This post will discuss an aspect of t.b.m.c. which was (by accident) not mentioned in my two large mind control books, and will discuss the situation with ISIS and the recent destruction of the Russian Metrojet Airbus 321-200.

SENSE DELUSIONS. “Hallucinations of all the senses and delusions of every conceivable kind can be suggested to a good subject,” wrote Ormond Gill, Dean of Amer. Stage Hypnotists. (McGill, n.d., p. 71) He further explains, “Every suggestive idea which enter [sic] the consciousness, if it is accepted by the subconscious, is automatically transformed by it into reality and becomes an element in our life.” (McGill, n.d., p. 29) “Sense delusions are likewise common in hypnotism.” (McGill, n.d., p. 70)

SELECTIVE HYPNOTIC BLINDNESS. One aspect of trauma-based mind control that appears in victims who are used for sexual abuse by the elite or for spying is selective hypnotic blindness. Alters will be programmed not to see faces (only a blur) or even not to see certain people! An alter can also be hypnotized not to see certain objects or to misconstrue what the objects are. This may explain some of the blisters or scars that can be programmed to appear on alters.

RECENT NEWS DISCONNECTS. Islamic militants are operating in the Sinai area where recently (Oct. 31) a Russian airbus (operated by Koglaymavia Airline) exploded about 30,000-31,000 feet in the air as it approached the Sinai territory near Gaza. These militants, connected to ISIS immediately claimed responsibility. Yesterday (2 Nov.), watching mainstream American news, they were saying that “No group has claimed responsibility.” The American news emphasized that a maintenance problem might be responsible,… while it doesn’t take much common sense to realize that a maintenance problem could not explain a situation where a plane explodes into pieces that spread over 7 sq. miles of desert…and the pilot has no opportunity to radio any explanation of a problem. The Russians are analyzing the two black box flight recorders. Meanwhile, in contrast with American media reports, 4 major international airlines have suspended flying over the Sinai, but the American carrier United continues its flights over the Sinai.

ISLAMIC MILITANTS HAVE MISSILES & DRONES. It is no secret that Islamic militants have drones. Drones by Hamas & Hezbollah have been shot down over Israel. Last year, Business Insider reported that ISIS had used a surveillance drone. (Tadjdeh, 2014) The ISIS drone surveyed a key Syrian military airfield before ISIS captured it. It is also been reported that Islamic militants have MANPADS (surface-to-air) missiles capable of hitting up to 16,000 feet. And last year ISIS displayed what looks like a SCUD missile. (I will post a picture of it in the thread, along with an unexploded Tomahawk missile that ISIS recovered.) There is speculation that the U.S. may have provided “moderate” Islamic militants with missiles. Sen. John McCain mentioned in one public interview that Hillary Clinton and others in the Obama administration were in favor of arming “moderate” Islamic militants. ISIS and Al-Queda have repeatedly been reported to have called for strikes against Russia.

FINAL THOUGHT. In what ways are our perceptions of things being manipulated–stage managed??
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