasonry are very excited about the book for their members. As one high ranking Mason said, “I cannot recommend this book highly enough.” While bragging about how good the intentions of the Illuminati were, and bemoaning that the Bavarian Illuminati was made illegal by the ruler of Bavaria, these masonic leaders in their public reviews of this new book consistently spread the disinformation that the Bavarian Illuminati only lasted 9 yrs. and went out of existence.

INSIDER REVELATIONS TO THIS AUTHOR & HIS RESEARCH. A no. of Illuminati members have revealed to me that the Bavarian Illuminati continued after it was outlawed in Bavaria. (That stands to reason—Europe is a big place—certainly larger than Bavaria!)(It also stands to reason when one tracks who backed Weishaupt to create it.) As readers of my articles will remember, it was proven by the discovery of the S&B regent ritual, that the Order of Skull & Bones performs, that they are a branch of the Bavarian Illuminati. A friend of mine & brother-in-Christ Damian Chapa has been in Bavaria spending money investigating the Bavarian Illuminati. He did two interviews with a museum curator at the Bavarian State Musuem in Munich where the original Illuminati papers, which the Bavarian police seized, have been stored. The Areopagite Council(s) were the top council controlling the Bavarian Illuminati and the Bavarian police searched the homes of several council members to seize a treasure trove of documents. Unfortunately, the govt. kept many of the papers secret, and redacted (blacked out) the names of the council members when they published some of the documents. By the way, the Frenchman Marquis de Costanzo was one of the council members. (I am interested when Damian gets back in what he has found.) I mention Damian because he has been messed with a lot by these people—if the Bavarian Illuminati has been extinct for centuries, why has Damian received harassment and why is there so much secrecy and giving him the royal run around. Damian knows first hand the Bavarian Illuminati is alive & well—in Bavaria!

NEW BOOK. Title: “The Secret School of Wisdom: The Authentic Rituals and Doctrines of the Illuminati”, co-authored by Josef Wäges & Reinhard Markner, translated by Jeva Singh-Anand, published by Lewis Masonic: London, 2015. Most of the Illuminati documents it reveals in its 445 pages have escaped being revealed before now. On page 212, the Illuminati state they are working to “secretly acquire a voting majority in those [regular masonic] lodges and attempt to reform or dismantle them.” This is exactly what the very respected James Robison stated in his book “Proofs of a Conspiracy” (17. Robison was a witness to the Illuminati taking over Freemasonry. For years modern masons have slandered Robison as delusional and paranoid. The Illuminati papers clearly show they intended to take over world affairs: “Military schools, academies, book printers, book sellers, cathedral chapters, or any other institutions that influence education and government should never be ignored, and the Regents should unremittingly design plans for setting about gaining control over them.” Wow, we have tracked them doing exactly that. One can track them coming in and taking over American education. I have charted this as well as exposed the NTA/NEA, which began as the National Teacher’s Assoc. (1857) & now is the National Education Assoc. which supports the democratic party, implements Illuminati education goals, & lobbies Congress.

SPYING ON ITS MEMBERS. Changing channels, the book provides the text of documents that show that the Illuminati was obsessed with spying on all of their members. The Illuminatus Minor had to supervise two or more Minervals and “He must visit them, or they must visit him, daily if possible.”(p.85) The person assigned the job of Secret Censor had to report everything on members (p. 115, & 112) The reports on every member had to have the minutest detail: “nothing should be too trivial for the observer…since nature in fact tends to reveal the most in the smallest detail.”(p. 294) That sounds like today’s Illuminati where their mind controlled slaves have reporting alters regularly reporting on themselves PLUS a member will have several Illuminati members placed around them to constantly spy on them. On pg. 92, the text for “Instruction for the Education of Useful Collaborators” is given.

USE OF PERSIAN CALENDAR. The Illuminati paperwork reveals they used the Persian calendar; or to give a little history… this calendar (slightly modified) was used by Babylon & the Zoroastrian priests, and eventually morphed into the Islamic calendar. As it has been used by a number of cultures there are various names for the months: for instance the first one is Hadukannas, Nisannu, Turmar, Ayyaru and then the Persian name is Fravasinam (which means guardian spirits). The third Persian month is Khordad meaning perfection. The 4th is Tir meaning Sirius. The 5th is Amurdad meaning immortality.

ORIGINAL BAVARIAN LEVELS. The original Bavarian Illuminati structure was 3 classes, the Minerval class, the Freemason class, and the Mysteries class. Each one had different degrees within it, for instance, the Mysteries class had the Docetist and Philosophii degrees. Docetism is a gnostic concept that Jesus’ body was an illusion. I have noticed the term “Philosopher” being applied publicly to some modern top ranking Illuminati, so the idea of creating philosophers did not die. The second class is the Freemasonic class, which has the 3 main degrees of Freemasonry. Illuminati members have told me that the Illuminati had them join Freemasonry and get these three degrees as their Illuminati training. Makes sense. The Mysteries class of the Bavarian Illuminati had rituals similar to the Scottish Rite and Masonic Rosicrucian rituals. So again it makes sense that the Illuminati simply put their members through the Blue and Red lodge system—as these match the ritual system that the Bavarian Illuminati set up. In the Bavarian lodges they read in every lodge “The Character and Qualities of a True Mason” (p. 151).

LOVE FEASTS. The new book has text on the Illuminati “love feasts”. It also has instructions for how women can be brought into the lodges.

MASONIC STATEMENTS: “Over the years the Illuminati has generally gotten a bad rap as some sort of evil world domination society that still exists which couldn’t be farther from the truth.” Another Mason (Scott Schwartzberg) writes, that the Illuminati was “…a secret school to enlighten mankind through proper education and promotion of wisdom and virtue.” Another Freemason (Shawn M. Gorley) states: “If you are interested in learning just exactly what the real Bavarian Illuminati was…as well as the so called “plots for world domination”, I can assure you that not only does it not exist in those terms, but you will also most certainly be disappointed because this book [Secret School of Wisdom] does not deal with fiction…[it] only lasted nine short years….The purpose of said secret society was to oppose superstition, bigotry and oppression as well as to embrace the ideals of equality, fraternity, and intellectual enlightenment.” Tony Baker expresses his view, “The avowed aim [of the Illum.] was to increase the morality, virtue and happiness of humanity across the whole world.…it only existed for twelve years….modern Freemasonry has received a good deal of unjustified criticism because of its aims and practices…” Well folks, if its aims were to give morality & happiness to the whole world, why would people criticize Freemasonry for that?? And if that were its aims, why all the secrecy?? And why did Bavaria outlaw it? And why were many early Americans concerned about it, incl. George Washington? Thirty-third degree Mason Arturo de Hoyos recommends the book to Masons. He states, “I am happy to report that this book is everything I hoped it would be, and I am likewise happy to commend it to you.”

“ENCOURAGE PEOPLE TO GOOD”. Another Mason writes that the Illuminati was to “encourage people to good”. Hmm. People, dear friends, I continue to meet more people who are from the Illuminati bloodlines, for instance, Rockefellers & Rothschilds, etc. These people are suffering from trauma-based mind control and have been made to do horrible things, such as participate in human sacrifices and hunts where nude people are turned loose in private forests and tracked by dogs and killed for sport. These people want out—they have experienced real life nightmares. Encourage people to good huh? Well these high ranking Masons can continue to spout that, and cry crocodile tears that the Illuminati got suppressed for a moment in Bavaria. Meanwhile, the rest of us have to live with the results of the Illuminati taking control over education and governments and running their large corporations. So “good” that many people want a way out of this Illuminati-created World system…its good only if you like nightmares and the pain of others.


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