SOME ENCOURAGEMENT from the past 25 MAY 2014

As I was going thru some old papers, I happened upon something I wrote in the middle of prison. I wrote this page to focus myself in a positive way, after all, we are told that whatever things are true, whatever things are noble, if there is anything praiseworthy—meditate on these things. While we need to constantly focus on positives in this negative world, you can imagine there is additional reason when you are imprisoned.

I wrote down a number of things… at the top is: “I will risk rejection to achieve success.” In a minute, I will share all that I wrote on the page. But that sentence is very encouraging to me. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. Even in the middle of prison, I was committed to risking rejection to achieve success.

That is comforting because I am being heavily rejected, attacked by people who claim to be Christians, and if they comprehended the cruel nature of their lies, saying such things as my works are plagiarized, I am scamming people out of their money, I lied about going to prison, I am a dangerous criminal, and on and on. They are saying Satan inspired me to follow the idea of loving your enemies! Yes Satan supposedly duped me into following Christ’s commandment to love your enemy. Who is being duped?? They are claiming that I made this entire Illuminati contact thing up, or that I am one of them. Whose info taught these people about the Illuminati, I wonder if they know or remember? And some of these attackers were supposedly friends, and are big in the “truther” community. Their imaginations run wild, he’s been cloned, chipped, he’s CIA. None of it even remotely true. As long as I am following the edicts, the teachings of Christ, I have a peace with me, and I don’t worry about things, because I know I am doing what I should, even if I get slandered by the big name Christians.

It is not me that is my concern…after all I committed myself to successfully serve Christ (Yahshua) in spite of rejection. It is my concern, that some of you will be taken in by the lies. I don’t write my articles for myself, I am definitely a man on a mission trying to spread encouragement, truth and solid answers to problems, for instance, my recent article on help to prevent vet suicides. I realize that the right people will continue to stay with me. I notice that people who are filled with pure hate, and arrogance, who don’t believe in loving your enemy seem to be the first to strike out at me. Although they claim to be Christians, and are well known, they have not taken even the first step…which is to follow Christ, i.e. his teachings. After we learn his teachings of love, that is just the first step of a long spiritual journey!! I pray they would take that first step!

Here is the rest of what I wrote in prison (I’ll repeat the first line):
• I will risk rejection to achieve success
• I am capable of success in all ways.
• I will intelligently succeed.
• I am a child of God in Christ.
• All things in my life work to good because I love YHWH, Christ, and the Spirit
• I love and appreciate and learn from all my fellow humans & see them as God see them.
PHIL 1:28> Don’t be afraid of your enemies; always be courageous, and this will prove to them that they will lose and that you will win, because it is God who gives you the victory.
PHIL 4:13> I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. I have the strength to face all conditions by the power that Christ gives me.

To remember these encouraging words from my past allows me to realize that it is no accident I am being persecuted. I committed myself to success in Christ, even if it meant rejection. One of the benefits is to realize we cannot place our hopes in anyone in the world. We can focus & seek God’s face when people think bad about us. Some of you will serve God as His consolation to others; God works through people. And He is also there directly as the blood of Christ has given us direct access to our Creator. Let us all be encouraged to continue to do good…and to not become weary of doing good.


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