There have been thousands of articles & books about JFK’s assassination, yet somehow the men who ran the govt. investigation into the crime mostly get overlooked. This post gives a fresh look at this aspect of the JFK crime using my background in studying the Illuminati & affiliated secret societies. It serves as a follow up article from the one where I announced the Illum.’s confirmation that they ordered JFK assassinated.

In the aftermath of the JFK assassination, Pres. Johnson (who new evidence reveals was connected to the crime) created a 7 mmbr. commission to investigate the crime. This commission, led by the Chief Justice of the Supr. Court Earl Warren, interviewed 552 witnesses & issued an 889 pg. report on 9/24/’64. All commission members were insiders w/ extensive links to intelligence & the Mil. Industrial complex. Long story short, this coverup required its own coverups…first in ’68 by the Attorney Gen., then in ’75 by the Rockefeller Commission which diverted attention by claiming the red herring that Castro had done it, & then finally the ’78-79 House Select Committee on Assassinations (HSCA) which concluded the evidence pointed to a conspiracy. (No kidding!… most people had realized that. It took millions of dollars & 16 yrs. for that basic fact to come out. And there are still some people who haven’t realized the Warren Commission was poorly done, the result of preconceived conclusions, tunnel vision, missing evidence, altered evidence, destroyed evidence, misconstrued evidence & dead key witnesses.) Researchers have concluded that much of the JFK assassination evidence was destroyed, shredded, incinerated, & erased by the CIA, FBI, & the PTSNB. All the unpublished info that the commission gathered was sealed for 75 yrs. (‘til 2039), however due to the JFK Records Act of ’92 about 98% of those sealed records have been released in redacted form (sensitive info blacked out).

So who was this Earl Warren, who was tapped to head up the investigation, & who worked w/ him?? The two main figures in the investigation were Earl Warren & J.Edgar Hoover, both 33rd degree Freemasons. Pres. Johnson just happened to be a Mason also. Earl served as the Grand Master of the CA Grand Lodge & received the Scottish Rite’s highest award in ’65, the Grand Cross of Honor. But Earl Warren was probably more than that, circumstantial evidence points to him being an Illuminati mmbr. When he went to Univ. of CA, Berkeley’s School of Law called Boalt Hall, he was a secret mmbr. of their premier 3-yr.-law-student secret society called The Gun Club.

The Gun Club in some ways reminds one of the Skull & Bones, in that 12 males are annually tapped (invited only). This Secret Society is more secret than S&B’s. 2 other members were Norman Phleger (John Foster Dulles’ legal advisor in ‘50s, on bd. of Wells Fargo Bk., & during the ‘60s was the advisor to the Pres. on arms control matters) & Newton Bishop Drury (dir. Amer. Nat. Park Service). In other words, we see the same pattern of influence that the 5 Yale secret soc. have had, except in this case, influence related to legal aspects. Earl Warren was not gifted intellectually; he was a poor student. Nor was he noted for a great personality, co-workers complained of stubbornness, yet he consistently got high powered jobs w/out the background to explain it. One biography states, “There was little in Warren’s background or character to explain his rise to power. A middling scholar, not very charismatic….[in regards to the Chief Justice position] no judicial experience, no sign of literary talent, and limited familiarity w/ constitutional issues.” In fact, those groups that called for his impeachment as Chief of the Supr. Ct. (for instance the John Birch Society) used his lack of judicial experience as one of their criticisms.

After graduation & Pearl Harbor, Earl, as the Att. Gen. for CA, ordered Jap.-Amer. into concentration camps ignoring their civil rights completely. Most lost all their property & businesses. (I have had people argue that these camps were like fun summer camps—NO! I’ve read the personal stories of these Jap.-Amer. inmates, they experienced the same as I did in prison. And although it got covered up—when recruiters went to these conc. camps to recruit men for the army, the men were not interested in fighting for Amer. This fact was covered up by the large no.s of J-A men from Hawaii who joined.) In spite of this obvious violation of the civil rights of law-abiding loyal American citizens, Warren was appointed by Eisenhower to be Chief Judge. It was a decision Eisenhower repeatedly told various people was the biggest mistake of his life. As Chief Justice he managed to get prayer banned from schools.

Earl Warren had sworn JFK in as President, & later he cried when he heard of his death. Warren sealed & blocked access to the autopsy photos & the x-rays of JFK. The retired naval Lt. William Pitzer, who had photographed the secret JFK autopsy died from a bullet to the head. Warren decided that during JFK’s assassination only one bullet was fired & maintained that opinion up to death. As head of the Warren Commission, Earl pushed its staff hard to finish quickly; they worked 14 hr. days, 7 days a wk. One of the jr. staff mmbrs. who later became a Senator, said, “Warren was doing a lot of screwy stuff.” (Not to mention staff found Earl grumpy!) Because of this, staff nicknamed the commission Snow White & the 7 Dwarfs. Warren was nicknamed Grumpy, and Dulles “Dopey”. Warren got things off to a bad start for the Illum. by being open to reporters when they formally took Marina Oswald’s testimony on Feb. 3, ’64 at the Wash. D.C. VFW bldg. Earl was a little too honest in regards to evidence, “Yes, there will come a time…but it might not be in your lifetime. I am not referring to anything especially, but there may be some things that would involve security. This would be preserved but not made public.” His words caused the Illum. grief for a moment.

J. Edgar Hoover supplied most of the info used by the Warren Commission. Hoover was close friends with Lyndon Johnson, & he was ordered by Johnson to take primary responsibility for the investigation. So the commission was totally dependent upon whatever the FBI gave them, & Hoover from the start took the position that Oswald acted alone. Within a short time, Earl Warren took the same position, & both men steered the investigation that direction. Hoover, concerned that the Commission might do something uncontrolled, did extensive background checks on all the commission (i.e. blackmail) and blocked the members from having assistants he didn’t approve. A close look reveals that Hoover distorted or concealed evidence as he desired. Hoover’s inside man on the Commission was Cong. Gerald Ford. The congressman advised the FBI of all the Commission’s actions. Previously, when Ford had first got to Congress, he called on the House of Reps. to raise Hoover’s salary. He also went after Hoover’s enemy Sup. Ct. Justice William O. Douglas, calling on Congress to impeach him. The CIA’s man on the commission was their former dir. Allen Dulles. He also believed from the start that it was a lone gunman, & pushed that theory hard.

Another Illuminati mmbr. on the Commission was John J. McCloy, who was a close friend of the Rockefeller bloodline, a Bilderberger, CFR chrmn., Pres. World Bank, Defense Commander in Chief, Chrmn. Chase Manhattan, one of the Presidents’ “Wise Men”, co-creator of the OSS, & partner in the Rockefellers’ law firm Milbank, Tweed, Hadley & McCloy, etc.

FOLLOW UPS. Dallas Officer Tippit was killed by Illum. orders. His death was blamed on Oswald who had a different handgun than the one used to kill Tippit. One witness who saw that Oswald did not kill Tippit was threatened into silence. Also of note, among about 120 follow-up assassinations to keep a lid on the conspiracy, is the mysterious death of conspiracy investigator Mae Brussell’s daughter. Another example is Melba (Cheramie) Marcades, who because of her connections, knew ahead of time about the assassination. Hale Boggs, the only member of the Warren Commission to dissent, continued going his own path. After he crossed the line in Apr. ’71 by attacking J. Edgar Hoover in Congress, his reputation was attacked by Gerald Ford. On 10/16/72, he was assassinated in Alaska.

A FEW INTERESTING DETAILS. An Illum. hitman, a mmbr of their assassination bureau, Charles V. Harrelson, was one of the 3 “tramps” at Dealey Plaza the day of the assassination. He confessed on a couple of occasions that he was involved in the assassination, but after receiving a life sentence for another murder, never talked about it again. As I mentioned in a previous book, Joseph Mengele, Illum. trauma-based mind control programmer was in Dallas the day of the assassination.

CONCLUDING REMARKS. There are still plenty of people who are sensitive for info to leak about JFK’s assassination, even 50 yrs. after it happened! But I believe that after a half century, they need not worry. We know the basic story of how it happened & why…that Kennedy ticked the Illuminati & the all the elite factions off. For those who lived thru the events on NOV 22, 1963, we, like Earl Warren cried. Like the mother of a son killed in combat who needs the facts, perhaps this helps bring some closure.


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