This post is to help us understand the tension between the mainstream Illum. & a tributary spin-off, the Republican neo-cons. It may also contribute to us better grasping some of the confusing acts & words involving the invasion & occupation of Iraq, as well as the upcoming Presidential election which will pit these two unequal factions against each other. Currently, one can see several nodes of power worldwide, the Illuminati, the Neo-cons who got purged out of the Illum. aided by some of the Network, the BRIC countries, & the Saudi’s & OPEC. Granted, this may be a somewhat simplistic model, but it serves to understand what will be discussed.

HISTORICAL PATTERN. There have been countless factional conflicts over the centuries between the elite. Reflecting upon my familiarity w/ history, one dramatic example of factional fighting came in late June, 1941 at Damascus, Syria when two units of the French Foreign Legion faced each other in battle! At first the 2 units hesitated to fight each other. Now how do two units loyal to the Legion get into that problem?? The French Foreign Legion’s 6th Inf. Reg. (6th REI, 3,000 men) was part of the established garrison for the French colony of Syria, which was loyal to the est. French govt. (aka Vichy France) which was loyal to Germany. They wore the standard prewar uniform of baggy tunic & white kepi. The other unit was 2 battalions formed into the 13th Demi-Brigade of the FFL. After June, ’40 the 13th Demi-Brigade had joined the Free French & switched to Br. style Battle Dress. When the 2 FFL units came face to face in battle, they hesitated. Then the leaders realized, “We’re legionnaires, & we do our duty.” The fight was on! News of this entire campaign was suppressed by the Allied newspapers. They did not want people to read about the French military fighting hard for Nazi Ger. against the Allies! Likewise, there has not been much clarity from the mainstream news media about the factional fighting that this post discusses. In part, because they tend to ignore how the elite have agendas & manipulate events. Who would have believed in 1939, that 2 units of the French Foreign Legion would try to kill each other?!

POLITICS W/OUT PRINCIPLES. When Bush, Jr. became Pres., he came into office w/ the goal of attacking Iraq as his father had. The USA’s 2nd Gulf War provides us w/ a look at various factions. The first faction to get a Plan of Attack on Iraq was the State Dept. Only 3 weeks after Bush took office, NSC mmbr. Pam Quanrud had a meeting for the State Dept. at the home of Falah Aljibury at Walnut Cr., CA. Aljibury had functioned as the secret liaison between Reagan & Hussein during the ‘80’s. He also provided the BofA, Hess Energy Trading & Goldman Sachs eco. intel on Iraq’s oil industry. From the mtg. the State Dept. drew up a 323 pg. invasion plan which basically had Hussein replaced (in a coup) by one of his generals after a quick invasion. 90 days later a controlled election would appear to turn Iraq over to the Iraqis & give a stamp of legitimacy to the general we put in place. Money & time was spent to enlist a no. of Iraqi generals. Two days before the war, Gen. Nizar Khazraji, under house arrest for war crimes in Copenhagen, Denmark disappeared. But the set of generals the State Dept. created to take over were arrested (or executed?) by the next faction…which was the Neo-cons, NSA & the Pentagon. This faction came up with their own invasion plan, in part written by Grover Norquist, & helped by the Pentagon’s Office of Net Assessment, the Heritage Foundation, the American Enterprise Instit., & Bush’s neo-con cronies.

WAR W/OUT JUST CAUSE. Bush’s NeoCon invasion plan, 101 pages & entitled “Moving the Iraqi Economy from Recovery to Sustainable Growth”, was a subset of a larger Neo-con plan called “Project for a New American Century” (PNAC). The idea behind it was to loot Iraq & give big govt. contracts to friends, in other words GREED. For instance, Iraqi banks & water co. were to be sold to foreigners (pp. 35-73) & all state-owned firms to be sold to foreigners (called “privatization”) (p. 74). The kind of tariffs on goods that normally protect nations were to be outlawed, so that places like China could dump their products. (pg. 28) Plus the text of Iraq’s application to the WTO was pre-written to save time. In order to get international support, the Bush admin. threatened nations, “Any country that doesn’t go along w/ us will be paying a very heavy price.” An Inst. for Policy Studies report referred to this as “arm twisting”. The NSA did extensive spying to assist in the attainment of support for the plan & the suppression of opposition. Billionaire Rupert Murdoch’s media gave support to Bush’s war. The media served up fear, & the Amer. people ate it up.

PUNISHMENT TO IRAQIS W/OUT PROSPERITY & COMMERCE W/OUT MORALITY. In order to complete the neo-con plan, a complete military & economic –read Amer. corporate—takeover was needed for a minimum of a yr. To justify this, the Bush Admin. needed an insurgency against our occupation, & so to encourage that, the invasion/occupation was planned w/ the minimum of troops, & the Iraqi’s were provoked in various ways after we took over, for instance the U.S. admin. cancelled local elections, and did many other provocative things like forcing people to live w/out electricity & garbage service. Bush taunted the insurgents in the beginning stages, “Bring ‘em on.”

SLAUGHTER W/OUT LEGALITY. SPENDING W/OUT PRUDENCE. One sees the Illum. faction, in control of the EU & U.N. strongly condemning the invasion. The U.N. Sec. Gen. K. Annan, “From our point of view and the [U.N.] Charter point of view [the war] was illegal.” (!) France & Germany, the heart of the EU said there was no evidence of weapons of mass destruction & that an invasion was the worst of answers. On 2/15/2003, the largest anti-war rally in history took place in Rome with 3 million demonstrators. On the same day 600 other cities also had demonstrations, 1.3 million demonstrators in Barcelona, Spain & 1 million in London. Someone had good organizing abilities! All this meant nothing to Kg. George II. The Sec. of Defense told Congress & public on 3/27/2003 that the war would cost nothing, Iraqi oil would pay for it. The Wall St. Journal supported this idea. The president’s eco. advisor was fired because he said it would cost $100 billion. In reality it cost trillions. And the previous Gulf War, according to one source cost us $15 trillion & 60% of our gold reserves. The war did far more damage to Amer. by ruining our economy than terrorists could ever have done…not to mention the war created much more terrorism. Bush was able to invade w/ some British & Australian troops, & a token force of Poles. The Europeans were against it. Bush’s admin. childishly called Americans to boycott French wine.

OPERATION ISLAMIC LIBERATION (OIL, the orig. name & the official mil. name of the op), later known as Operation Iraqi Freedom, liberated the poor Iraqis of the rest of their resources. The plan was to use the Iraqi oil to flood the world market & take down OPEC. Production limits called quotas by OPEC are used to limit the world supply of oil & keep the price up. Dick Cheney, close to the Saudis, switched sides in May, 2004 & quit backing the administration’s plans to neuter OPEC. The big oil companies stopped the privatization in Sept-Oct. ’03.

QATAR INVESTMENT AUTHORITY (QIA) is a world class investment firm founded by Qatar & run by Arabs. It has recently bought out the controlling interest in a range of Illum. banks & financial institutions, such as Deutsche Bank & Barclays. Qatar’s goal is to become a major international ctr. for finance & investment management. I don’t know the ins & outs of this major shift, perhaps the Illum. have invested in QIA, or perhaps they are letting them hold the bag when things crash. As an example of the complexity of things, a number of Rockefeller businesses have had other Illuminati investors involved. Standard Oil, est. in 1870, twelve yrs. later entered a secret trustee agreement where other Illum. got involved. A holding company, Standard Oil of NJ got created in 1885, and in 1892, the Illum. (excluding the Rockefellers) had 43% of the shares of Standard Oil of NJ. In 1897, J.D. Rockefeller retired from it. By the way, Bush’s Iraq War raised oil prices, giving Exxon an increase in $666 billion in value to their oil reserves. Chevron’s gains were $ ¼ trillion. The war was an economic disaster for America.

SUMMARY. This post has been a brief look at the two major political powers now operating in Amer., as well as mention of the Arab oil states. The interplay between the various factions is often not seen, yet plays a big role in the drama of world events.


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