This is a continuation from my article on Bldg. 257 of Plum Island, NY about secret bioweapons research. Today’s brief expose shifts to Maui, Hawaii and deals with both secret bio warfare research & pharma corruption in general. After 9/11, Pres. Bush called for $44 billion to be spent by the U.S. on bio warfare research; & Congress approved this. To put this figure in context, from several sources I got budget figures for various years for the U.S. govt.’s bio warfare R&D: 1945 ($200 million), 1966 ($38 million), 1969 ($300 million), 1986 ($42 million). So much for the U.S. signing the 1972 Biological & Toxic Weapons Convention which bans bioweapons! Who will do this research for the govt.? Typically universities & big pharma have done this kind of dirty dangerous research.

PHARMA CORRUPTION. The big pharma companies have long histories full of corruption. Eli Lilly, which has done biowarfare research, was exposed by a company insider making large bribes to Chinese doctors to get them to prescribe more Eli Lilly drugs. The bribes totaled 30 million yuan (about $5 million). GSK, another Pharma company, was doing the same thing in China, and was reported to have given $500 million in cash & also sexual favors to get Chinese doctors & officials to prescribe their drugs. It has been common for big pharma companies to bribe govt. officials & doctors to promote their products. However, that is not as corrupt as the fact that for decades, big pharma has secretly written medical articles sounding like legit research & then paid doctors to put their names on these articles as their research. The horrifying thing about this, is that the articles lie about the safety & positive power of these drugs! The Journal of American Medical Assoc. (JAMA) which claims that it screens articles & advertisers and make sure they are honest with the scientific facts has repeatedly allowed all kinds of false pharma ads & ghost written Pharma articles. And even when exposed, JAMA has a history of not apologizing. This is how a sedative thalidomide got so much good publicity, even though the Pharma companies KNEW that it would cause birth defects…many mothers around the world ended up with children born with flippers instead of arms & legs. In this particular scandal, Dr. Ray O. Nulsen was the doctor paid to put his name on an article in Amer. Journal of Obstetrics & Gynecology that said that thalidomide could be taken by pregnant women and posed “no danger to the fetus”. Once a respectable journal in the U.S. prints an article, it is often taken as the truth by medical professionals. The fact is this: India does a far more honest and accurate job doing peer review on medical journal articles. Americans should not let Pharma get by with such corruption.

MAUI VOTES TO EXPOSE MONSANTO’S SECRET. Monsanto has an important GMO/pesticide research facility on Maui. In a recent election, the Maui voters passed a ballot measure that ordered Monsanto and Dow to cease their research until their secret activities were investigated by an independent party. The Maui voters are concerned that Monsanto is doing biowarfare research.

JUST-us. Americans familiar with our corrupt legal system say it is “just-us”. That was the situation on Maui. The county govt. repudiated and rejected the legal vote, and sued to block the ballot measure from happening. The case was sent up the courts to the Federal level where more corruption took place. The Federal judge has simply been stalling on doing anything, and quietly suggesting that a new law supporting Monsanto & Dow be put in place to nullify the people’s vote!
WHAT IS MONSANTO AFRAID OF? As an example of Monsanto working with the military, it was Monsanto who gave us Agent Orange for the Vietnam War. In the past, the U.S. has produced lots of lethal bioweapons. The problem is this…once released they kill whoever they want, no matter what side you are on! They are more biohazards than bioweapons! So there has been research done on targeting bioweapons based on genetic differences. First the human genome was mapped. Then genetic maps of indigenous people have been created. Next, they are searching to find a virus that would target a specific genetic group. (Whether this has been done or not is not known by me.) Monsanto has done genetic research along this line. So it is possible they are doing this kind of research on Maui—I don’t know. But whatever they are doing, they are super afraid that someone will find out!

ILLUMINATI PHARMA CORPORATIONS. It is also interesting that the Illuminati pharma corporations of Dupont Central R&D, Eli Lilly (assoc. w/ the Bush’s), Monsanto, & Pfizer Inc. have all been listed by the Sunshine Project (a non-profit watchdog group) as withholding info on their bio warfare research.

NEXT WEEK I will travel to the Free Your Mind conference where I will talk about health & the Illuminati’s Monsanto. At some pt., the talk will probably see daylight as a Youtube video. For those coming to the conference, I look forward to spending time with you all.

(CREDITS. While I typically don’t give credits, in this case, Jon Rappoport was the one that called my attention to the Maui vote. Sherwood Ross, “The Big Profits in Biowarfare Research: Corporate America’s Deadliest Secret”, Counterpunch (6/22/2007) deserves a citation. And of course various other references were used, incl. my own research.)


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