The catalyst for this post was my desire to give people a heads up on Ben Shalom Bernanke’s new book on the Fed. I was told it was to be released in a few days: 2/22/2015. Bernanke (former head of the Fed) was paid $1 million to do it through Norton & Co., & was given two Nobel prize winning writers to do the writing for him. The book will reveal his views of what happened, and insiders say it will have lots of bombshells. The book will give an Illuminati view of what went wrong, so its revelations are noteworthy. Of course, my short announcement is not worthy of a proper post, so the rest of this article will go onto other topics on the elite.

THE SOCIETY OF INNOCENTS. This secret senior society is at the Univ. of Nebraska-Lincoln and is modeled on the Order of the Skull & Bones, a branch of the German Bavarian Illuminati. The Society of Innocents taps 13 seniors (now men & women) and seems to have a penchant for the no. 13, for instance, when the 104th class of Innocents did service projects in ’08-’09 they went to 13 cities. Their logo is the German demon Mephistopheles (who some say represents Satan) with a 13 on the side of his head. The Society has a secret meeting room and secret rituals. Recently they raised $14,000 for a domestic abuse shelter. Their members incl. the current UN Asst. Sec. General of Legal Affairs Larry D. Johnson. The membership also incl. a few senators, 2 attorney generals, and a former NE governor. Interestingly, the mega-billionaire Warren Buffett’s father Howard, who became a Senator from NE in 1943 for a no. of terms, was a member of the Innocents, as well as a member of the college frat. Alpha Sigma Phi, which Warren also joined. Alpha Sigma Phi also began at Yale in 1845 as a secret sophomore society whose members often went on to the Order of Skull & Bones and Scroll & Key. The fraternity’s logo has been the Phoenix! Later, Alpha Sigma Phi reconstituted itself at Marietta; a look at its famous alumni does not have the same feel of power as the Society of Innocents. Its founder Louis Manigualt was a Huguenot like the Buffett ancestors. I don’t know whether that religious connection has any meaning or bearing on later things.

WARREN BUFFETT. Several of my posts have mentioned Warren. He obviously has many positive things going for him, and of course in his position, he would naturally be involved in many things that connect back to power, for instance, sitting on the Disney Board of Dir., and being a key player in the Sun Valley Mtgs. His sister Doris was a Princess of Ak-Sar-Ben, which was part of the child molestation, pedophilia Lincoln Saving & Loan scandal. But Warren had declined to join Ak-Sar-Ben. For what it is worth, his family’s women have had a history of having Bi-Polar problems. Warren studied John D. Rockefeller indepth, as well as others like him, in his desire to become a millionaire. He also courted the right connections with the elite. When he and Bill Gates met, they hit it off with each other. Bill Gates’ Foundation spends its money on a greater range of projects. Buffett has praised the Gates Foundation. Most of the Buffett Foundation’s money since the mid ‘80s has gone to population control, especially promoting abortion & contraceptives. Buffett sponsored the Ecumenical Fellowship to promote abortion. Jay Rockefeller, of W VA, was apparently the Rockefeller that Warren has gotten closest to, inviting him to their house on different occasions. Of course, the Buffetts rub shoulders with a virtual who’s who of the elite. He was supportive of Arnold Schwarzenegger & Robert Kennedy’s political races. As an unusual circumstance, he seems to have had a touch of polygamy, having both his official wife and Astrid Menks at the same time. Both women have been content with the other. Warren was probably married first to his goal of making millions, & then billions. So as a final thought on Warren Buffett is that he has been fascinated with numbers & money since childhood, & he has managed to reach his childhood goals of becoming rich in a big way.

FINAL THOUGHTS. I’ll end this post short & sweet…I would not be surprised if readers have lots of thoughts about these subjects to add, & of course readers are welcome to share on these topics.


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