This is a short post about unusual new events—notice I did not say “news”, because these by & large are not being reported by mainstream news media even though they are NEW and newsworthy. These items do not sound like business as usual.

GAS?? As most have noticed, gas at the pumps is going up. Yet, did you notice what Buffett did? Warren Buffett’s Berkshire in its report issued yesterday showed that Buffett has given up on the big oil companies. Berkshire divested itself of $3.7 billion in ExxonMobil shares this last quarter. This was done before a refinery explosion. Various refineries are being reported as shutting down, but gas use is not down. As many may have realized the low gas prices were to hurt Russia economically, and indeed Russia’s economy is in a tailspin, and the Russians are realizing Putin is not able to protect them economically. In the past, when the Russians began to starve, their leaders have lost popular support.

RANDOM? SHORTAGES OF STORE ITEMS IN U.S.A.—CARGO SHIPS NOT MOVING. While the terrible storms have helped deplete store inventories, there are stores in various locations both east & west that are not connected to bad weather that are having inventory shortages. The L.A. port has a slowdown in cargo being shipped. All along the west coast (Oakland port, Long Beach port, L.A.’s port, Seattle’s Elliot Bay), container ships are stacked up & not moving. The Long Beach area was reported having 30 ships waiting offshore. Many of these ports are tied in the Red Chinese, who for instance run Long Beach’s port. Here in Portland, OR the stores are well stocked…I have noticed recently only a few seldom bought grocery items not being available (like Buttermilk at a major grocery store the last 3 times I looked), but have no clue as to the cause of these very minor deficiencies, which I would not have given a second thought had it not been for these reported shortages (bare shelves) in some locations.

INCREASED AMERICAN MILITARY ACTIVITY ACROSS NATION. It is common for an area to have maneuvers or a special deployment & a local increase in activity occur. But this time, there seems to be an increase in military activity both on the east coast and west coast. Movements by trains of military hardware, movements by helicopters, fighters and cargo planes has increased. There has been some upgearing for the ISIL problem, but what the overall increase is about is not known.

Be blessed my friend.


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