Last time I wrote a post asking “Where is Waldo?” a no. of people came unglued. Interesting phenomena in itself. It seemed to me that they failed to read my punchline which said that we would soon be told by the Russian press where Putin was…which indeed happened. I wrote the article—not to cause alarm—but to do the opposite. I told several people that his disappearance & other events were not the start of a new world war, but that if a regime change happened it might not be better for us! So hold onto your seats—I am going to bring up another mystery that has people scratching their heads!

Now… once again I take up a question that has been rumbling around: What should we make of a CIA co.’s statistics that show the U.S. going from 316 million to 69 million by 2025???…in other words in about 11 yrs. they predict we will go from 33 people/km to 7/km, hmmm??? Survivalist Forum was one of several groups in the Awake community that have put out the story on Deagel dot com’s interesting statistics. Another site’s url is:

Deagel dot com (by the way, not to be confused with Deagle dot com which provides web solutions) is actually a CIA front which is involved with military equipment, commercial aviation & marketing for the CIA. However, they strangely deny any connection to the govt. They say they are a non-profit organization. Appropriate that a CIA front doesn’t pay taxes. Another twist about Deagel is that it is said that Tom Clancy, the famous military novelist would use Deagel for info. (Tom Clancy died under mysterious circumstances, & some people want to believe it was murder. More on this later.)

Since various people in the Awake community started posting Youtube videos showing Deagel’s forecasted statistics…I have seen 2 answers by Deagel. The first denied the statistics were real by claiming their website was hacked, but they made no effort to change the statistics & left them the same for months. Then on 10/26/2014, a Sunday, they posted an explanation for the statistics.

DEAGEL’S 10/26/14 EXPLANATION. They say that the majority of the info on their projections is available to institutions such as the CIA & the UN. (Hmmm. Some of their projections seem flakey to me. Is this really the best these well connected people could do?) They claim that the U.S. has benefited from immigration & brainy people coming to the U.S., but in the future the migration will be away from America. They think “the collapse of the Western financial system will wipe out the standard of living of its population.” They further predict that after the collapse, “Civilization will be centered in Asia with Russia and China on top.” While they see Russia also diminishing, they anticipate that “The American downfall is set to be far worse than Russia…” Supposedly, Americans will kill themselves rather than adjust to the new paradigm.

MY REACTION. I am not impressed with the Deagel’s projections. First, it is one thing to project, it is another to be accurate. Ever since 1990, when I began exposing the World Order I have addressed the issue of a collapse of America’s dollar. I did this verbally many times…and here is my train of thought, which still hasn’t changed. I have been in many countries in Europe, Africa & Asia and few have the infrastructure & the quality of people that America has. America is a nation with vast resources—both in people & material wealth. I was in prison during the 2008 economic crash—so I read & heard of vast devastation…but when I was released on Oct. 5th, 2010…things surprisingly looked the same. I came back to a Portland that was essentially identical to what it had been 8 yrs. earlier. Yes businesses had gone out of business—to be replaced in their buildings by another one. The farms in Oregon still prospered & looked wonderful. Now the 2008 crash was small compared to what a crash of the U.S. dollar would be. That I well understand…but I think America still has some mitigating factors!

When in 1860 America split into two warring nations, the American Civil War was the biggest war of the 19th century. Yet, the northern states won the war without slowing economic growth. The biggest 19th century war & it barely tapped the enormous resources of the north. The Normandy invasion gives another glimpse of America’s vast mind boggling economic power—thousands of planes & ships involved in a massive invasion. And a bigger one was planned against Japan if they had not surrendered.

America is not going down so easy. There is a resilience & ingenuity to this nation that will make it hard to take down. The natural resources of this nation are vast. We are not a small fragile nation like Japan & Germany during WW 2. Germany would not have been able to have produced war weapons if they had not BY LUCK won the Norwegian campaign which gave them protected access to Swedish iron. (By most possible scenarios, the vastly superior British fleet should have wiped out the German Norwegian invasion fleet. In the event, the Brits made an unbelievable amount of mistakes.) As an example of another vulnerability, Germany also had to rely on Romanian oil & oil supplied through Spain from the Rockefellers.

No one has really put this country to the nitty-gritty test. Even if it has become popular to hate America around the world—America has many allies, incl. Canada which makes up the most of the rest of North America. People will be surprised how Americans will rise to the occasion. Yes, America is drowning in immorality. Its churches are in apostasy. It is under the judgment of God. But don’t forget that America still has many faithful devote good people—while they are no longer a “silent majority”…if they ever were a majority…they still add a strong backbone of virtue to this nation. The moral strength of Americans is also not easily realized because of how Hollyweird and the controlled mass media create images of America for the world.

DEAGEL’S FORECAST. Deagel sees most of the world’s population loss occurring in the U.S. They project that by 2025 the U.S. population will drop from 316 million to 69 million, while the World will only drop from 7 billion to 6.9 billion. Baloney! If the dollar crashes, the fragile economies of many countries will be hurting worse than Americans! If that many Americans will die, then many people in poor foreign lands will also die. Plus the globalist Illuminati agenda is NOT for a mere .1 billion reduction. Nor is the Illuminati leadership single mindedly negative towards America. You saw (in 2 of my posts) the Fed’s charts showing how the Illuminati (depicted as Belgium) is now propping up our Federal Reserve Notes by buying incredible amounts of Treasury bills. As you also read in my posts, the entire world faces water shortages by 2025, and this will affect the availability of food. Water & food are not only American issues. So long story short…without going into the forecasts for other nations that are silly…if the forecasted figures were really put out by Deagel, they did a poor job. If the figures were the result of someone hacking their website (which doesn’t match the later evidence/statements), then the figures are still a poor job. Which still leaves us with the question, what was this all about?

Oh and the Tom Clancy death?—it was indeed strange—the hospital he died in and the press did not want to give out any real details. Dr. Garrow, exec. dir. of The Bethune Institute, is convinced Tom Clancy was murdered in the hospital by our govt. by a special poison that doesn’t leave traces in the body after 5 days. It is possible Clancy was doing something or knew something or both which Big Brother did not want known. Quite possible, but I really doubt that it had to do with Deagel’s sloppy predictions.


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